Back to the Future – Tamara’s Never Seen

Great Scott! Tamara’s never seen Back to the Future!

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  1. The best part of the Scene where his band plays for the ‘uncool’ judges, the guy who tells them they’re ‘just to gosh darn loud’ is Huey Lewis (the guy who actually sings the song Marty is playing” ^_^

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I actually enjoy watching someone much younger than me comment on these movies. It’s like seeing them again through different eyes. 🙂
    Fun facts: Marty was originally going to be played by Eric Stoltz, but director Robert Zemekis decided he wasn’t comedic enough. Also, the first choice for Doc Brown was John Lithgow, but he was unavailable.
    Describing hands as “meathooks” is very 1950s. I’ve heard the term used that way in other movies and literature from the period.
    It’s okay to wish for a would-be rapist to have a bad life. Consider that back in 1955 if he had raped Lorraine she probably wouldn’t have even reported it, fearing the shame and social stigma of having been raped, and people would have assumed she had been “asking for it.” And if she had reported it, the local authorities would have probably just laughed it off, taking a “boys will be boys” attitude. Date rape was fairly common back then, and most of them went unreported. So much for the sunny, happy 1950s, huh?
    I have an orange tabby who looks just like Ike. 🙂
    Also, I love that picture behind you. I recognize it’s a parody of Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” but I don’t recognize the face. Is it supposed to be Sloth from The Goonies?
    Since you liked Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly,” and you liked Christopher Lloyd in this, you might want to check out “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the Eighth Dimension,” because they’re both in that, along with Peter Weller (Robocop) and John Lithgow.

  3. This movie is one of only two that no matter how many times I see the climax (the car going to wire with the lightening about to hit and the cable is down…) I’m still on edge – like maybe he’s not going to make it this (10 000th) time. The other is the ending of Jaws (Smile you sonova…).

  4. these are always so funny. I have to tell the truth though ive never seen the frist back to the future movie, I think I saw the one in the wild west town but I can barry recall it

  5. I knew you would like the movie. I was surprised you haven’t seen it until now. I’m so proud of you. You have just witnessed one of the greatest movies ever!

  6. In the original script the time machine was supposed to be a refrigerator

  7. I’ve seen Back to the Future. I’ve seen half of Back to the Future 2. I’ve never seen Back to the Future 3 though.

  8. I didn’t see back to the future until I was older. So yeah… :S

  9. It is quite something to see someone whose never seen something so many have. But it’s a good part of the experience. You’ll enjoy parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy.

  10. This movie truly is something special, it’s both a reflection of it’s time period, but also transcends it. Yeah, like Tamara said, almost (if not) a perfect movie.

    Now wait for the disappointment that is Back to the Future II and III. While neither is bad by any stretch, they just can’t measure up to the magic of the first. My personal opinion is that BTTF2 is pretty good, and BTTF3 is mediocre.

  11. The reason a lot of the movies you see are good movies is because, as a general rule, unless a movie is “so bad it’s good”, only the good movies get remembered. It rarely happens that a movie that did bad at the box office becomes a cult classic on VHS, DVD, BLUE-Ray. usually they just get forgotten.

  12. Eee, I was so happy/relieved to find out that you didn’t only like this, you LOVED it! A lot of the time, when somebody _finally_ gets around to seeing a classic/super-famous movie that everybody keeps telling them “OMG YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU _HAVE_ TO SEE IT”…they end up underwhelmed, because of (a) the hype and (b) they don’t have the nostalgia for it.

    But Back to the Future is seriously one of my favourite movies of all time and, may I state, possibly one of the _best-made_ movies of all time. Everything works. Everything makes sense (in its own context), everything ties together, NOTHING is wasted, nothing is filler, and it’s…despite its dark bits, it’s somehow just adorable.

    Is it full of inconsistencies and paradoxes? DUH, it’s a time-travel movie! But it’s just so…well…done! The characters (Doc and Marty are seriously still two of my favourite chars ever), the humour, the drama, the sci-fi concepts, the funky time machine…and it’s weird how it can be _so ’80s_ while still somehow holding up today.

    It’s really wonderful to see that somebody who has no nostalgia for it can still not only like, but LOVE, the move _31 years later_. I mean, dude, in real life we passed the year that Marty goes to in the second movie…_last_. Year. Wow.

    The second and third movies are, indeed, inferior to the first…but in this case that’s not much of an insult, as the first was pretty much a classic straight out of the box. I still like them both; the second one is darker in tone and does more with the time-travel aspect itself, the third one is a bit more lighthearted and has an epic chase scene with a train. It’ll make sense in context. 😉


  13. “Biff can jump off a cliff!”

    Hey! You was a poet and didn’t know it! You made a rhyme every time! You created verse unrehearsed!

    The durable high school relationships thing: it was kind of realistic for the time period. It may not be the norm now, but it was back then.

  14. I know this won’t be super popular but I never saw why this movie was so revered. It’s fun and all but I it’s no where as good as Ghostbusters or Spaceballs. I would have seen back in the late 80’s when I was 7 or 8. But hey if so any people love it so much it must just not be my thing.

  15. “How can you be an actress on a movie review show and not have seen it?”

    I’ve been meaning to say – the only movies you’ve reviewed where I’ve really thought that are Jurassic Park and the Back To The Future trilogy. (At the moment, your list goes up to Blazing Saddles; maybe you’ll hit something else ‘essential’ soon.) The rest have had varying levels of ‘maybe you should’ve seen it, but it’s okay if you’ve missed them ’til now’. (It’s also really cool that you’re filling those gaps!)

    This is from somebody whose technically seen all the movies you’ve reviewed. (I say technically because of them I saw a long time ago, and have totally forgotten them, but know I’ve seen them.)

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