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What If Tim Burton Directed Batman Forever?

Our most requested video has finally arrived! Tim Burton was slated to direct a 3rd Batman movie in the mid '90s before handing off the project to Joel Schumacher. The result was 1995's "Batman Forever". But how would things have gone if Burton stayed on-board and made a third film to round out his own Dark Knight Trilogy? Rob and Walter give it their best shot as we close out Bat-May 2021 with FanScription's version of a Tim Burton "Batman Forever'!

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Harley And Ivy – Bat-May

Harley and Ivy not only broke the mold from what Batman: The Animated Series was known for, but it also established the relationship between the titular characters. This is a very different kind of episode that works as a comedy, miss-adventure, villainous team up, and more, but make no mistake the dynamic created here among the main characters makes this installment an important one. Join Walter as he continues his deep dive into Batman: TAS.

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