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The story of Rufio is finally revealed, and Nostalgia Critic sees if it lives up to the awesomeness that such a character deserves!

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  1. What’s with the video quality (the lines of dots)? Is this gonna be replaced tomorrow on youtube? And I can’t wait for commercials!

  2. That was honestly quite charming, and the ending was hilarious. Dante Basco does seem like a nice guy, for sure!

  3. ok very short and funny just i Can’t wait for commercials and i hope it’s as funny as the fifth one

  4. bangarang wasn’t suppost to be a song played by skrillex??

  5. Vincent the Pug Master

    Since you dont age in Neverland, does your hair still grow?

  6. Blaze The Movie Fan

    This must be one of the shortest Nostalgia Critic episodes excluding editorial.


    I didn’t even know this existed.

  8. The critic’s views on movies like this shows why I do not take them that seriously. I loved Hook, too, but the critics don’t. I love Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but the critics don’t. You could probably sum up this whole argument with “People like me like to think positive and open minded, but the critics don’t.” Sorry, but that’s the type of person I am, because I’m afraid that if I go negative, I would have a Fox News style attitude.

    Nice callback to Suburban Knights.

    The “Jared Leto mailing condums” thing was recently revealed to be false.

    5:24- No joking here, but I also have dreams where I fly. Does anyone else?

    Thank you for this unexpected treat, Dante Basco. Have fun reviewing commercials next week, Doug.

  9. God damn it Basco, you’re in your 40s. Will ya fuckin’ age already? You look like your about my age and I’m fuckin’ 25!!!

  10. Loved Hook as a kid, and still enjoy watching it! Having seen “Bangarang,” I agree with the criticisms. It’s fun seeing Dante and the Critic make a video together! 😀

  11. now I kinda wish somebody like amazon or Netflix would make a series on Peter Pan, just purely based on whats inside Neverland, as if it was before the book.

  12. My sister got to hang out with Dante Basco recently as she happens to know the guy who’s making another Rufio short film called Hook: The Return of Rufio. I believe you can find the teaser on youtube. As the title suggests it takes place after Hook and involves Rufio returning from the dead. The premise does sound intriguing.

  13. How did Dante Basco’s voice never changed in the past 20 years ?

  14. It misses the point of The Lost Boys by a country mile. The Lost Boys are boys who have fallen through the cracks of society; “They fall out of their perambulators and no one picks them up”. The character of the short has many supports, even in times of sadness; We don’t even know what the foster home he was going to would have been like.

    Due to the relationship that Rufio had with Peter in the film and his dying line, we know that movie Rufio was extremely let down by his own father, and so the deadbeat dad should have been central to the plot of the short. He should have been a lead character.

    Movie Rufio goes to Neverland angry; Short Rufio goes to Neverland triumphant: Another central point pole vaulted over. How can short Rufio learn and grow out of anger he doesn’t have?

    This short is a cute passion project but is not a well-written, or well thought out, companion piece.

  15. I’ve never heard of this before! O.O This would be great to watch right before you watch Hook.

  16. Wow, this was used on Vimeo! That’s a much easier video format than the other one. I knew Dante Basco would appear in this. I never heard of this short film. It certainly looks nice. RIP Robin Williams.

  17. I’m not getting something — Rufus’s mother has to go back to the Philipines, and her son’s going into foster care for adoption? Why isn’t Rufus going with her? That makes no sense — or is there some BS with immigration laws that I’m not understanding here?

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