Awesome Comics Show Promo

C2E2 coverage will start this week, and the show will debut on Monday, March 28th, 2016.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Dam poor new guy got his ass kicked but he probably deserved it and who knows Doug could do such a thing 😉

  2. Hello new Comic Show host! Can’t wait for the 28th!

    Will Linkara be making an appearance?

  3. Who's That Girl?

    Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahh!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

  4. You were showing this on the Cats and Dogs making of video! I was wondering what that meant. I thought it was just some joke you improvised. I’m always interested in new stuff! Dang, is this website massive. I’m so glad we have fans of every kind here.

  5. What’s a guy got to do to work for Channel Awesome? Lucky bastard

  6. I may see this but I thought that they were looking for a lady host or was that for a different comic book show?

  7. I foresee Linkara making an appearance, at some point in this show.

  8. That set looks familiar….

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