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The hit that launched a thousand squeakquels. Is this CGI abomination as bad as everyone says?

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    The song is fantastic! Viewers, go buy it!

  2. I would like to mention that NC hasn’t done a Top 11 Animaniacs Songs. This would be the next logical step in pointing us toward the fastest paced, and funniest written songs in cartoon history.

    Next week’s gonna be great! I know he said anime “Movies” but I’d recommend Clannad to Doug.

  3. That was awesome

  4. thechaowiththeglasses999

    the song was good, but the video felt like something out of Tim and Eric

  5. Love it love it love it.

    Best episode in a long time!

  6. Amazing so funny, loved Doug’s flip during the song XD

  7. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Rob Scallon!!!

  8. I hope this means that someday you’ll finally take a look at Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman and Meet Frankenstein. I’d love to hear your thoughts on those two movies because I’ve always thought they did the chipmunks very well and were highly entertaining!

  9. Doug really likes to sing … at least in this the musical scene kind of makes sense and we have a normal review first which is easy to follow. Even though I think the song is dragged out to long.

    • It was scene-for-scene and the exact length of the song from the animated Chipmunks Movie. It wasn’t them dragging it out. 😉

      • Maybe, but it didn’t need to be as long as it was in the movie to tell the joke. It looks like Doug tries really hard to find reasons to reenacted songs in his reviews and it’s getting old now. That’s why he can’t stop making musical episodes every now and then, which are unwatchable.
        I still think the song is dragged out to long here, but I’m happy that we got a regular review first. I can always check my e-mail or something like that, until the songs are over.

  10. anonexistentuser

    When in doubt, break out a Red Dwarf reference

  11. I was never a big fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks for some reason and I sure as hell would never see a movie based on it.

    Dear God, this movie looks like an abomination and I feel sad that Jason Lee did this to get a paycheck…. and those paychecks must be huge if he appeared in the sequels.

    This review is probably way better than anything I could imagine from the movie…

  12. Well, that was quite the ending, I have to say. Fun little song they all did together!

    And, while I prefer the original Chipmunks movie, too, not ALL the newly-created movies from our past can be horrible…right?

    • About the ending.. I’m almost sure thet original movie have clever idea that Chipmunks were magical. That is why that publisher dude end with some real chipmunks and they ficus on the toys at one point.

      But.. they forget about that anyway in next movie.

  13. A funny thing I discovered not too long ago is that none of the 4 live action Alvin in the Chipmunks movies ever made it on the #1 spot on opening weekend. When the first movie was released in 2007, I Am Legend took the top spot. The second film, Avatar and Sherlock Holmes. The third, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. And the fourth, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens; and The Force Awakens made $13 million more on opening weekend in North America that the fourth Chipmunks made it its entire worldwide theatrical run.

    • Oh, and in case anyone asks, no, I have not seen any of the Chipmunks movies or much of the TV shows. But I HAVE seen Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, where Simon says marijuana and describes what it is. …Man, I’m a dork.

      David Cross is a really funny guy who deserves much better than being in the Chipmunks movies. But at lease they made a talking doll out of Terl from Battlefield Earth.

      If I ever get married, it better not be with an Aw-Girl.

      I still like how the Ninja Turtles introduced themselves to Casey Jones in Out of the Shadows.

      Poor Jason Lee and him having to be in this stinker of a film series, and he previously played Syndrome in The Incredibles.

      The bit with Simon and the house maid reminds me of that one Chipmunks sketch on Robot Chicken about those groupies.

      Okay, someone like Michael Bay would NEVER direct anything like a Chipmunks movie. He’s perfectly fine directing the Transformers films. Also, Doug, stop poking fun at the man; it’s getting overdone.

      Alvin in this movie is nothing as macho as The Macho Man.

      Even thou I’ve only seen your crossover review on The Chipmunk Adventure, I agree that that’s is a much better film that this one and the squeaquels.

  14. That was great. Now to track down that Nostalgia Chick crossover.

  15. Holy Shit, Tamaras got quite the voice on her.

  16. God damn. That shot-for-shot version of GIRLS OF ROCK ‘N ROLL was one of the best things ever put on Channel Awesome. You guys should be hella proud of that! Way to wail (and yeah, the 80’s version is so superior)!!

  17. Yes, you didn’t make a “Pokemon” joke for the fourth week in a row! Don’t worry, I know you’ll make tons next review with the release of “Pokemon Go!”. The sequels to this are in fact worse. I am so glad you brought up how David Cross himself hates these movies. I couldn’t stop laughing at Alvin yelling for eating shit. Seriously, that’s one of the best jokes you’ve ever done!

  18. Ahahahaha those dance moves I can’t XD

  19. While the review was only so-so with a few laughs every now and then, that song at the end was BY FAR the best part of the entire video. And by God, Tamara can really sing.

  20. While the review was only so-so with a few laughs every now and then (in my opinion), that song at the end was BY FAR the best part of the entire video. And by God, Tamara can really sing. She was just… mesmerizing in that number.

    I STILL don’t get though how ChartMalcolm is still with ChartRob when it was revealed he was REALLY Black Willie Wonka. Did they do a “Winter Soldier” on him and wipe his memories? EXPLAIN, GODDAMN IT!

  21. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who found David unlikable!

  22. The beginning had me thinking this was gonna be an Old vs. New. Nice fake out.

    Anyway, i didn’t think this movie was that bad when it first came out. It felt like a decent attempt to revive the franchise after so many years. The sequels on the other hand, now those are godawful. I’m not sure if this is true or not, but i heard that Ross Bagdasarian even tried to sue Fox to stop making sequels after the second one.

  23. To be fair, this is at least more accurate to the original then Jem was. 😐

    Then again, that internet parody about Jem was more accurate.

    ……Poor Jason Lee.

  24. The first one was bad. The second one was terrible. The third one came and went without anyone knowing about it. Finally, they just gave up giving up and shot themselves.

    • TheHappySpaceman

      Nice review, though I distinctly remember you only giving The Chipmunk Adventure (the one from the ’80s) a mixed to negative review. Have your views changed since then?

      I mean, if they have, I don’t blame you–it’s a good enough movie that I own it on DVD–but still.

  25. Strangefacts101

    I ALMOST thought that was Lindsey Ellis (AKA, the Nostalgia Chick)

  26. The three guys and three girls portraying the six chipmunks, I wouldn’t mind seeing that concept for a Ghostbusters 2016 review with the boys representing the old and the girls are the rebooted Ghostbusters.

  27. I haven’t enjoyed NC as much as I used to, but this is the first video that made me want to reach through my computer screen and slap Doug in his fucking face.

  28. I used to like the Chipmunks (I prefer the ’83-’90 cartoon over the 60s one, of course) until these movies came in and botched it up for me and many others. I tried to get into the NEW cartoon…But, sadly, the damage was done and they now look like amalgams of the version I held so dear in my heart and the ones they did for the movies! As if they’re trying to appease both demographics of the franchise. Nowadays, I try my best to avoid these little nostalgia-killers like the plague as much as humanly possible!

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