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Walter, Aiyanna and Jim discuss Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero.

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  1. I really enjoy Sub Zero, especially because it has such a great happy ending that’s a well deserved resolution to Mr Freeze’s story until Season 4 of BTAS. Although I’m still gonna say Mask of the Phantasm was the superior BTAS movie.

    I also have to say that this movie really felt like it should have been in theaters because it REALLY doesn’t feel like something straight to video, but I heard the bad reviews of Batman and Robin kept it as a video only release which is a shame because this movie is epic enough to be experienced in a theater in my opinion.

  2. I didn’t expect to see Jim here. Besides that, I don’t have much to say since I’ve never seen this movie.

  3. I didn’t really think much of this one. It seemed like the most “unnecessary” of Batman movies…like this could have easily been just a standard episode but it was padded to be a movie. The worst part I hated was the overlong attempted escape sequence. You knew full well she wasn’t going to succeed because we couldn’t have that until Batman showed up for the climax, so I was left there drumming my fingers sighing and saying: “Just…recapture her already.” (Maybe they figured taking an excessively long time to recapture would mask the fact that Barbara was effectively a DID for this film…)

    On top of all that, Freeze didn’t feel as “sympathetic” in this one in spite of elaborate attempts to make him look more human in this appearance. (Doesn’t help that he has the single-largest Batman: TAS body count in the film’s first ten minutes because: “I have a bad affliction and that means it’s ok for me to be a serial killer.”) And this was in the day when animators awkwardly tried to shoot some scenes in 3D and blend with 2D animation.

    The worst part is that the whole plot felt like somewhat of a slower moving, lower key, and more bloated version of Freeze’s second appearance on TAS.

    Still…better than “Batman and Robin” (not like that’s a very huge achievement…), and until Freeze got pretty much (bleep)ed over by the TAS group to set up his finale in “Batman Beyond”, it was a fair note to go out on.

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