Auditions and Cons 2016

Wanna star in one of our shows…or just see Doug at a convention? Check out the video to see how you can meet up with us in the near future!

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  1. The comic book show is finally starting? Can’t wait!

  2. I really wish the age limit was 17 for auditions. My comic book knowledge needs to be put to some kind of use.

  3. Still shot for the video is Connecticon


  4. If only I had knowledge on comic book stuff. I would send in an Audition in a heart beat.

  5. Excited to see you coming to Anime Iowa. Been wanting you to visit since my first year.

  6. I really hoped you could visit the Conventions here in Guam. We may be small, but we have a bunch of people who look up to you guys and are inspired.

  7. its a bummer its on the usa side not canada side..


  9. Welp…time to save up to visit America and or Canada XD XD

  10. You really need to come to Minnesota I would love to meet you in person.

  11. Audition? SWEET!! I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this for ages and I have a large knowledge on comic book movies and TV so…

    *must be over 18*

    Dang it: I thought you were going to forget that part!! (get that reference and you’re amazing)

  12. I would love it if you could come to Boston or New England.

  13. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Come to Virginia and stop attending the same states 🙁

  14. Please come to England Doug! I can’t get to America!

  15. Wow, you really are fully scheduled this year! I’m in Atlanta right now! Maybe I’ll be able to see you. Then again, it’ll probably be too late. Why are you using Vimeo? There’s no clips for YouTube to bother you about!

  16. Would love to head to an American Con (Not just Comic Con) and sell my work at them. But I’m stuck in Ireland for the time being 🙁

    Oh well…..

  17. You never come to Seattle. WHY?! LOL.

  18. Oooh….I usually steer clear of the Falls unless I have long distance company over who are looking to do the tourist thing, but I might make an exception for this!

  19. Another year, another Otakon Doug doesn’t go to.

  20. I was really surprised when I looked at the guest list for Fan World and saw all those big names. Usually the cons in my area (western new york) never have that many guests. That’s pretty exciting though. I wonder how they’re going to work out having it on both sides.

  21. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Doug, I really hope one of these days you can guest at a con in CALIFORNIA for once, cause as much as I know that cross-state travel can get expensive going from one coast to the next, the same thing goes both ways. A lot of us over here on the West coast would love to get a chance to meet you at one of the many great cons we got over here. I can attest that either San Diego Comic Con or San Jose Fanime Con would be great events that you would be openly welcome at. Plus, Sage gets lonely, I’m sure he’d really appreciate you interrupting one of his panels X) (lol not really but seriously it would be great to see you there too).

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