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This film has grown a large following, but despite it being beloved, are there a FEW things that might be off about it? The Nostalgia Critic reviews the animated movie Balto.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Aww cute dog

  2. I never liked Balto, it was so boring.

  3. I rewatched this movie a while ago and yeah it’s not AS good as when I was a kid. The animation could be kinda choppy some times, the story is cliche and such.
    But it still had that heart that I remember and it’s a good adventure. I wouldn’t call it great but I think it’s pretty dope.

  4. I felt the crappy house mother bits were unnecessary.

    • Not to mention the Phil Collins jokes, First one was ok but the others were just pandering and not even funny.

      • The way Phil Collins’ music is used in “Tarzan” is the exact same way Randy Newman’s music is used in “Toy Story.” They both vaguely explain what is going on in the character’s minds through song even though the visuals pretty much tell you what’s going on already. I’m honestly very curious why Doug only ever seems to harp on Phil Collins for doing this and no one else. I would genuinely love to hear what he would have to say regarding this.

    • That’s the exact joke, actually. They’re making a parallel to how the live action parts of the movie are completely unnecessary to a movie about talking cartoon animals.

    • I guess that’s a biggest problem with sketches in NC’s reviews. Most of them are just unnecessary and feel like filler, mostly because they commenting just on one thing in movie, but dragging for several minutes.
      We get the point after first bit of it, there is no reason to cut from actual review and repeat same point over and over.

  5. eh that’s how I remember Balto. corny, but pretty and had heart even if it wasn’t fully historically accurate.

    Still, i have mixed feeling about the Suicide Squad event. First off, why a clipless review? the movie has been out for MONTHS on DVD. there is no point to it unless WB were going to bring the hammer down on copyright. I just don’t see the point. If it came out recently, I would perfectly understand, but no. There is no reason to do a clipless review version of Suicide Squad. I guess at least you can act the scenes out better when you have the source material

    • Because the Critic kinda does that to big budget movies that were either very controversy for the critics or had mixed reviews causing quite a clashing of opinions? Besides, come on, it’s going to be hilarious, thats guaranteed.

      • his clipless reviews are more hit and miss. Sometimes he makes a good one like the Pixels review or the Ghostbusters review, but then you got ones like the Phantom of the Opera where he pretty much explained every single joke in every single sentence..

        • The Real Silverstar

          This is a live event, not a clipless review. They’re 2 different beasts. It would be hard to incorporate clips into a live event, unless it was going to be a live riffing like what Rifftrax does.

  6. But….but…..Suicide Squad won an Oscar! Just Like Super Mario Bros won a Saturn Award!

  7. Also, Jim Cummings; say what you will about the main antagonist, but Jim’s performance is awesome as always.

  8. And yes we get it. you don’t Phil Collins…you don’t need to rub it in the face of everyone. I’m more of the guy that doesn’t like or hate Collins, but we get it..

    • That wasn’t the point. It was about his music in movies explain what you are seeing, even though it does not need explanation, like Newman’s music in Toy Story.

  9. That ending to the review was HILARIOUS! I always figured the two awful grown-ups were horrible people, BUT DAAAAAAM!!!

  10. Wait, Rob is going to be involved in a live review of a DC movie? Live, as in there’ll be no internet connection between him and the audience to protect him when he starts attacking them for liking it? This may just be worth the price of admission! About how long do you suppose before he gets his head kicked in?

    • Clearly you don’t know the difference between real-life and the internet. People aren’t going to go to a live screening they’ll know they’ll hate!

      Also, not that many people come to the defence of Suicide Squad as a lot of other movies people disagree with the Nostalgia Critic on. At least not wholesomely. I myself see it as a bad film that just happens to have enough entertaining aspects that makes it watchable.

    • Well, see, that’s where internet and real life don’t match up. Your rights end at the beginning of the other person’s nose. So don’t make threats against specific people in real life and a specific time and place, boy, because that can be construed as illegal harrassment.

  11. I remember…..wait how, I don’t remember watching this.

  12. I actually remember seeing Balto being advertise on TV, but since it wasn’t by Disney, I passed on seeing it, even to this day.

    ACTUAL LEE, the movie “Steel” starring Shaquille O’Neal is based on the DC Comics superhero of the same name.

    For the child size coffins, all I have to say is “A FAMILY picture.”

    Are you calling “Brave” a BAD movie? I recently saw that movie for the first time, and I actually liked it. At least you mentioned “Norm of the North” as a bad movie.

    Steel wanting to stop the medicine going to the kids is like Fake-President Trump wanting to shutdown Obamacare. BTW, love the Steele Spicer joke you already put in this review.

    No matter how much you bitch about the DC Extended Universe, Doug, I will still be a fan of it, and am looking forward to Wonder Woman and Justice League.

    I also find the addition of “Dog Jesus” really farfetched.

    Thank you, critic, for telling your viewers that Balto pulled a Patch Adams on the audience.

  13. Omg, you’re reviewing one of my childhood favorites~ Curious to see what ya think.

  14. thatchickwithlonghair


    …..okay, the Steele cartoon was very funny.

    I love Balto’s face when the avalanche comes; it’s literally a painful “Oh….goddamnit.” XD

  15. Fun fact: One of my lecturers in college was an animator for this film.

  16. Devil's Advocate

    I actually liked the sequels.

    and why can’t BOTH Togo and Balto be regarded as heroes? I think they are both regarded as heroes now but that was kind of immature of the Togo supporters back in the day wasn’t it?

  17. Holy shit, Critic.

    Funny to see you use a FullMetal Alchemist reference, but holy shit on the choice. That’s legitimately Nightmare Fuel there.

  18. I love Balto and still enjoy watching it today also I laughed so hard at the ending with Chester ^^

  19. Also, props to the late-James Horner for scoring the film.

  20. The ending with Chester was hilarious!

  21. Holy shit! A player that actually works for me the very day the video is posted. 😀 It’s a miracle.

  22. I reviewed this movie a couple of weeks ago. A true classic indeed. Here is the link for my review:

  23. I didn’t get this joke:

    “But Melissa-” – “Stop calling me that!”

    What’s the joke? Why would someone mistake Steel for being called “Melissa”?

  24. Wow! The history was…really dreadful and the movie…growing up with lies sucks!

  25. Now we’re talking nostalgia! I remember seeing this on Cartoon Network on its Saturday movie times, along with Iron Giant. Looking at it now, sure it might not have be supposed to be great now, but I guess there was charm to it when I was a kid.

    I knew those parents weren’t great parents, but goddamn them all to hell! Well, at least Chester is now a mama!

  26. Well, it’s about time!

  27. “… And Fullmetal Alchemist Spoiler!” That is so eerie. I literally just finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist earlier today, and Doug makes a FMA reference in his review…

    • There’s, like, 500,000 jokes about that on the Internet. I never even watched a full episode of “Full Metal Alchemist” and I know what he’s talking about. I think everyone makes jokes about it because they’re still too disturbed by it. Humor DOES always help to water those things down.

      • That’s not really my point. I was just weirded out that Doug has never made a FMA reference before this review, which was posted the very same day I finished watching FMA. It’s one hell of a coincidence is all.

  28. Chester is going to be the best momma ever

  29. I remember watching this movie…because my class at the time was learning about the Iditarod Race which is much more interesting then this mess. It could have been a fun movie were it not for the fact that this is based of real events. It’s like Pocahontas there some historical events that just don’t translate well into kid movies…not without insulting the intelligence of the kids in question. Oh and also we get it you don’t like Phil Collins. The first one was funny but other was a bit much.

  30. I wanted to see Balto when I was a kid, and I eventually did a few years ago. At least it’s better than Amblimation’s other films. I love how the review’s intro references the intro of this movie. The film also deviates from the fact that Balto wasn’t really part-wolf (and didn’t father any puppies). Now that you mention it, Steele DOES seem like an exaggerated dog version of Scar. And the white wolf is supposed to be Balto’s mother.

    A more accurate take on the story would have made Balto an ambitious, energetic character yearning to help ol’ Togo on the latter’s sled journey despite not meeting some requirements… or something…

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