Are Films Becoming Game Patches? – Nostalgia Critic

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  2. I think people are too hard on Cats. They were complaining from the trailer, and didn’t really have that much to add when the movie came out.

    There are two philosophies toward any sort of special effects. You either make it look real, or you make it engaging to the imagination. Personally I think people are too dependent on ‘real,’ and it’s what makes movies so expensive that they lose some of the creativity due to the need to mass market, and inability to appeal to niche audiences. We also train the audiences to accept certain things, for when a movie can’t be real. For instance, guns and explosions are really loud in real life. Action movies are pretty much impossible to make entertaining if you gave the audience ringing ears in the first few shots.

    Usually you find a healthy compromise between the two (real and engaging). Cats was never going to look real. We don’t want to see it with real cats. (Actually we want to see pretty much everything acted out with real cats, but it’s not what’s good for us). In this case, since we want expression through dance and acting out the feline mannerisms, the costumes didn’t have to be the main focus. You could have taken an artsy ballet/live theatre type approach and just give the actors cheap earmuffs and a little face paint. The original stage however did have elaborate costumes, and making cats on this grand a scale might have been even harder if every actor had to spend hours in make-up. Overall, the effects didn’t appeal to as many as the filmmakers hoped, but it’s not worth whining this much about, and I’m sure a good number of people would defend it, if they could only admit that this was their exact fetish.

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