Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – Nostalgia Critic

How many bad and clichéd plots can a film squeeze in? This squeakquel goes for as many as possible. Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

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  1. me first and the gimme gimmes

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12


  3. …I think you forgot tje theme music….

    • January is a theme month, and they all have their special title sequences. Nicolas Cage month had everyone’s face in the regular intro replaced with Nic cages, Matrix Month had the Matrix style title sequence, Shyamalan month had Shyamalan singing and dancing to the Merrie Melodies end theme music, and Sequel Month (The Sequel) has NC’s face being flushed down the toilet.

  4. Okay, before I see if anyone makes any comments about awkward songs, I’d like to point out that this song existed in the previous biggest Chipmunk movie franchise:

  5. Oh, Critic, Critic, Critic. Don’t you know the best way to get popular with longterm fans now is, apparently, to bring back the past characters in completely different ways? I’m sure I don’t have to remind you to look at how they’ve handled things with the recent TMNT revival!

    -Inside Nickelodeon boardroom-
    “Mr. Director, we need to get views. There was this oneshot guest heroine from the 80s series that people seemed to like…”
    -“Great! Bring her back, but make sure she looks completely different! Fuck it, make her an alien now!”
    “Uh…okay…how about this one more recent character from the comics, created by the original designer? She sort of looks like how this other character from the originals looked…”
    -“How about you give her the new name, the old appearance, and a backstory related to neither of them? That will please everyone!”


    Maybe it’s me but I think the lip sink is off.

  7. This film beat Princess and the Frog at the box office. Parents chose to take their kids to THIS instead of a traditionally-animated Disney film. THIS FILM IS THE REASON 2D ANIMATION DIDN’T MAKE A COMEBACK!!!



    • Actually, the reason why Disney gave up on hand drawn animation (for now) is because Tangled did better at the box office than Princess and the Frog and The Heffalump Movie did, and Disney concluded from this that kids don’t want to see traditional hand drawn films. Still, this movie does indeed suck.

      Also, Film Brain and Todd in the Shadows’ crossover review of this movie was hilarious.

      • Dec. 2009:
        Princess and the Frog- $267 045 765
        The Squeakquel- $ 443 140 005

        Dec. 2010:
        Tangled- $ 591 794 936

        If people had taken their children to see The Princess and The Frog versus going to see this flaming pile of s***, its box-office take would have pretty comparable to, and perhaps even beaten, that of Tangled. So, yeah, this junk did kill it for hand-drawn animation as being a viable moneymaker in Disney’s eyes.

        • What killed 2D at Disney was their stupid choice of releasing Winnie the Pooh(2011) on the exact same day as The Deathly Hollows Part 2. Sure both properties are beloved franchises but guess where everyone went to see that day? I even ask the director of Winnie the Pooh last year at a Q&A during a one night re-release on who’s idea was it to release on that day, which he said were the higher ups because they believed “It would have been great counter-programming to Harry Potter.” Seriously, I just feel sorry for 2D crew when they realized the movie they worked hard on was going to be a bomb out the gate. Sigh.

    • dude, this movie came out in 2010, and the princess and the frog was realize in 2009

      • Dude, MrXemnas mentioned this movie in relation to The Princess and the Frog, not me. I was saying that while this movie sucked, it *wasn’t* the reason why Disney stopped making hand drawn animated features. However, this movie franchise *was* the reason why Sony revamped the Smurfs movie into that garbage plot about the Smurfs traveling via a portal into modern day New York City.

    • Your partly right, but Princess and the Frog wasn’t competing against Squeakquel during it’s time in theaters…

      It was competing against Avatar. The highest grossing movie of all time.

    • I did not know this and I almost had a rage blackout…might still have one because HOW THE F DID THIS BEAT IT?!?!!?! Princess and the Frog not only had beautiful hand-drawn animation it actually has a plot, and wonderful music, and actual lessons/morals…le sigh I’ve always hated these movies but now I have a valid reason for it besides just they suck.

    • At the time of Princess and the Frog there was also this little film called “Avatar” released at about the same time…

  8. Oh no, not the shitdrunks! (I’m sorry)

  9. Well at least Zach has Chuck and Tangled to thank for making people forget he was in this piece of shit.

  10. It’s funny because, the aww girls about the chipmunks are real. I brought a girl to one of this shit movie (the one in an island I think, idk I fell asleep halfway).

  11. I’m sorry….but was that a actual lama that you shoot!

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good to dare I say great review critic. I like how at end the other characters pointed out how none of them went to number one at the box office which is good cause there awful movies. I have a story with this movie too when I saw it in theaters in 2009(yes I was that stupid but I was only 10 so can you hear my story). I went out of the theater to go to the bathroom and I walked intto another theater before I went to the bathroom. My mom then caught me and we had to leave the theater. Not a smart idea to go into the theater but now in retrospect good thing I did it so I didn’t have to watch the rest of it. I ended before theodore ran away and that was that.
    Then I watched the rest on HBO one night.

    Yeah movies still pretty bad but I really hope the nsxt one you do will be Alice through the Looking Glass since it’s a sequel but I heard it’s so worst then the first one and it’s on Netflix right now I think. Happy Tuesday and hope we survive through sequel month the sequel together

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!!!!! Do it, Critic, DO IT! Believe me, I know how much you hated the first one,. Well, trust me…you’re gonna LOOOOOOOVE this one! At least Alice In Wonderland was a BIT like the original book…very very very loosely…this one was NOTHING AT ALL like Through The Looking Glass! It was pretty much Through The Looking Glass in name only.

  13. Is it just me, or is Alvin more annoying than Justin Bieber?

    2 or the Chipmunks’ caretakers, and they have become hospitalized not 5 minutes away from each other. That’s gotta be a new record.

    I feel really sorry for Amy “SNL” Poehler, Anna “Wife of Star-Lord” Faris, and Christina “Whore Island” Applegate for providing voices in these movies.

    The backstory of Baze Malbus and Chirrut “the blind guy” Imwe is explained in the Rouge One ultimate visual dictionary. That’s what the Expanded Universe is for.

    Why did the writers think that little kids would get references to movies like Taxi Driver and The Silence of the Lambs? And WHY did they give it more plots than a complete TV series!?

    “In the words of The Donald, ‘You’re fired’!” At least Supreme Leader Trump never make a cameo in these movies. …In speaking of which, any plans on reviewing The Little Rascals movie?

    I was thankful enough to NOT see any of the Chipmunks movie when they were in theaters (or ever in that matter). I was too busy seeing movies like “I Am Legend, James Cameron’s “Avatar” the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” thank you very much.

    I give blood to American Red Cross every 2 months.

    • Me, too!

      And Soon-To-Be-Ex Supreme Lord Obama never made a cameo in this either…one of the few smart things he’s ever done.

      • President Obama never made a film cameo, because he is a smart person. And PLEASE never reply to me again if you’re still manipulated by Donald “destroyer of the planet Earth” Trump.

      • The Real Silverstar

        OK, now you’re starting to morph into a troll. This movie has zilch to do with Obama or politics. Try to stay on-topic. It’s also not necessary for you to rush in guns-a-blazin’ whenever someone references Trump, like you’re Beetlejuice being summoned or something.

        There’s a proverb which I feel is apropos here: better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  14. Blaze The Movie Fan

    I hate this whole franchise with a passion. They are some of the worst movies ever made.

  15. Yeah, I only saw and liked the first one because I was in middle school when the first came out. By the time this came out, I was in high school. You waited too long to take my money, Chipmunks. I see I didn’t miss much. Haha.

  16. Man, this was a good review. Doug, your writing and humor’s getting tighter!

  17. Yeah, your first Donald Trump joke since he was elected! I knew you’d review this for Sequel Month. I saw it and don’t even remember half the stupid stuff that was in it! I knew you’d joke about how there was no eating shit. The original review is better. If only they made animated sequels.

  18. I have a feeling that Smurfs 2 will be one of the next reviews this month.

  19. really? you couldnt bring back ma-ti?

  20. Place your bets! what sequel will he do next?

  21. Break dancing Darth Vader needs to keep coming back.

  22. Something tells me I should watch the Rogue One review. But I should probably see the movie first…

  23. Seriously, why did they put taxi driver and silence of the lambs reference in film that targeted to little kids? Kids don’t understand that and adults just facepalm :/

    • “You talking to me?” is one of the most famous, overused, quotes in American pop culture. Kids see and hear these things long before they see where they came from. It would have been a stale joke back in the 90’s; In 2009, it was just plain old incompetent writing. Or not giving a F***, as Jon Vitti (Yes, THAT Jon Vitti) was a screenwriter.

    • Honestly, because those overused and dated references from very adult movies coming out of the mouth of the chipmunks get a cheap laugh from otherwise bored adults, and kids laugh along when everyone else is.

      Also, since a movie like this is basically 95% mundane filler, they have to fill the run time with something.

  24. From the same director that had a women get off from a speaker. WOW

  25. One of the funniest things I ever heard: From Film Brain’s review of Big Momma: Like Father, Like Son (with special guest Rap Critic)
    (When Film Brain notes that the film is a rip-off of “Glee”)
    Rap Critic: Why didn’t you review this with Todd in The Shadows, then??
    Film Brain: Ah, but I want to inflict “Alvin and the Chipmunks:The Squeakquel” on him someday!!
    Rap Critic: That poor fool……

    BTW, he does — it’s not pretty.

  26. Suicide Squad had a more streamlined plot than this movie.

  27. Wow, haven’t seen any of these movies because they’re kind of outside my age demographic, but what a lame, committee scripted, generic, unfocused, bland, soulless, corporate, chipmunk turd of a movie!

    These are the definition of “put on something harmless and shallow to provide background noise to distract the kids for a while”…

  28. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Seriously, what age are they supposed to be in this movie? Whatever, it was pretty cringeworthy.

    • True. Even in universe the Chipminks and the Chipettes were clearly younger than teenagers, so why put them high school? For that matter, why enroll them in school at all? They’re chipmunks, not children, and the Chipmunks are famous, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to have a private tutor than send them to a building filled with humans where there’s the constant threat of them being stepped on?

      • Yeah, it at least made sense in the cartoon since they were the size of humans. Here, they’re the size of actual chipmunks, so it really doesn’t work. If anything, watching some of these scenes makes me wonder why no one stepped on them.

  29. What…just happened? I feel like I just got spat out of the spin-cycle.
    I think this film has like ten different plotlines that all end on a bad joke.

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