Barney’s Great Adventure – Nostalgia Critic

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So it’s come to this, the Barney the Dinosaur movie. After years of people asking, NC is out to discover why we all hated this purple abomination so much. The Nostalgia Critic review’s Barney’s Great Adventure.

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  1. First!……yeah, I got nothing. >_>

  2. Typed during the theme song: I hope this is as funny as your Thomas the Tank Engine review.

    The rest of the review: I was 4 when I watched Barney so I obviously loved him. I stopped watching him when I was 9 or 10. Although, I didn’t remember seeing this until I heard the intro song. I didn’t find Barney creepy because he was purple but I do as an adult, have a fear of certain eyes. I may or may not get Hello Fresh. Also, as a Seahawks fan, 28:56 was awesome.

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