Balto – 1st Viewing

Doug and Rob finally show their first reactions to a movie they review for Nostalgia Critic. Thankfully, Balto wasn’t that bad, but it still leads to a lot of laughs.

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  1. Devil's Advocate

    about Steele not showing up a lot on villain lists, TV Tropes does list him as a Complete Monster, the most evil and lacking in any redeeming qualities type of villain.

    but Steele wasn’t going out of his way to kill the kids, he was just a sociopath who didn’t care about anything but his fame and reputation.

  2. I kinda like this. Make this a series. LOL

  3. I was laughing outloud along with you guys. If you can figure out how to make the clip free reviews more like this that would be fantastic.

  4. I would love to see more of these. I actually think this might be funnier than the review itself. As long as you still do real thoughts as well, I’m all for it.

  5. The Real Silverstar

    This was fun. It was like an unscripted Rifftrax/MST3K. It’s interesting to see what ends up in the NC review. If you guys feel like doing more of these, I’d be up for it.

  6. thatchickwithlonghair

    You’re funny. 😀 Do more.

    (I also thought it was so funny Steele can’t turn around without showing his teeth XD “RAWR EVIRRRRRL)

  7. That was a fun little insight. I did wish that you touched on the animation, drawings, backgrounds a bit more in the actual review though. I felt that relegating the “final thoughts”/wrap up bit at the end to a skit/sketch kind of did a disservice.

    Still, looking forward to more of these.

    • Have to agree. It would be nice to see the reviews return to a more balanced format, where praise is given where necessary (shocked that he didn’t mention the beautiful artwork during the review, or even the film score for that matter), while critiquing parts of the film that are indeed weak.

  8. I really enjoyed this, as long as it doesnt hinder you guys please keep this up, ive always wondered what it was like for you guys watching these movies for the first time

  9. What? Not one Phil Collins joke in the first viewing. There is a reason they felt so forced in the review then I guess.

  10. Even though Enemy At The Gates came out in 2001 as in nearly six years later because while Balto came out in December of 95, this came out in May. I’m a little surprised you guys know that movie, but pleasantly surprised, good. More Americans should know about the Soviet-Russian VS Nazi-German Invaders at the biggest and longest of World War II on our Eastern Front. August 15 1942 to February 2 1943, even though the main focus is a fictional sniper duel between Vasily Zaitsev and Erwin Konig. Bob Hoskins was playing Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev and his performance although a little exaggerated was spot on and his accent was fine enough for a Central Russian or Eastern Ukrainian. Here Boris “Goosinov” the Snow Goose had most of the lines of dialogue and he hardly ever shuts up. Balto is just the bland, good-hearted, hero who instantly falls in love with a red foxy female husky.

  11. You didn’t mention or realized I think that Steele is or was voiced by Jim Cummings, you know the greatest American cartoon voice-actor the world has ever known. But you guys can be such obnoxious and heartless shitheads in your reactions to and other movies like these when they’re are nearly death or serious scenes. Please stop or tone down your heartless, annoying jackass laughter, shitheadness when you see nearly dying children even if they are animated or cartoony looking in general because it’s not their fault for the way they are. Show some respect you hysterically laughing hyena jackass bros.

  12. This was awesome. I would love more.

  13. I really liked it you should really make it a series and please make the videos longer

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