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Dark Knight Month begins with Batman Begins! After the franchise was nearly destroyed cinematically, how did Nolan get things back on track?

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  1. I’m actually not to fond of the origin in this movie.

    After his parents death, Bruce was supposed to vow he will spend his life waring on criminals. That’s one of the things that makes him unique. While many superheroes have their destiny thrust upon them, just get powers and immediately get into trouble, Bruce spent about twenty years preparing for it. He’s supposed to be the professional superhero. Personally, I prefer it that way. You can argue whether that’s a better origin or not, but that’s his character.

    In this movie he’s a lost soul who wastes his youth, joins a cult, and at least pulls it together when they order him to kill a guy. He’s like the version of Batman who skipped classes, then crammed before the final exam, and kinda got by.

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