Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Sibling Rivalry

Is the movie really as bad as the critics say? Yes and no…mostly yes. Sigh, just see what Doug and Rob have to say about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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  1. I just hate Jesse Eisenberg so much.

    • The Mysterious M

      Yeah. Same here. He seems like a cool guy, but he’s a lousy actor. It seems to me like he went to the Russell Crowe school of acting. Every movie I’ve seen of his it’s the same thing; stone-faced, no emotion, and monotone.

      • The_Necroposter

        You know, there’s people who liked this movie, people who hated it, people who went “meh”, and then there’s me, whose only reason for watching this thing was Jesse. If I had the time and the means, I would stalk that guy, I love him so much (/fangirl). I really don’t get the hate – The Social Network, Zombieland, and Now You See Me, for example, are among my favourite movies, and he’s different in every single one (not to mention how cute he is).

        In BvS, to me, he was the only actually enjoyable thing. Everyone was so serious and miserable, and he at least was energetic and entertaining. Besides, his character totally had a point. The “heroes” were nasty pieces of work and complete arseholes whose death toll was in the tens of thousands. Just like the RedLetterMedia boys, I was rooting for him because he was the sanest person in that mess.

        To each their own, I guess. Whatever. * shrugs *

  2. Ugh, Jesse Eisenberg and having Batman kill people is what made me decide to not see this. To anyone that thinks it’s ok for Batman to kill people, I direct you to this:

    Batman not killing people or using guns is what separates him from not only his villains, but also other heroes like the Punisher (Yes I know he’s Marvel, still counts). If you make Batman the way he is in this movie, he’s just a boring, more whiny version of the Punisher.

    • Kid: Batman saved Superman because he made him good again.

      Go see the movie kid. Wonder Woman is the price of Admission alone! If you paid for @ least one Transformer movie in the Theater you’ll be fine. Don’t let film critics and Amazing movies owned by Disney influence your way of thinking. See it for yourself and be your own critic. Also there’s this little thing nobody seems to know about called Bargain Matinee! So you’re at least saving money on a movie you don’t like.

  3. The Mysterious M

    … I knew I was right in being more excited for Suicide Squad than this.

  4. (SPOILER COMMENT) Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a prime example of a mixed movie. There’s slightly more good than bad but… there’s definitely bad. The first half an hour was mixed. I think they handled the Batman background stuff well like Doug said. The three or four dream sequences that had little bearing on the plot could have been cut. The movie was trying too hard to be dark and edgy. I thought that all of the action scenes were awesome so I disagree with you guys. Most of the acting was good. The best part was Wonder Woman (I liked the outfit too) and the worst part was Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor was acting like the Joker for some odd reason. Lex Luthor was in the movie almost more than Batman or Superman. THANK YOU, Rob! Yeah, I was wondering how Lex found out Superman’s secret identity. I’m not a thinking type of movie goer so if I notice plot holes, you know it’s obvious! I had no issue with the bath tub scene though. Maybe Clark has a fetish? *shrug* Oh, and there was no after-credit scene. What the heck?!! That would have made the movie better for me. You could do that except instead of trying to cram a bunch of Justice League information in the movie itself that halts the movie. In conclusion, if they had taken out the dream sequences and replaced it with scenes that repaired the plot hole(s) in the movie and had less Lex Luthor, the movie would have been great. Sorry for the long comment. ^.^

    • I gave some thought to this and I’m surprised I haven’t seen this suggested anywhere, but in the video, it’s mentioned that Lex identified Diana using facial recognition when she used an ATM in Europe. Considering the dubious concern for Kal-El’s secret identity in MoS and the age-old critique of how flimsy his disguise is, does it really surprise you that he might have scanned Clark and got a match? I’m however more perplexed how he knew Bruce Wayne was involved almost like he knew he were Batman…???

  5. Ben Affleck is my favorite Batman so far or at the very least I want him to be. Hopefully he’s done justice in his solo movie. The scene saving Martha is my favorite Batman scene ever and nothing will change that.

  6. credits confirmed it was Jimmy Olsen

  7. Pretty sure that the extra footage for the rated R edition is just going to be a half hour of Goyer and Snyder raping our childhood. I would say that I’m interested to see how they work it into the movie, but I neither want to see this movie ever again, nor do I believe they know how to edit things into a movie.

  8. I’m a reader of the comics, and I liked the movie, but yeah, there are some problems with it. indeed the batman killing people, I had a big problem with and also the nightmares from batman were a problem for me, but besides that I liked it pretty much.

  9. I feel like Snyder would work better if he had another director working with him. Like one director doing the dialogue and performances, and Snyder directing the action and fight sequences, because that’s clearly what he’s best at. I feel like if Afleck had been directing it with Snyder the performances would have been a lot better.

  10. Guys, they’re fighting because they’re the same person….

    lol just kidding.

  11. …..55:56…..”There’s even more stuff coming on this,”…….gee I wonder what that obvious hint at yet another Nostalgia Critic in which he reviews a movie that is still currently in theaters by reenacting the movie while simultaneously making fun of it so you have no idea what is supposed to be satire and what isn’t via lame SNL-Wannabe sketches that are not at all even remotely funny in the slightest could POSSIBLY be hinting at……

  12. This movie made me think of a drunken genius author trying to make up a story on the spot.

  13. I worship Super Aquaman. Your Superman is a false prophet!

  14. To me, DC definitely went the Michael Bay path for their universe (so far). Looking at the reviews and the critics, any other movie’s box office would crumble or suffer… but not Transformers, and certainly not Batman Vs Superman.

    Plus, the trailers looked like the story made no sense (thanks for clearing this out in your review). They need to fire Snyder and Goyer (you think it’s because they have Y’s in both their names?). Snyder seems to have re-made “Sucker Punch” in its essence because: it was dark, it was visually interesting, gritty, not funny, boring, long, and certainly not a movie I’d care to watch again no matter the T&A they throw in.

    Here, BvsS seems to take itself way too seriously (even The Dark Knight had its lighter moments for good balance, but it never felt off track) and tries to establish waaay too much stuff up instead of keeping the FOCUS. In which case the story fell flat, the characters seemed dumb and the point of the movie was destroyed about 30-40 minutes in.

    The title is Batman Vs Superman… that alone should have been the movie. A character piece, studying two very different heroes, their impact on their societies, what good/bad they bring and having them clash in an epic third act where their ideals confront.

    DC still has Wonder Woman left to impress me, otherwise I’m out.

    I’m no critic, I’ve been reading DC for over 25 years now, but if they mess up with the WW movie, I feel like I won’t be the only one to call it quits.

    WW: I have hope.

    Suicide Squad: I have none.

    • I wouldn’t bet on it…the truth is that based on the earnings of Friday and Saturday, the predictions for this weekend was 1.7 domestically, but on Sunday the viewing numbers suddenly went down. My money is on the movie not having any legs, and considering how much Warner bros spend on this thing and the marketing it is still possible that they will barely break even.

      • I remember a movie that “barely broke even”… Superman Returns… which I found vastly superior to Man of Steel (I actually am one of the 12 people who just cherish this film).

        And you’re probably right about the box office, but do you think Warner will be much more cautious toward the sequels? Or will they simply be content with “anything goes” as it was with BvsS?

  15. You guys couldn’t even wait until the video started to be incredibly stupid, huh? You had to put the stupid bias trying sell your opinions as facts in the description? The critics being “right” in slamming the movie IS what you two have to say about it. It’s your guys’ OPINION that it’s bad, you’re not offering commentary on a scientific fact.

    And 2 minutes in, you trumped even that level of stupidity. No, comic book fans aren’t the ones who hate it. The movie was made for people who love DC like me, what people aren’t getting isn’t super intelligent and deep, it’s packed to the brim with references and homages. What people aren’t getting is that the biggest problem with the movie is that it’s more of a giant vessel of symbolism for love of Batman and DC stories than it is an actual movie.

    • Yeah, I remember all those classic DC stories where Batman and Superman were the same character with different powers, and Luthor was a tweaking fuckwit who couldn’t outwit a goldfish.

      It’s almost like the director only knows the Frank Miller stuff, and the writer hates comics – but what would be the odds of that…

    • It’s a review you simpering moron. The basis of this being their opinion and not scientific fact (how one would even try establishing the scientific badness of a movie is another question entirely) is assumed based on the format.

      And for the record. I am a comic book fan, and I did hate it.

      Now I’m not stooping to your level and calling you stupid because I disagree with your opinion, you can like the movie all you want, I’ll admit it has some good qualities. I’m calling you stupid because you’re splitting hairs on the Walkers stating their opinions on a movie and not immediately adding a disclaimer that “This movie we are reviewing is not objectively bad. This is our opinion. The scientific fact of this movie’s badness has yet to be established via empirical evidence.”

      As I said at the beginning: It’s a review you simpering moron. That this is their opinion is an understood fact going in.

  16. Right, right, Rob, it’s “grasping at straws” just because you liked the first 20 minutes that you can’t deny were amazing but then you need to be an apologist and appease the masses who are panning it? k.

    Tell yourself whatever you want, people who disagree with you aren’t idiots just because you say they are, admitting the part of the movie that was undeniably great was undeniably great does not prove you’re giving fair or proper criticism for the rest.

  17. So, are we looking at more of Rob insulting people on Facebook?

  18. Love the movie. Screw the highbrow critics and RottenTomatoes (the same morons that gave an 82% rating to Sharknado. …SHARKNADO).

    • Sharknado is at least self aware and so-bad-it’s-good. I mean, that movie was practically created and marketed as like a loose comedy and, to that end, it succeeds brilliantly and just gets more and more insane with each film. I mean, heck! This is a series where the third movie had a laser chainsaw slicing apart sharks in freaking SPACE!!! You can’t look at that and just still think it’s a serious movie trying to play things straight. So yeah, I can get an 82% on Sharknado and just because you disagree it doesn’t mean the entire website and any reviews that disagree with your personal opinion are just invalid. That’s just a stupid self-centered way to look at things overall.

  19. Figuring out Martha is Superman’s mother is not really that hard. It’s common knowledge and a joke that Lois Lane is protected by Superman in the movie. A little surveillance and we can find out Lois Lane is dating Clark Kent. Either Lois is two timing Clark and he is the biggest wimp in existence or this guy that looks really close to Superman IS Superman. Look into Clark’s past, and he has a mother. Also, the same research Lois did in the first movie to find him.

    Batman fighting Doomsday in Gotham isn’t that weird. He fought Superman in that warehouse because the entire area was empty. He also needs to get the kryptonite, which was last seen in Gotham. Superman was “killed” by a nuke and Wonder Woman hasn’t shown up. There’s no one to keep him on the island or go bring the rod to him. All he can do is force Doomsday to move to the kryptonite instead of leaving him for five minutes and letting him go somewhere occupied.

  20. Hey Doug, are you guys gonna do Daredevil season Two Vlogs???

  21. I hate this sullen, bleak hopeless Superman. Superman, hopeless. SUPERMAN?! HOPELESS?! NO!!!! That’s NOT what you do! Superman is a symbol for hope!

  22. I’m basically in the same boat as Doug here, the movie had a lot of mixed feelings. Twitchy Luthor absolutely did not work(not even the moments where he was supposed to be funny got any reaction from me), Supes and Amy Adams are trying to outdo BellaxEdward for the most bored, lifeless relationship, and as for Batman being a spree killer…..I don’t mind that he broke his code, so much as they basically copied the end of Man of Steel – taking lives without facing any consequences. In ANY OTHER MOVIE, Batman would not be able to budge an inch from his cave because the cops would be swarming the city for him. And if just steamrolling cartel thugs and mafia goons was so free of consequences, why the hell wait DECADES into his career before cutting loose?

    I think the biggest problem with this is the title – Dawn of Justice. I remember a time when it was just Batman vs Superman. If they had just stuck to that, and stop trying so hard to lead into Injustice(nevermind leading into Justice League), I think this movie could have been pretty strong. I agree the chick that played Wonder Woman was pretty great here, so she could have worked regardless of how the movie was set up, but I really think they played Jenga with their movie – and lost. SOME things were salvageable. But as it stands, I have absolutely no reason to sit through this movie ever again.

  23. I think Zack Snyder deserves a lot of the blame for the problems in this movie. I see a lot of things in this movie that could have worked if Snyder had just restrained himself and implemented the idea better.

    Like the whole “MARTHA!” scene. I get what they were trying to do. They established Batman as thinking Superman as some kind of inhuman creature who doesn’t care about humans, and that scene was supposed to make Batman realize that Superman was a person with a mother and people who care about him. And the revelation stays his hand because he can’t bear to take this life, he can’t take away “Martha’s” son.

    But everything is ruined by the fact that Batman has been shown killing people without remorse. Criminals are people too, with families and people who care about them. But how many sons and fathers have Batman taken away? So he must have gotten over that guilt. Batman clearly believes that it is justified to kill a criminal to prevent that criminal from being a threat in the future regardless of whether or not the criminal has families or friends or people who care for them. So why would learning that Superman is a person stop him from delivering the finishing blow? Batman still blames Superman for the destruction in MoS and he still believes Superman has the potential to be a huge threat in the future. Learning that Superman has a mother doesn’t change that.

    That scene would have had more emotional impact if they had established Batman as actually having a no kill policy. But since he thinks Superman is an inhuman monster, and that Superman is such a huge threat, he’s willing to violate the no kill policy this one time. Then when he learns that Superman has a mother and sees that Superman is a person, he’s shocked and realizes how close he came to breaking his most deeply held belief and is willing to hear Superman out. That would have made sense and it would have had some genuine feelings.

    • Yeah, Hollywood Batmen REALLY need to stop killing the bad guys, its one of the main reasons why Kevin Conroy is the best Batman, his version of the character does not murder people and stays more true to the comic book version of the character. A Batman who actively kills people is more like the Punisher or, worse, the Redhood than Batman.

  24. Would you guys please stop talking over each other.

  25. Doug, the man who made a career out of missing obvious things in films, dislikes a movie you have to pay attention to. Big shock.

  26. not only was that Jimmy Olsen at the beginning but THAT is who Jessie Heisenberg was originally supposed to play before Snyder said “NOPE You’re Lex now!” not kidding Snyder came out and revealed that…. oh and he was still gonna die purely for shock value

  27. They should have had Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Jesse Eisenberg as Jimmy Olsen. DC Films need to bring in Geoff Johns to supervise.

  28. What are you talking about? We all knew Irons was perfect to play Alfred. I never heard anyone rage about Gal Gadot, in fact, I remember people singing her praises.

    The things we all thought would suck were:

    1) Zuckerburg as Lex
    2) Doomsday Zod
    3) The Batman dick-sucking parts (Because, god forbid we give Superman the spotlight in his second fucking film.)

  29. I don’t know how it sounds in the movie, but when Rob sang Wonder Woman’s theme it sounded like he was doing Immigrant Song. (Led Zeppelin – but you guys know that, right?)

  30. The one problem I have with this movie was Lex Luthor (or Alex as they call him here). He was annoying as hell and I didn’t got why everyone even listened to him despite his lunatic tendencies (may I have access to Zod’s ship? Yup. And Zod’s Body? No prob dude lol). I also didn’t get why he hated Superman so much, it wasn’t hinted or explained.
    Also, I’m not a DC reader but I’m pretty sure Lex Luthor doesn’t look or act like that in the comics.

    Except that, the movie was good and I enjoyed it.

    • I loved Wonder Woman in this too and Jeremy Irons as Alfred. And Superman was okay, he was the boyscout hero you’re supposed to root for and who’s being more and more crushed by the big bad cruel world. (You really should add an Edit button on this website)

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