Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip & Sisters – Midnight Screenings

Time for a double feature of the new releases that aren’t The Force Awakens!

Because of 4th one of these just had to happen. This is the first Chipmunks movie Brad and Allison have seen.

Now it’s the movie that Allison says is the worst film she’s seen on the Midnight Screenings.

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  1. The Sci Fi Guy’s in Road Chip? Please, post a You Tube clip of that (don’t want to sit through the hell of the whole movie, but hey, Leo, good on you!)

  2. Let’s hope “Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie” makes a better impression next year.

    American comediennes, in their pursuit for equality, seems to have forgotten how to “camp”. No sign of comic relief leaves you with nothing but annoyance.

    You know you can use you’re femininity to your advantage, or is that reserved for kids these days?

  3. I don’t understand why they keep making the Chipmunk movies. I remember liking the first movie as a kid. I’m pretty sure that Dave was with some neighbor lady. I was in middle school but then the rest came out when I was in high school and now that I’m out of college, they keep coming! We’ve grown up! There are no fans left for you! LOL. Although, I don’t even know what Pink Flamingos is. Oh, and in my opinion, Juicy Wiggle is the best of LMFAO’s songs. Haha. Also, it’s funny that Sci Fi Guy is in this movie. Haha. 😀 I may see Rachet and Clank but I DEFINITELY won’t be seeing Road Chip.

    Even though I kind of like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, I knew I wouldn’t like it because I usually don’t like R-rated comedies. Oh, and I don’t know Scarface unless “Say hello to my little friend” is from that movie.

  4. No way I’d see this in theaters but you’ve sold me on a redbox rental at least to see the cameo.

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