Assassin’s Creed – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Brian see the movie adaptation of Assassin’s Creed.

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  1. Warcraft, as someone who played the RTSes some and the MMO for about a decade, I thought the movie had problems and perks both from a movie standpoint and a fandom standpoint. Like, I loved how they showed murlocs, but was annoyed they weren’t attacked by gnolls or something as a fake-out before the orcs ambushed them. I loved that the gryphon landed where the flight paths do in Stormwind and Dalaran but was annoyed that Moroes wasn’t turned into an undead and that the golem wasn’t The Curator. I liked the way the dialogue conveyed the language barrier and pretty much all of Durotan’s scenes but hated the stilted stuff with the humans.

    Basically, I wanted it to be more World of Warcraft and less Orcs and Humans, because they’re the two most boring races in the game and the beautiful world and diversity is way more interesting than the stuff involving the humans.

    I’m glad it made its money back and all internationally because I really, REALLY want them to make their goddamn Overwatch movie, PLEASE.

  2. Don’t know if it was the projector but this movie looked like it was shot in day-for-night.

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