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With a pun that bad you know the movie has to be even worse. Let’s find out and see just how awful it is. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked.

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  1. I had to watch this movie on theater for a girl.
    And no, we didn’t even end up together.
    Worst day ever

  2. It bothers me more than it should that Simon sleeps with his glasses on.

  3. All I have to say is I hope this isn’t the last we see of Hyper Boner. Yeah I went there what now? 😛

  4. The best actor in the movie was Sci-Fi Guy as an extra.

  5. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    OPENING CREDITS WHOO! Gonna miss the highlights and guests of the previous year though. Which convention were the wedding guests from? Why didn’t the Aww Girls show up? A wedding showing a review of Chipwrecked would be perfect for them! What music was played at the reception? I’m sure an epic remix mashup of the royalty free romantic frolic music and that heavy metal music used as Devil Boner’s theme (and for Ghost Rider and the quickly-nodding Christmas Tree kids) was.

  6. Love the new intro!

    Hang on, why was there a chipmunk-sized crown with the treasure? It doesn’t even look like a ring; just a miniature crown someone decided to make for some reason.

  7. in case anyone wants to know, the stupid unfunny bullshit waste of time ends at 3:45.

  8. wait a minute… next week is march…. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!


    • Doug’s disdain for Disney Reboot’s is so refreshing at a time when even my Granddad is starting to buy into them.

      • Hey, at least Jungle Book was good. It’s the only one, but at least it’s something.

        • It also wasn’t a shot-for-shot remake and took a lot more from the book than the original animated film.

          Also, can we credit the producers for perfectly casting Bill Murray and Christopher Walken as Baloo and King Louie, respectively? I paid money just to see how funny Walken was going to be, and I was not disappointed.

      • Did I miss something? As far as I recall Dough hate Disney Sequels what were cheap D2V animations made as cashing on popular franchises and usually have poor ass quality with only few exceptions. It if first time when I heard about him hating remakes? And most LA movies are in fact good for what they are (until someone is either retarded band-wagoner repeating words he don’t understand or teenager who mistake own opinion with quality and not understand what genres are).

  9. Awesome intro, terrible movie that was. I’m so sorry you had to sit thru that, Doug.

  10. Disappointed Fat Grandma couldn’t make the wedding.

  11. Hyper Fangirl and Devil Boner are like that ship that you’re ashamed to tell people you ship. ? Also, the mystery joke’s punchline was that usually, the girl would like romance but this time it was the boy.

  12. This episode’s Charity Shoutout more than made up for sitting through that annoying flick.

  13. Nice to see you supporting an autism charity. I have high-functionality autism and it is something that needs more awareness. I think schools worldwide should really be teaching kids what autism is so that they understand the condition from a young age.

  14. I was all for Hyper-Boner, but then you drove the joke into the ground by the time Uncle Lies and Aunt Despair started doing it, I was already bored with it.

  15. Love the new intro.

  16. I think I’d rather watch a week long marathon of Waterworld, The Post-Man, and Battlefield Earth than watch this movie

  17. Nice new intro.

    Congratulations to Hyper Boner.

    When will Fox get it through their thick skulls that a Chipmunks movie will NEVER make it to #1 at the box office on opening weekend, OR be a hit with audiences and critics? Seriously, I thankfully went to see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows that weekend.

    Already this is a worse Jason Lee film than Kissing a Fool, a movie that The Cinema Snob reviewed for Friendsuary, because it stars David Schwimmer.

    5:59- Dear fuck, I remember how much I already hated this some when I first heard it, and I still pretty much do. It’s so bad, it should replace waterboarding as a means of torture.

    Why did Jenny Slate go from getting fired after her only season on SNL from saying “fucking” to staring in a Chipmunks sequel?

    16:01- Jesus Christ, I was also thinking that this movie is running only on Gilligan’s Island logic! It’s shit like this that shows why Cast Away is my favorite survival movie.

    19:18- That or David Cross putting on the Infinity Gauntlet. Either way, these movies blow.

  18. Fantastic Intro. Too bad Bill couldn’t make it to the wedding though.

  19. When that helicopter came flying by to save them i swear, in my mind i saw them roll out a Minigun and shoot that raft to hell! That could have been an amazing edit.

  20. Don’t blame David Cross for changing. Blame his analrapist Tobias.

  21. Will you be reviewing “The Road Chip” eventually?

  22. I like the new intro! Looks very clean and intentional.

  23. The fifth movie is first (and only) CG Chipmunk movie experience. It’s literally the only one I’ve seen, and I wouldn’t have even seen that one if my now ex didn’t insist on seeing it. Normally I like to start with first movies and see series in order, as I have a chronic fear of canon lock, but that movie just made me glad I never saw any of the others. Also, I’m familiar with the Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon from my childhood and it didn’t take long to get me up to speed/let me know that what I would be seeing is exactly what I expected I would be seeing, as were all the other movies I missed. Still, I’m glad you’re doing these reviews Doug so my curiosity can be sated without me having to actually see any of these CG abominations,

  24. “I can dream but I’m always gonna wake up in a world where this exists.” That’s exactly how I feel about the stupid bullshit Hulk/Black Widow romance in the MCU whereas I’m a diehard shipper of Captain America x Black Widow. Life sucks for everyone in every way, I guess.

  25. I think i remember hearing once that Ross Bagdasarian tried to sue Fox to stop this movie from being made. Clearly it didn’t work.

  26. Why not ‘Hyper Devil’?

  27. Honore de Ballsack

    I thought Simon was gonna turn into Spider-Munk but that would have actually been funny.

  28. Hey, this is actually starting to get continuity! It’s funny because I watched the “Green Lantern” review right before this! Well, I rewatch a lot of your videos. Was this the worst yet? Will you do the road chip? They do get worse!

  29. thatchickwithlonghair


    Haha I understood that reference.

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