Back to the Future II – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara continues with the trilogy that she has never seen. Next up Back to the Future II.

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  1. Biff is supposed to be an ass. He can’t even make snarky comments correctly. Screen door on a battleship, for example. We’re supposed to hate him so much.

  2. SQUEE. Your cat is so cute. Also, I actually have only seen the first part of this movie. I’ve never seen it past the Almanac part. Maybe I’ll seek out this movie and the next one which I’ve seen NO part of.

  3. I think the “chicken” thing is because when he went back in the first movie, he helped his dad find confidence, and so that changed Marty’s interior make up. If you recall, at the beginning of that movie, he was just as passive aggressive and cowardly as his own father. It’s either that, OR they just needed some way to make Marty get involved in stupid things and have a character flaw that almost wrecks him later on.

    • Passive aggressive I’ll buy, but I wouldn’t say Marty even came off as cowardly. At least not to the same extent as George. If he was, I don’t had take changes forming a friendship with Doc Brown who most everybody regards as a kook. He clearly wanted to make something of himself and makes this clear to Jennifer. He just lacked the encouragement or direction.

      As SF Debris pointed out his excellent two part review, the scene in the first movie where Marty challenges teenage Biff as he’s manhandling his teenager mom suggest he’s willing to fight for what matters to him even when he has no chance of winning. Because he’s father won’t stand up for himself, Marty refuses to not stand up for himself. This is far more blunt in the sequels with the whole “chicken” thing, maybe because they wanted to show in trying to be different than his father (used to be) Marty risks going to far in the other direction.

      • Exactly, and glad you mentioned SF Debris review. As he put it, George (uses to) be the man who would always back down, So Marty makes himself be the guy who never backs down, which is harmful in its own way as we see.

  4. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I love your Yoda Buddha statue. I bought one online before you finished your video.

  5. I remember really being scared of the alt 1985 as a kid and was always scared I’d be involved in a drive by like what happened to Principal Strickland.

  6. Since the second one is considered the weakest link in the trilogy, and you liked it, you will probably love the 3rd one. I think 3 is my favorite.

    Also, there is kind of a a 4th one. It’s the video game version from Telltale Games. I highly recommend it if you loved the movies. It was written by the original writer and has many of the original actors doing the voice work.

    Also worth mentioning that IDW has the comic book license for Back to the Future. Worth checking out also. The miniseries they made was so good and so popular that it’s now a regular series.

    • I’ve always thought of the third as the weakest, personally. None of them were bad, though. And yes, the game is highly recommended! Not-Michael-J-Fox did an excellent job as Marty!

      • I agree, though I honestly didn’t like the third one at all and:

        *spoiler*[I thought his distant ancestor looking just like him was really dumb and it was already used in the second movie with his son]*spoiler*

        The pacing, sets, dialogue, everything just felt less authentic and more generic.

        • I agree that the look alike gag was overused. Though I have a friend who has pictures of his paternal line around his age, and they all look exactly like him. It’s kind of cool and kind of creepy. So It’s possible for such things to happen.

    • The second one is the weakest, instead of a Back to the Future film it could just be calls Biff’s Adventure or something. It feels like a spinoff of the first one.

  7. Funny how you predicted the 3rd movie was gonna go “off the rails”. Also, screw the haters. Here is one word to describe you rack: glorious.

  8. I’m pretty sure the creators have stated that Future Biff was literally based on Donald Trump. Also, Jennifer was in the car because they didn’t know there was going to be a sequel. The creators have also said that if they had known, they wouldn’t have put her in the car at the end of the first one.

  9. I really don’t like how videos like this are listed with Channel Awesome as the author. It makes it where previous episodes are not listed.

    Furthermore, you have all these shows that are not listed at all in the top banner. How is someone supposed to find them?

    You’re losing out on all the useful functions by lumping them all together like this. Channel Awesome should be a tag, not an author.

    • Very true. I noticed that earlier and was wondering why Tamara hasn’t gotten her own listing considering how popular her reviews have become. Should we mention this on the forum?

  10. Wait…. somebody doesn’t like to look at your cleavage? … chough chough I mean: Don’t let anybody tell you what to wear or not. Saved it ^^

  11. Hey Tamara, I love your cat!

  12. 26 years to see this huh, maybe you should get the Delorean go back in time and watch it in theatres

  13. This was a solid sequel that really did a lot of wild and funny stuff playing with the time travel concept. Not quite the masterpiece that is the original, but more than you would expect.

    I left my comments early on your last vid so I was fortunate enough to miss the haters. Glad you told them to piss off, because that’s the only thing a person stuck with a twelve year old brain understands. The camera loves you no matter what you wear, especially that evil Alice in Wonderland cosplay outfit. *cough* Just sayin…

  14. Jennifer was someone they had from the first movie’s ending, and then found they didn’t really need her and had to work around her. She basically exists to allow us to see old Marty’s house, but that could have been done in many other ways.

  15. First of all, KITTY! Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…so glad you liked this one too! A lot of people don’t, because they’re put off by the darkness factor, or how they revisited some of the exact same scenes from the first movie. BUT…they did it in a creative way, and since then I’ve seen several other things that did the same idea, so apparently _some_ people liked it…

    And yes, I’ve never liked the sexual assault thing with Biff…but you’re not supposed to. I saw this movie in the theater as a (coughcough) year-old kid, and even then, I IMMEDIATELY got that the scenes with Marty’s mom and Biff in the tower were easily the creepiest thing about it. Although the post-apocalyptic vibe of alternate-1985 Hill Valley in general also really stuck with me through the years.

    I like the third movie! It might, indeed, be the weakest, but Clara Clayton is AWESOME as, essentially, a nerd who kicks ass when she needs to–in poofy skirts and heels (I actually kinda dressed up as her for Halloween once), freaking ZZ Top shows up, and funny you should say the film might be good, or it might “go off the rails…” Why not both? 😉

    It’s not for everyone, but there’s also an animated series in this universe that takes off pretty much where the third movie leaves off! It’s cheesy but has a lot more wacky time-travely adventures, and it’s got Christopher Lloyd doing host segments at the beginning and end of each episode + some epic voice acting from Dan Castanelleta, among others. Clara and Biff’s actors both come back and do the voices of those characters and any ancestors/descendants that might show up, and there’s even an episode where our heroes (accidentally) stop the dinosaurs going extinct!

    Last but not least, yes, Martina McFly is an attractive lady. And so are you. Fuck the haters. 🙂


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