Atlantis: Milo’s Return – Disneycember

Sea monsters, ghost coyotes, and Odin. Why not? Doug looks at why Milo returned to this madness in Atlantis: Milo’s Return.

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  1. yeah, this one is not great but I kind of like it too.

  2. It’s kind of too bad this didn’t get picked up for a series. Endless possibilities.

  3. This kind’a makes me wish this was a tv series. 🙁

  4. Just to confirm, these were three episodes of a TV show that was originally in production. One such unaired episode from that series would have actually tied into Gargoyles. Hell, the Praying Gargoyle actually has an Atlantean Crystal in it.

    Not to mention that this was done instead of the original planned sequel, “Shards of Chaos”, because the first wasn’t a big hit.

  5. I love the Atlantis Background, I would love to learn more about the history they sometimes touch on in the films. It just wasn’t executed as a film very well, It’s is kind of sad how Disney just kind of brushed this movie under the rug. She is very rarely even seen in the Disney Parks.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      The biggest problems I had with the movie were that 1) it was once again the great white hero rescuing the primitive people (can we PLEASE retire that plot forever?), and 2) it made no sense that the Atlanteans couldn’t read their own language when they were THE SAME PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN ALIVE THOUSANDS OF YEARS EARLIER! What, did they all forget how to read or something?????

  6. So did they just try to make EVERY movie into a TV series?

  7. I saw this since I absolutely loved the first movie as a kid. It was a little forgettable since I don’t quite remember what this movie was about. However, seeing the ending, I don’t want this to be canon. D:

  8. [deleted by user]

  9. The Background music is really distracting.

  10. Really, you left forty seconds on to waste Doug?

  11. That’s kind of unlike you.

  12. Yeah, the animation looks really tacky. I have no interest in seeing this. It’s ranked on the IMDb as one of the worst Disney sequels. I think the first movie’s fine. Well, few of these were warranted for a sequel. I guess it’s good to see that thing on fire.

  13. 3:02 Hey Vern!!! I’m dead!!!!

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