Alice Through the Looking Glass – Nostalgia Critic

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Audiences and critics didn’t enjoy Alice’s second adventure, but Nostalgia Critic sees if it was better or worse than the first one.

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  1. The Red Queen and Queen of Hearts are different characters.

  2. Really? The Mad Hatter has daddy issues?!

  3. 05:20 – is that Doug in the actual movie? In a toupee?

  4. Devil's Advocate

    yeah, the movie seems to be stupid on it’s own merits but I’m not sure Doug actually knows that much about the original book. as Hardback247 said, the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts were two different characters in the book. these films use the Red Queen and thus, she should not be acting like the Queen of Hearts and ordering beheadings.

    also, in the original book, the Mad Hatter did say he was frozen in time by the personification of time at his tea party but it was ambiguous as to weather it actually happened.

    • So they made a whole 113 minuet film based on a single random throwaway line from the book, that is pretty Alice in Wonderland.

      • In opposition to whole movie made from scraped design materia from previous Burton project what fall in development hell until licence expired (and it was same thing from which Malice is what is awesome). So he sold that to Disney. And that is what previous movie was exactly. It is why it was so rushed.

  5. Like the first film, I didn’t see Alice Through the Looking Glass, mostly because I was more into seeing X-Men: Apocalypse, which you should agree that it’ss comparatively speaking a better sequel.

    With the way everyone in “Underworld” talks and all these plot points are popping up from nowhere, this makes me feel like I’m watching a poorly conceived version of an Alice in Wonderland movie written and directed by Christopher Nolan.

    8:49- And minus the Fresh Prince episode where Trump makes one of his pointless cameos.

    18:42- And in speaking of X-Men movies, Days of Future Past is still a better time travel movie than this.

    23:08- Did screenwriter Linda Woolverton get a lobotomy before writing this film?

    The Cinema Snob was right. Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy IS better than this film.

  6. 5:20 Wait, is it me or the guy look like Doug Walker ?

  7. Normally I disagree with people when they say “they explained, they shouldn’t have said that” but;
    the whole point of Wonderland is, there’s no logic and everyone is insane. That’s what I like about it. But this movie actually made the behaviour of the Queen of Hearts in the book and the first movie actually make sense. She’s supposed to be nuts!

  8. Oh, that guy was wearing a tuxedo? That’s nice, but I was too busy looking at HER.

  9. I hate the animated Alice in Wonderland. I LOVED the first Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland but I was afraid to see this one. Tim Burton isn’t even attached to it. -_-

    • If you were in this review your job would be giving Malice something to stab.

    • I partially agree. Disney version was just standard run over the mail adaptation, so what about that “turning in turd” hipster bullshit? Remake (or it is sequel? what ever) isn’t in any way not the worst then many sub-standard adaptations what literally fill the market. Yeh, it is far from really good versions both hones or twisted like great McGee version, but lets not pretend that it was ever stron Disney franchise.

      Also second movie is batter then previous one. Still underwhelming but if you like first then you probably would also like this one.

    • Honore de Ballsack

      yeah! the book is a classic. the Disney movie is not.
      also, what a waste of Sascha Baron Cohen and Matt Lucas
      how soon is now?
      god, I hated Willy Wonka’s backstory in the Tim Burton thing

  10. For a second there I thought this was gonna be a clipless review.

  11. TheSuicidalTeddybear

    Doug, in the book Time actually DID put that “1 minute to tea time” curse on the hatter and the other 2. It’s an actual honest representation that you have missed for some reason, almost as if you haven’t read the book…

  12. thatchickwithlonghair

    I’ve always missed the drawn art for each video cover but I admit, seeing Doug’s Photoshopped ಠ益ಠ face on character bodies is also really funny. XD

  13. So, Malice tuned up the Talent Replacer 8000 to get you there?

  14. I also enjoyed this movie more than the Tim Burton film, though that may be in part because I went into this movie with absolutely zero expectations. For the first movie I was hyped as hell, so was severely disappointed with what we ended up with. I went into ‘Looking Glass’ not expecting much of anything, so was pleasantly surprised with how much nicer it looked, how much better the CGI was, and that it actually had some charming moments, though I had many of the same problems with it that the NC pointed out. It’s not exactly a good movie, but it definitely made me less angry than the Burton film. Also I’m really sorry to be “THAT GUY,” but I have to point out that in the book, the Mad Hatter and the others trapped in an endless teatime because of an argument with Time personified WAS the explanation they gave. Although it’s entirely possible that was only a delusion in their insane minds and it never really happened at all. Still, just sayin’.

    And is it just me, or did they miss a golden opportunity to explain where the Orraculum in the first film came from with this movie? Think about it, it’s a calendar that shows past, present, and future, but it’s never explained where the hell it came from or why anyone in “Underland” (god, I die a little inside everytime I have to call it that -_-) would have such a thing. Now who WOULD have something like that, I wonderl? Hmm… TIME himself, perhaps?! Even just an offhand remark by Time after Alice broke in about how someone else came in and stole the Orraculum from him years ago or something would have done the job. Yeah, I know it’s a stupid little detail to dwell on, but at least it would have explained away all that “prophecy” bullshit that pissed me off so much in the first film, and gave a good reason why something like a calendar that shows all of time would exist in the first place.

  15. So…………
    the ending of the film has Alice “time travel” back a few months to when her Mom signed over everything,
    so her “mental incarceration” will not take place until later……….and when she altered time — I can’t believe I’m writing this — her “mental incarceration” will never take place.
    Still, like you said, this film is slightly better than the first —
    but, much like Baby Geniuses and its sequel, that’s not exactly a “high bar” to overcome.

    • That mental institute is McGee reference, but failed because Malice really was there whole time. They probably forget to scratch it from things to rip off list.

  16. Aw, I would have done a Silent Hill joke.

  17. Ah! Moriarty’s running the nuthouse! Someone get Sherlock! An East wind is coming!

  18. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Oh well I haven’t commented on one of this in a long while but here it goes. Decent review even though I like the Alice In Wonderland 2010 NC review better but I digress. What do you guys think will be next?!

  19. I do like the ending sketch where Doug ponders that in time people will forget the crappy “re-envisionings” of Alice and go back to the Animated adaptation.

    That can happen, but there’s no guarantee.

    Recently I watched the trailer foe the Illumination studio “How the Minions -” sorry “Grinch” movie and in the comments and around the internet the immediate reaction seemed to ask how this could replace the “beloved Jim Carrey version” or Jim Carrey should return to voice the Grinch.

    Like Doug, I found the Jim Carrey live action Grinch movie to be garish, annoying and incredibly dated. I doubt Dr. Seuss ever intended the Grinch to utter the 90’s pop culture phrase “You go Girl” or the mayor of Whoville to lick the ass of a dog, but many think of that movie as the definitive Grinch.

    So the real question is: As we seem to be reaching some sort of critical mass in the cinematic “remake everything!” era…which crappy remakes will stick and become the new definitive versions, and which will fade into obscurity?

    • Not really.. animated version also was “crappy re-envisionings” or should I say one three dozen. Just hipsters are stupid and ignore that they favorite nostalgic moments also were possibly a remakes. Literally same old shit. I generally don’t complain when remake is made after a decade of freezer.

      • What?

        Are you suggesting that Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland, and the Chuck Jones animated Grinch Stole Christmas are “same old shit”…?

        I think you may have to explain a little better or offer a little more if you’re going to drop that bomb here. I get that everyone is entitled to hate even the most revered films, and that even our most beloved adaptations aren’t 100% accurate.

        But…you gotta clarify this a little bit, seriously.

  20. If I had to guess, the mental institution scene was supposed to imply Wo… Sorry, Underland was just a figment of Alice’s imagination and make the movie like American McGee’s Alice (which, once again, Tamara does a great job at playing)… Except it doesn’t. In American McGee’s Alice, as a result of the whole world being in Alice’s head, it had become corrupt because her mind had. But here, there isn’t much connection between Underland and Alice’s life, and the idea of her going mad adds nothing to the story.

    • They probably forget to scratch it from script as Burton attempt to make a McGee adaptation, but he couldn’t find a producer until his licence expired. So he make “who give a shit” version to just “cash in” time invested into design.

  21. Love the review, not a surprise. But honestly I just want to say how excited I was to see a clip from the court jester. No one has ever heard of that movie and it is a classic, and one of Danny Kay’s best. I had to pause the review when I saw that, I was so happy and excited.

  22. Did you even read the book?

    Hatter and Co really pissed off Father Time to stuck in a loop.

  23. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I personally think this movie is awesome, but you still brought up legitimate issues wsith it.

  24. Now I’m having a mental block trying to remember what video game that music came from.

    • I want to say it was Castlevania, but I’m not 100% sure.

    • Yes, when she’s jumping across gears in the clock tower the music is “Vampire Killer” from the original NES Castlevania.

      Castlevania games are notorious for having segments where you have to navigate the gears and pendulums of Gothic clock towers.

  25. i love the animation scene at the end. I noticed you liked my drawing of you.

  26. can you review The Secret Of Kells? or better yet, Max Steel?

    • AmbrosiusAurelianus

      “The Secret of Kells” is gorgeous and dramatic, so he would have to do a serious review rather than make fun of it. I’d certainly love to watch that, though.

  27. It’s amazing how much you hated the original. I thought it was okay. I didn’t hate this either. It still looks nice. Hey, a Catholic charity! You’re usually secular.

  28. I swear, every time I heard ‘chronosphere’ I’m reminded of Command & Conquer and how much better of a story that had, as well as its acting. It feel like they tried to rip it off, so desperate for success they were.

  29. AmbrosiusAurelianus

    Logged in just to cheer the “Court Jester” joke. One of my favorite movies — I actually just showed it to a bunch of 3rd graders today and they loved it (except for the romantic parts — kissing is still gross for them). Danny Kaye was such a talented comedian, and “Get it?” “Got it.” “Good.” has so many real-world applications, haha.

  30. Nice touch adding Blender’s Big Buck Bunny.

    Makes me wonder, do you guys use Blender for anything in your videos?

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