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Though it got mixed reviews and wasn’t the hit some hoped for, there’s still a ton of awesomeness that isn’t appreciated enough in this anime adaptation! Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Alita: Battle Angel.

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  1. Gotta refresh fast bruh! Your heart pounding for that first comment?
    Yes i finally did it the first comment in the ”26“th <—- NC video of 2020. Remember this day those who see/read this. There is always Next Decade! HAHA!

    Yeees! live with the shame for the next 10 years to get that first comment. MWAHAHAHA! I’m still on a winning streak here.

    I know You're gonna read this. Sore winner/loser be damned.

  2. I don’t understand NC’s reaction to the scene with the ED209.
    Look out it’s a meat… cube?
    What… What does that mean?
    Is it connected to the “meat boy” line later in the movie?

  3. I will always have first comment and you will never get it.

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