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The group discusses and reviews Batman v Superman on the first episode of Awesome Comics.

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  1. It’s finally here!

    I saw this on the YouTube channel the other day and I have to say this is a massive improvement over the original pilot of Pop Quiz Hotshot in nearly every way. I was expecting Doug as the NC to be the host back when you guys announced this, but the show is incredibly strong with the 4 new hosts who really bring a lot to the table. So I give massive kudos to Walter, Aiyanna, Bryan, and Heather for starting this show off strong and giving the Pop Quiz haters much less to complain about. 🙂

    As for Batman V Superman, I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be as bad as the haters said and I was neutral on Man of Steel. Sadly, I understood why the critics harped so much on it because it was a massive convuluted mess of a movie where Zak Snyder doesn’t understand the characters of Batman and Superman AT ALL.

    I’d say more, but my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet and I’m still grumpy from watching the movie.

    Excellent launch of the new show, guys.

  2. WHOO-HOO! I was waiting for this to arrive and I enjoyed it

  3. How does he not realize that Batman committing “manslaughter” is worse than murder? Murder I actually didn’t mind as much for the movie (I take issue with the guns because Batman is the NRA’s worst nightmare, but that’s a different matter). Murder is an act of either passion (caring too much) or coldly plotted and guided in Batman’s case by a desire for justice that he’s just taken it too far. Manslaughter is a crime of negligence or indifference. So either Batman doesn’t care about depriving children of their parents any more, or he’s failed in matters of planning, thus depriving children of their parents in his thoughtlessness.

    Batman being closer to murder and Superman being a boy scout who keeps him from the edge is normally part of their dynamic. It gives them someplace to go story-wise. Except that doesn’t work with this Superman.

    Also, “abandoned dockside buildings” just scream “places where the homeless rest their heads at night.”

  4. The movie sucked. The End

  5. And this is why group reviews (4 or more people) just doesn’t work for me. There is just too much rambling and there isn’t really a focus. I can’t really explain it but it’s just too much opinions.

    And that was also a really unnecessary spoiler for the next review on the end there. Now we don’t need to watch the next review because we already know your opinions about the Daredevil show.

  6. Hopefully the first of many episodes

    Good luck Awesome Comics!!

  7. Well, this is the perfect subject to start with. Also, I thought that this show was going to premiere on Monday? Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a prime example of a mixed movie, in my opinion. There’s slightly more good than bad but… there’s definitely bad. The first half an hour was mixed. I think they handled the Batman background stuff well. There were like three or four dream sequences that had little to no bearing on the plot. At some points, there were characters that knew things that they would have no way of possibly knowing. The movie was trying too hard to be dark and edgy. However, the action scenes were awesome. Most of the acting was good. The best part was Wonder Woman (I liked the outfit too) and the worst part was Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. I’m glad that you overall agreed with me. LOL. Lex Luthor was in the movie almost more than Batman or Superman if you think about it. If they had taken out the dream sequences and replaced it with scenes that repaired the plot holes in the movie and had less Lex Luthor, the movie could have been great. Oh, and there was no after-credit scene. What the heck?! But yeah, at first, I wanted to laugh at the Bat flying scene. The guy who plays Flash looks like a pothead. I’m sorry but he does. LOL. (SPOILER-ISH?) You didn’t talk about the plot holes though such as Lex knowing secret identities all of a sudden. Anyways, I think I’m going to like this show.

  8. Ignore the these sort shallow reviews that are so wanting they literally attribute their failure to pay attention to the film being as plot holes. See the movie for yourself and make your own minds you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.

  9. I liked this panel and video where you talked about the movie.

    I dont care for videos where you go to cons and interview people sorry.

    Totalbiscuit have a couple of videos about the popularity of opinion pieces vs interviews. Check them out they explain it.

  10. This was kind of annoying to watch. They didn’t really “get in” to much of it. And that Bryan guy was clearly biased from the get go. Really? The best thing he could say about the movie was EVEN the things everyone loved (all of them) he could only find as “ok”. Affleck was “…he was alright”. Gal Gadot was “ok”. I just didn’t buy it, it felt like he was against the film from before seeing it, and that’s not a review I want to hear. Everyone, even the worst reviews, all have something they actually liked.

  11. ”Batman VS Superman” – One of the biggest non-issue.

  12. I think I got totally the wrong message from this review.
    I spent most of it looking at the walls behind people’s heads and thinking ‘how many of those comics do I own?’ (I’m gonna be generous and say about half – in reprints for a few of those. Also, there were some I don’t recognise.)

  13. Here’s what I said in my review: I liked it, I didn’t love it, but I liked it.

    PS, I love the Supergirl series.

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