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Don Bluth has made some great films, but does Anastasia’s comic relief fall in that category? Critic looks at the odd little spin off that takes flight in Bartok the Magnificent.

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  1. Kelsey Grammar and Hank Azaria in a movie together. How did you resist doing a Simpsons joke?

  2. I’m surprised that this wasn’t a “Was that Real?”. Although, this wouldn’t have appealed to me of a kid since I’ve never seen Anastasia.

  3. The dragon transformation scene is one of the most hilariously perfect examples of “when a creator’s kinks leak into their work.”

  4. I was quite fond of Anastasia when I was younger, but I never saw this as I just assumed it would be like most other direct to video/DVD sequels. Thank you for showing me what I missed.

  5. Huh, that’s actually pretty cool of Don Bluth to do some actual research on Russian folklore for this movie. That Baba Yaga really really does live in a hut on chicken legs and flies around in a giant mortar-and-pestle. And that she’s not an evil witch, but more like “chaotic neutral”, who is just as likely to help the main hero as she is to hinder or even eat him.

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