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The Last Angry Geek joins the review of one of the strangest Batman movies made. Some have a soft spot for it, but is there really anything of worth?

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  1. This is the second movie you reviewed after I reviewed it. If you like to see my Batman Forever review, here are the links to the review:

    • Dude, just because you reviewed it first doesn’t make all subsequent reviews… like a copy of yours.

      Just because you reviewed it first, doesn’t give you the right to advertise on someone else’s video.

    • – Sees publish date is four years ago-

      Really? He probably didn’t even know you existed until now, yet you’re trying to claim “this is the second video the NC reviewed after yours”?

  2. Spiderman (The Red Lobster) at the end has got me wondering if you’re gonna review Rami’s spiderman at one point now…

  3. The heck is tha “Poop like a champion today” sign in the intro ?

  4. Batman Forever tends to get forgiven because Batman & Robin is far worse. It’s just that while not as bad as Batman & Robin, Batman Forever is also bad movie and nothing can change that.

    • Agreed 100%

      I think it gets overlooked for a number of reasons:

      – 1995 was a strange year in pop culture, it was sort of the in-between the early 90s artsy dark grunge era and the zany carefree late 90s. In a way, this movie was a herald of things to come.

      – America was in love with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones in 1995

      – There was tons of hype and promotion for this movie, U2 and Seal had smash hits on the soundtrack

      – It made a ton of money.

    • Well.. I did see this movie as diminishing of quality after great (for 90’s) first movie and slightly too dark but still awesome second movie. But it still was “good enough”. Take a note that it was in times when trilogies weren’t really a thing, so people would expect diverse quality from movies. But Batman & Robin? They simply did go too far to point that even kids didn’t threat it seriously basically killing movies, especially compared to great Batman TAS (what is still best non-Dark Knight version of Batman).

  5. Well… I think I dislike this vimeo-whatever thing.
    Just can NOT seem to make it work, at all. Infinite loading of death. Siiiigh…

  6. I don’t think Forever was ever for adults.

    Also, did I just saw fucking sammyclassicsonicfan????

  7. How many spiders have red, you say? Check out this site, you may find it stimulating:

  8. While I admit the movie doesn’t leave much impact, I have a soft spot for the novelization by comic book writers Peter David and Alan Grant.

    Two-face is written pretty serious with Riddle now being only slightly comical, Bruce’s flashbacks to his childhood and the questions about his role as Batman are more complex and they leave out most of the lame one-liners. They also manage to fix some questions in the plot. That crime Bat’s never gets to after leaving the mansion…is now the fake call Chase gave to sweet-talk him on the roof scene and Two-Face tries to kill him on the way back. His first meeting Nigma is pushed forward with the call he responses to being the back robbery that opened the movie. The book opens at Arkham with the discovery of Two-Face’s escape from his cell, so the asylum bookends the story with the original ending in tact.

    It’s still got some problems (like padded scenes of Batman sent on a wild-goose chase trying to track the robbery due to the Riddle somehow managing to scrabble his computers from a distance(?), but overall it make the story a lot better.

  9. Well, at least the soundtrack is good, right?

  10. Batman v Superman is still better than Batman Forever.

    4:54- Yeah, I remember seeing this scene in that McDonald’s ad weeks before I saw this movie in theatres on opening day, and I ALSO thought it would just be used for that commercial. God, were we wrong, but it’s still better than “This is why Superman works alone.” (BTW, I used to own the Robin and Riddler glass cups they were giving away.)

    5:55- Why, Tommy Lee Jones. Just why? You won an Oscar for The Fugitive, and I saw THAT film long before this film started production.

    Thank you so much for the Ackbar “IT’S A TRAP!”

    The Statue of Liberty is suppose to be the Lady of Gotham statue. It’s a Gotham landmark. It’s even featured in Batman: Arkham Knight.

    12:21- Wow, that clip would work great as a running gag on Atop the Fourth Wall.

    The Schumacher Batman films show why Gary Oldman and JK Simons are better Commissioner Gordans than Pat Hingle.

    21:28- I’ll stick with King T’Challa of Wakanda on the cover of Time Magazine, thank you very much.

    23:27- Fun fact, that’s the wife of Bob Kane, the co-creator of Batman.

    29:38- Don’t forget about also being attacked by Doomsday.

    32:53- Thank you, Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (BTW, he was in a deleted scene that was set in the beginning of the film mentioning Two-Face’s escape from Arkham.)

    • Speaking of famous cameos………
      21:35 Sorry, O’Donnell. You’re “Never Gonna Get It”.
      (You know, because that’s En Vogue, and they sang…. Oh, you get the idea.”)
      21:57 Don “The Dragon” Wilson
      (Kick-Boxing champion and star of the “Bloodfist” franchise)

    • Are you a idiot? In 90’s live action superhero movies still were campy and Burton for the first time break that with weird but slightly (stress SLIGHTLY) more serious Batman 89 and Batman Returns. Batman Forever was diminishing in quality with some campy moments but Batman still was a Batman. Yeh he turn Riddler and Two-Face in joke but for that time scene when they blow up Wayne mansion was great. Even Robin wasn’t that bad (for 90’s). Hell! I even would say that Batman and Robin wasn’t that bad, because even if I hate it it was simply a throwback to campy style of that time especially Adam West.

      But BvS? It is simply huge dump on DC franchise not only Batman fans hate for him acting like crazy idiot (from cinematic adaptations TAS is still the best). It is even hated by Frank Miller Batman fans as despite them liking his insane Dark Knight version from Earth-31, The Dark Knight Returns has at least basic understanding of dynamic between those characters and even Miller wasn’t stupid enough to make Batman win by force as he died in the battle (yes, he fake his death to make his point but still).

      Seriously. No one who isn’t edgy teenage murder-porn fanboy who mistake Batman with bad 90’s knockoff of Punisher (who at least is recognized as antihero or villain depending on situation, who simply kill worst then himself and only hardcore criminals who generally shoot first) could not hate this movie. At least even if in Watchman Snyder mistake parody of right-ism made by extreme left-ist with the real thing (because it isn’t far from truth as well.. most of them are imbeciles) he keep core points and copy-paste scenes to make whole thing be coherent. But BvS? Ugh.. so utter trash!

      Even speculations of fans about Bizzaro or Mattalo, or at least them pretending to hate each other to reveal Lex plot would have more sense! And I don’t even mention how they screw Superman! Who despite flaws still was possible to save after MoS, but not anymore with his incompetence from that movie. Whole thing forced DC to make whole campaign to retcon this movie, what still is a shit, but at least it has more comic-logic sense. Specifically with using yellow-lantern powers to brainwash humanity by Alex Luther pretending to be Joker Junior (joke). Still DC shamefully is in early 2000’t when everyone else go beyond black skin suits, pouches and belts.

  11. It’s definitely not good. Plus, the whole thing is thematically inconsistent and everything else makes is meh. I mean, Two-Face is supposed to be a composed, calculated bad guy with a love for duality and chance, but here, he’s wacky and thinks half and half looks cool. Riddler’s feats of strength are also inconsistent like he’s unable to punch a man, yet he was later able to pike his staff in the Batcave’s STONE FLOOR!!!!

    It’s definitely no Batman & Robin, but it was the downfall of Joel Schumacher, which is a shame. Apparently, one of his better films was Falling Down.

  12. I liked this movie more than Justice League. Fight me.

    • Why? It was worst from trilogy but it still wasn’t that bad for 90’s what were Dark Age of comic. Justice League is best from DCEU shitlogy but in comparison to competition it is still uber-turd.

      Take a note that with exception of the The Crow and other Batman movies it didn’t have competition (I don’t count The Mask as it was comedy). What other superhero movies come out in 90’s? Shitty Steel? TMNT trilogy? Crappy Captain America? Barb Wire? Atrocious Judge Dread what was so bad that people ignored great remake from 2012? F*g Spawn? Tank Girl? Misguided The Shadow? Batman Forever was in fact still one of better comic movies of the 90’s.

  13. I think they named Nigma’s invention the Vox, not box.

  14. Surprised you didn’t include Jim Carrey’s speech from ‘The Cable Guy’ about the Information Superhighway during the scenes involving the Riddler’s box.

  15. NC: “How many spiders are red?”
    Me: You’d be surprised.

  16. Damn now Joel Schumacher cant team up with Lord Shamalyn, Don Bluth, Dante Basco, Ralph Bakshi and whatever’s left of Micheal Bay and Zack Snyder.

  17. Maybe i’m saying that since i’m gay: I’d love to have more directors look the same way at men than they do at women.

  18. Going by this review I think this movie holds up more than I thought. While I also remember the boring parts, I think I admire the production design, how is it this movie can look this weird and not being an assault of the senses like Alice in Wonderland?

  19. NIPPLES!
    Now that I have your attention, I have a feeling that “buffoonery” comment was what inspired this review to finally come out.

  20. I’ve seen some Batman Forever but never the whole thing. Also, OH! THIS is where “It just raises too many questions.” comes from.

  21. Joel was forced to make it that way by WB. Not his choice.
    Here are example from tvtropes:
    Unlike Burton, Schumacher is a life-long comic book fan and originally wanted to do a film version of Year One. He had Frank Miller’s help drafting a screenplay! But the executives at Warner Bros. wanted something that could be sold to kids.

    Author’s Saving Throw
    Though held to higher esteem, the Burton movies were criticized over how loose Batman was about not killing his enemies. One of the things this movie was praised for was showing Batman being more thoughtful about that, as he found himself becoming what he hated.

    Mis-blamed: Joel Schumacher is a big, big Batman fan and wanted to adapt Batman: Year One. It was the studio that forced him to go the Lighter and Softer route.

    Here’s a video explaining everything at 7:51:

    All that would have happened even if Joel wasn’t the director. WB would have gotten anyone to do it.

    • Considering that Snyder also was forced to turn something what was clearly meant to be independent else-world edgy version of Superman comparable to Nolan Trilogy into cornerstone of DCEU what was blatantly stupid, I totally can believe in that. Also people gradually stop hating Schumacher movies anyway. Yeh, they aren’t good but still those were 90’s.

  22. Wow, I’m surprised you reviewed this. I mean, as you mentioned, you did a whole Rifftrax on it. That seems like enough. I thought this movie was just okay. It would be hard to top your “Batman & Robin” review. This is over twice as long!

  23. Farts and dicks, farts and dicks…

    Game over, man.

  24. I do applaud Jim Carrey trying to channel Frank Gorshin there when playing The Riddler, he is not that bad, but he is no Frank Gorshin.

  25. I just realized Dr. Moridian and Dr. Quinzel have a lot in common. Psychiatrists, obsessed with a psycho who dresses wierd, played by a very attractive Australian, they could have actually studied psychiatry together.

    • There in fact could be connection. Harley was invented few years prior and become extremely popular TSA character to point that she was instantly adopted into comic. But as Joker died in the movies so Dr. Moridian totally make a sense as reference to her. Just Bat-man obsession instead of the Joker.

  26. thatchickwithlonghair


    Lol the itty-bitty ones that live on sidewalks are. xD Bright red.

    oh I guess they are mites. lol

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  28. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great review as always.

  29. Ok, please. It’s not as horrible as in the Dragonball Evolution review but… Fart noises are not funny. They’re horribly abnoxious.

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