Barbie: Star Light Adventure – Midnight Screenings

So this happened.

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  1. You survived your first CGI Barbie movie Brad, now mighty heroes rest from your weary battle……

  2. One day, a theater guy’s gonna recognize you (Brad) and ask for an autograph. ^^

  3. When I saw the title of this video, I had to see it. LOL. Actually, the last Barbie movie I saw was Barbie: Swan Lake, I think. I was 11, I think. Oh, and I remember that Spill Oogielove review. So hilarious!

  4. As someone who has never seen a Barbie movie in his life, you actually made this film sound interesting to me. Of course I wouldn’t touch that with a 39 and 1/2 foot pole, but I did make it through your video.

    I guess it was considerably less weird when I saw Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks in theatre. I guess one advantage to the later films not releasing in theatres is that it’s considerably less awkward that way even though I totally would see them in theatres if that was still a thing. I definitely wouldn’t see a Barbie film though. Good on you for entertaining us by seeing it and describing it to us.

  5. I actually ended up working on a Barbie movie last year, Barbie and Her Sisters: The Great Puppy Adventure, which proved to be an interesting experience. I was just doing storyboards, but I felt really bad for the girl I sat next to who was in charge of designing the look of Barbie and her siblings. Her initial designs actually looked like human beings, but the higher ups at Mattel kept requesting more and more revisions. by the time i finished on the project they looked like weird aliens, with really far apart eyes..I don’t know what they were thinking.

  6. I used to do drinking games for Barbie movies with my sister. Barbie in Princess Power was the first movie we couldn’t even make it through with hard alcohol. Haven’t touched a Barbie movie since then. Thing is: Barbie movies used to be at least pretty to look at. And that was all I expected from them. But from Princess power on, the production values have been lowered to a point where they are just HIDEOUS.

    Edit: I should probaly mention that the premise of the Barbie movies is that Barbie is an actress playing out these different roles. So she’s not actually living on Pandora 😉

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