Batman v Superman – Nostalgia Critic

Angry Joe helps the Nostalgia Critic take a look at the crossover everybody wanted but nobody returned to see again.

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    • Well it was certainly entertaining for all the wrong reasons haha. It was fun to laugh at.

    • Old NC was way better than this sh*t. Wtf is Doug thinking with this acting crap? If he wants to act then Daredevil was awesome for it, good with with impersonations through clever satire…this re-enacting of movies is SH*T. So glad Angry Video Game Nerd came back last wekk

  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Bat credit card,I’ll kill you ,I’ll kill you, first To rockmanX3 ?

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Well at least I’m before you so ?

    • Oh, yeah. That is a thing now…

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      This video wasn’t worth all the hype. This is one of those NC reviews where I love the message and the morals talked about the movie in the end and there were good jokes as usually but it just didn’t do really anything. I don’t really feel anger or happy with it I just feel kind of confused and this is xong from a person who thinks the clipless reviews ranged from decent to awesome

      Other then that though,this charity deserves to exist and I looked up images of a jigger big online and there this tiny,tiny thing but it’s amazing the damage they can do to a persons feet. I certainly hope these don’t come to America cause if they got into my foot i’d be fearin for my life.

      Finally isint it ironic that next weeks editorial is about a time when critics were wrong about movies givin that I dont think BVS wasn’t as bad as people were making it out to be(the same way i feel about the new Powerpuff reboot on cartoon network tbh)!!!

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        Also I liked Wonder Woman in this movie too. Sure she’s in it for limited screen time but when she shows up in costume that was epic!!!!

      • brokeAsSexualChoclte

        seems like youre just a little hurt that they didn’t particularly like the film. hell, I’m with you. I didn’t think bVSs was as bad as I heard after seeing it. but that doesn’t mean it didn’t have the problems that I heard people complain about. movie was sloppy and very unfocused. imo id still recommend it, beecuase the good is very good but there is a lot of bad. tbh I thought this was one of NC’s best reviews in a while.

        • I’m gonna counterbalance you here. I DIDN’T like this movie. For the first five minutes Jesse Eisenberg was on screen, I felt like “Oh great, they’re throwing a soft nod to Ledger’s Joker, while they establish Luthor’s personality. Nice touch.” By the end, I was wishing for the Hackman Luthor, who just wanted to keep stealing money in real estate. I’d even TAKE S IV, if it meant I got him back at least.

          As far as the BvS…..where was it? Quite literally, every scene they had together, was a forced interaction by movie magic. Superman even schoolyard bully PUSHES Batman into a wall….while asking for his help? A bunch of kids standing around two others chanting “Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!” has less of a forced setup.

          The only two things I liked in the movie, were Affleck’s Batman(mostly cause it finally does away with any hint that Daredevil was somehow HIS fault. Actors don’t write the script fanboys!!!) and Wonder Woman. She at least, got a bit of mystery and air to her. Questions that were legitimately unanswered, positions that were resoundingly debunked for her, led very nicely into her standalone movie.

          I think NC and AJ did as much as they could with this movie. It wasn’t ALL bad, but there was far from enough to even call it good. It’s like a five pound stone in your path. It doesn’t do anything, doesn’t stop you, but it’s….just…there. For a movie that’s supposed to be setting up the DCCU, tying in to SS, WW, and the JL movie… shouldn’t be just a stone in your path.

        • MidnightScreeningsman2014

          Not really i totally get why they didn’t like it the review just really didn’t do anything for mw

  2. I thought the movie was good, but not great. It could have been better.

    • No, it was not a “good” movie.

      • People are allowed to have their own opinions, you know.

        • Yes. Which includes opinions of how other people’s opinions are wrong. See how that works? It’s an endless cycle of opinions…

          • It’s an endless cycle of opinions that don’t matter if you can’t state why so think so, back your opinion up, otherwise its sound like an angry toddler refusing veggies just cause .

          • Zartan The Destroyer

            The original opinion wasn’t backed up either.

            Neither are 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of fanboy or hater opinions and a large portion of those people are doing mental gymnastics in order to convince themselves to like or hate something.

            So goodluck on your reason and logic quests, it is drown in emotional static.

      • For anyone too stupid to not know this: Good is a subjective term. A person can not be wrong when they claim something is good, bad, best, worst, etc.

    • brokeAsSexualChoclte

      I didn’t think it was a good movie either. it has potential tho.

  3. only 25 miniutes? i expected at least as long as the MOS review oh well time to check this shit out

  4. Um, I actually saw this film four times in theaters.


    • One of the best NC’s this year and almost as great as the Mad Max review. I loved the banter between Bat Doug and Super Joe crushing the Batmobile. My favorite part was Trevor Mueller as Lex and his descent into insanity.

      The ending was surprising and I didn’t expect it. I was expecting it to end AVGN style 😛

      I enjoyed the 25 minutes of this review far more than the 2 millenniums the movie felt like it was. Great job to everyone once again. 🙂

  6. Why people should wait until the DVD release of Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice and rent it:

    1. 30% by critics.
    2. 69% drop off in second week of theaters.
    3. barely broke even in the third week of sales.
    4. Superman/Batman fanboys screaming ‘critics don’t get it’ or ‘You’re a Marvel fanboy’ that defend this movie.
    5. And then there are the crazy ways that Snyder defends the film like saying ‘The Force Awakens caused even more damage’ despite that being the villains known as The First Order caused that damage.

    YEP, it’s going to be THAT kind of movie.

  7. Marquise Mindfang

    Good review. I hated this movie after seeing it for wasting my time, but after thinking about it, the film has some good points.

  8. This was a hilarious review. NC and Angry Joe make a funny combination in essentially saying that the movie was middle of the road. I personally thought this was one of the best movies that I saw and I feel like this will set up a Justice League movie. It’s time for DC to pound Marvel. I myself did a review of Batman vs Superman. You can check it out on my YouTube channel, Mizzoulord 13, as well as subscribe and watch my other videos.

    • DC may have surpassed Iron man 2 and 3 and Thor 2, but it has a long way before it can hold a candle to the MCU. Suicide Squad is going to be that first step in my opinion, but I fear that if Synder continues the way he’s going, they’re going to fail. BvS has long term repurcussions that will deflate a lot of hype and tension in the sequels to come. The MCU had setup that certain characters may die, DCU has already wasted Superman. Things like that.

      • I would rather watch any of those Marvel movies you listed five times, than have to sit through BvS again.

      • I would rather watch either of those movies you listed before watching it again. In fact, I watched all of them multiple times, Iron Man 2 for the exploration of Tony’s daddy issues, Iron Man 3 because I actually like the Mandarin Twist and the sky-jumping scene is all kind of awesome and Thor 2 for Loki. My only hope is that the next two movies are not made by Snyder.

    • – Best movies? let’s just say in a nice way that each has their own opinion, but not everybody shares your opinion.
      – Will it set up the Justice League movie? Probably. I mean, it would be very weird and awkward if WB would suddenly chicken out of making the Justice League movies. Marketing-wise that would be a horrible idea.
      – Is it time for DC to “pound” Marvel? Yeah, no. If that is the purpose of the DC cinematic universe, it’s doomed to fail from the get-go. Because imitations always fail in comparison to the original. DC and WB are the best when they do their own thing, like the amazing Nolan trilogy. Or how Suicide Squad may end up being its own weird, but amazing thing.
      – Honestly, if “it’s time for DC to pound Marvel” is the catchphrase to get people to watch your channel, I doubt you’ll get a lot of new viewers.

  9. Oddworld Inhabitant

    Honestly, and I really hate to politicize this, but the main reason that I didn’t see this movie is it sounded way too Republican to me.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        I’d have to revisit my mindset at the time to remember all the reasons, but the ones that stick out are:

        1. It’s Zack Snyder doing an adaptation of a Mark Miller work with heavy influence of Christopher Nolan. Again, being honest, I already have my guard up from the word go.

        2. Neither Batman nor Superman ever reconsider their extreme stances on crime; it seems like the filmmakers think that either the Bat Brand is either commendable or not worth reflecting upon.

        3. Luthor is stripped of much of what might make him seem like a critique of Objectivism or capitalism; he’s turned into a half-Joker and half-Ayn Rand villain, who seems far more a critique of a government that would let him exist than a critique of big business.

        4. The moral of ends justify the collateral damage is still there; if anything, the movie seems somewhat peeved that we’re upset with Superman for saving the world.

        5. The concept that Superman or Batman should be in any way limited is treated as easily dismissible; keep in mind, Marvel is building a whole movie around that issue as it stands.

        6. It’s a realization that the other is like you in terms of humanity (i.e. Americanism), not in terms of shared ideology, that resolves the fight and brings the two together.

        I realize that a lot of these points are stretching it quite a bit, and I fully admit I’m biased, but, even if I’m a fringe wack-job, those are my thoughts on the matter.

        • Frank Miller, not Mark Millar. Mark Millar is the guy who wrote Kingsman, Kick Ass, and Superman: Red Son, all of which I would much rather watch.

          • Cory of PRIVATE Corp

            I was going to say that, but then again Mark Millar did write Civil War which is also coming out soon (at the time of this post), so there’s that as well. Kinda funny about that, isn’t it?

          • Oddworld Inhabitant

            Sorry. I’d edit it, but I can’t. Please don’t think I’m one of those surnameists who thinks all Millers/Millars are alike; I just got the names a bit confused in my head.

    • Republican? How the hell is it Republican? XD

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        See above. Again, extremely sorry if I sound like a crazed lib.

        • I am sorry for stupid questions (Im from Russia), but how is it bad nowadays to be a republican in your country? Not all of them are Trump or Cruz… And why is it so popular in USA (especially amongst young people) to support strong left-oriented economy, which has its own great flaws – overthetop social support in France and Belgium for example + real problems with migrants (I myself am a son of emmigrants from Azerbaijan and acknolege this problems) and reject some ideas on which your country stand?
          I do not want to sound offencive, it is just interesting to me (we have no politics here so…. I can only view campain and disputes in other countries :-)).
          Sorry for bad spelling as always, thank you.

      • I’ve actually talked to both Rob Walker and Lindsay Ellis about how DC & Marvel have been become a topical debate like political parties. Like an article fron Variety saying BvS is like Donald Trump. It gets Criticism but HAS FANS.

    • What??!!
      1) ok fine! Even I admit that there are similarities between The Dark Knight and the War on Terror. But to my mind, Nolan wasn’t justifying The Patriot Act (Licuous Fox nearly quit over it, remember) but to show that Batman is flawed, and an extremist. He is! As superheroes go, Batman is not very nice at all.
      2) Superman spend MOST OF THE LAST MOVIE in conflict about his own actions! Granted, you never see batman doing the same thing, but you can’t even begin to tell me the question “are Batman and Superman doing the right thing” isn’t there. It’d be easier to deny there’s water in Waterworld.
      3) He’s a young rich psycho who wants Kryptonite. I seriously have no clue what the hell you’re talking about.
      4) OK granted
      5) Dismissable??!! There was a trial and everything!
      6) uh, humanity and Americanism are not the same thing. America didn’t invent humans.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        1. Honestly, I really don’t mind Nolan or his philosophies; my main problem was with Snyder and Frank Miller (sorry for accidentally accusing Mark!) and their involvement. I mentioned Nolan more for his involvement for the occasionally heavy-handed critique of the Occupy movement as a puppet for anarchism in Rises than any critique of Dark Knight, which I felt handed the situation far better. However, it was not my best thought-out connection, and I apologize if it seemed liked I labeled Nolan a rabid conservative; I certainly did not mean to do so. Nor do I think that moniker necessarily applies to Snyder or Mil– well, maybe Miller, but I do think their movies do tend to slant a bit to the right.

        2. True, the question is there, but it’s answered with a definite “yes, they are” (with the possible exception of Batman, whose needless persecution of Superman might make him reconsider his hardline approach in the next movie, in which case I will reevaluate my view of this movie accordingly). And my problem was far more with Batman never reconsidering his stance than with Superman.

        3. What I meant was (and yes, I realize that this may once again be reaching) that it seemed to me like Luthor was stripped of much the critiques of capitalist and Objectivist philosophy that are present in his characterization elsewhere in favor of making him Joker, Business Edition. He does things because he hates gods and vigilantes, not because they’re interfering with his business, or diminishing the rest of humanity by their mere existence, or presenting an ideology of shared compassion and measured response that undercuts his company’s push for a hawkish, warlike agenda (all could be seen as critiques of Republicanism, all are, as I understand it, taken from the movie).

        4. Glad we agree!

        5. A trial that is interrupted by a angry disabled suicide bomber (this is reaching, even for me, but one could argue that that represents social activists who want to see swift justice enacted on the powerful instead of a measured investigation), and one whose issues aren’t really brought up again. Plus you’re mainly supposed to feel bad for Superman for being yelled at, and then for getting blamed when it all goes to heck. It’s sort-of discussed, yes, but then hand-waved away. At least, that’s how I understand it; as I said in my first post, I didn’t see the movie and am most relying on others reviews of it. If that has left me with a grossly mistaken impression or you feel disqualifies me from discussing it at all, fair enough; I’m just explaining why I chose not to see it.

        6. My point was less that all humans are Americans (they obviously aren’t) as that humanism is often used as code for Americanism in a lot of scifi fiction works (occasionally fantasy as well, but far more rarely there), and I personally feel that’s the case here as well, although others are of course free to disagree. It just seemed to me that the realization that this alien actually having a human, and human American, family and ties as proof of his deserving to live and wield his power seemed a bit… reductive, I guess? Like, if he only had significant ties to his homeworld, would Batman have just killed him, even if everything else was the same?

  10. Before seeing this movie, I heard a lot of mixed opinions, but I still went to see it in theatre’s and I’m kinda glad I did, the movie proved to me that Affleck can be an amazing Batman, even better than Christian Bale in my opinion. The movie felt broken and so rushed to stuff everything in that it forgot to even have a story. Lex Luthor was just beyond terrible, I would replace Jesse Eisenberg with anyone! Why the hell didn’t Snyder get someone as talented as Bryan Cranston to be Luthor? The movie was….eeehhhh..not great, not bad but just eeehhh.

    • Cory of PRIVATE Corp

      While Cranston would be good, wouldn’t it be great to see Clancy Brown on the big screen and acting as Luthor once again? I mean all you have to do is shave his head again, clean him up and boom, you got yourself Lex and it’ll bring in people who watched Superman the Animated Series in to give praise for the casting of Lex.

      Granted that probably won’t say the writing, but hey Affleck, Gadot and Irons worked with what they were given, right?

  11. The end of this review is probably its best part.

  12. This has got to be the best review I have ever seen! I’ve watched it twice now and I’ll watch it again (unlike the movie they are review).

  13. While I still hate Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, the modern reason for Lex Luthor’s hatred of Superman are primarily that he believes Superman stops people from trying to better themselves. Luthor has a better reason to like Batman then Superman for this reason, honestly.

    • You know what else stops people from trying to better themselves? Unleashing a genetically modified killing machine that wants to murder them all, and that manages to even kill a bunch of them while he’s being defeated. (Or are we supposed to follow the movie logic that a city the size of New York was evacuated in about an hour?) It’s funny that every time I see some new “motivation” for Lex, it is immediately debunked by his actions.

  14. “We WANT to see Batman and Superman fight-”

    Speak for yourself, man. I think the whole “Batman Fights Superman” thing is one of the dumbest trains of thought in comics and to debate who would win in a fight is missing the point of BOTH their characters.

    Like, them butting heads I’m great with, but them actually trying to kill one-another? Yeahno.

    Though A+ to Joe for saying why killing Superman at this point just doesn’t work. To quote a friend of mine: “This is only the second movie with this Superman. Most of us aren’t even sure we LIKE the guy.”

    • Well, it’s like they say in review… they’re differing ideologies. That’s why seeing them disagree is interesting. Bringing it to blows is the Hollywood side of things.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        It could be interesting, if their ideologies actually differed in the film.

      • Well even going as far as Frank Miller’s whole Batman and Superman fight in one of his books…

        Frankly, Miller starting THAT debate with a biased-as-fuck one-sided “Yeah Batman would totes win” comic is another reason I contemplate if losing Sin City is acceptable collateral for jumping back in time and convincing Miller to take up a different line of work.

        • I HATE Frank Miller and what he did to Batman! Excuse me for living but I prefer my comic book superheroes to be fun and people we could ROOT for! They’re COMICS! I don’t WANT to take them seriously! I just wanna have fun and enjoy them!

          I’ll take the Adam West version over ANYTHING Miller writes, thank you very much!

        • Yeah Batman didn’t win. He fought a Superman who was A) severely weakened by the EMP that shut off his powers from the sun B) had a kryptonite arrow shot into him, and it was STILL a draw with Batman having to fake a heart attack to not get destroyed.

    • I NEVER wanted to see Batman and Superman fight any more than I want Captain America and Iron Man to fight. I don’t want ANY of them to fight any ONE but the villians! The VILLANS are who they should be fighting, NOT each other!!

      And I DEFINITELY did NOT want Wonder Woman there or anywhere!! Why try to fix something if it wasn;t broke? I want Wonder Woman I will tune into ME TV on Saturdays at 8:00!!

      • I can’t say that I personally feel the same way as you, to me it’s all about WHY they fight. And in comics it’s almost become a traditional handshake when one hero meets another for the first time. From what we’ve seen from the Civil War materials so far it looks like they’ve honestly been given legitimate reasons to need to go against each other.
        For me the big difference is that the fighting in didn’t work in Dawn of Justice because I just didn’t care. It didn’t matter to me who won because there was nothing at stake. We knew neither hero was going to really die or cease their activities because a) we already knew they were going to fight Doomsday together because of first rate marketing, and b) we know that both actors are in Justice League and have long term contracts. In contrast, of the 12 heroes in Civil War, the only ones we KNOW are safe are Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Ant-Man.

  15. Maybe I’m really jaded, but I have almost zero emotion when it comes to BvS. I guess I’ve seen this happen too many times before with other properties to feel anything at all.

    It was an average movie. Some things really sucked, some things were really great. It’s the greatest “meh” movie of the year! That should be the tag line on the poster 🙂

  16. hilarious but

    1. should have been as long as MOS review aty least
    2. implied that there was anything good about the film which there wasnt

    • The Man of Steel review was longer because they were arguing points because they had differing opinions, whereas here they pretty much agree on most everything. There were good things about the movie. I’m willing to say the same as Joe. I’m glad that I saw it. But also, I’m glad I never have to again.

  17. This movie was doomed from the start. The Dark Knight Returns is the wrong comic to base the first encounter of Batman and Superman off of, it features them at the end of their careers and the ultimate tragedy of their battle is that they know each other so well over so many years.

  18. What Id like to know is why is this movie so blue?Why is Snyder so afraid to use the rest of the colors?Was his family killed by a rainbow and he fell into a cave of blue?

    • Because he had to continue the color washing from Man of Steel.
      It’s weird if you focus on the colors of Superman’s outfit throughout the movie and see it constantly vary between the classic colorful pattern, a bluer shade of it, and a totally greyed out mess.

    • The Dark Knight also used blue.

    • I do find it odd that DC has generally removed the color blue from the comics, yet its everywhere in the films. Did all the blue bleed from the terrible comics over to the terrible moves?

    • They want fans of Twilight to see the movie, so they use the color-palette of the original Twilight movie. Because obviously THAT was a work of art.

    • From the site (which I’m relatively certain Zack Snyder has saved as a Favorite) among the main meanings conveyed by blue in movies: cold, sadness and depression, conservatism, and faith.

  19. This is honestly one of the best if not the best reviews you have ever done. Really amazing. You guys are great, all of you, even the new guy in his first role in NC. Now excuse me, I’m going to watch that again!

  20. I actually had no problem with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. If anything, I think he played it rather well. Yeah, it’s not the plotting schemer that we usually see, but he wasn’t an idiot either. He made plans and backup plans to try and bring down Superman and even knew how to hurt him emotionally. Hell, I even love how unhinged he was. Like the second you pissed him off, he’s think of a million ways to kill you without even having to touch you. I thought it was cool.

    • How he enacted his plan, I thought was okay. But I’d rather it be carried out by someone I didn’t want to throttle. XD
      Like, stuff such as “the read capes are coming” and that “ding-ding-ding-ding” nonsense just screams fanfic levels of “evil with quirk” to me.
      He says stuff that the script-writer thinks is thought-provoking, or memorable enough to put on a shirt, and I just find it pretentious.

    • Nice analyzing, dude. That’s a good explanation.

    • But his plans and backup plans made no bloody sense. And there was no sense of danger from the guy, he was a joke from frame one.

  21. Lex looks like Martin Short from A Simple Wish. Anyway, I usually don like this style of review, but this one was pretty good. I’d say it’s my favorite of the non clip reviews.

  22. Congratz on what I consider to be your first somewhat successful clipless review!

    It’s clear that these are better experiences when you turn the video into a discussion piece rather than follow the clip review format but with your own attempts at satire.

    I think the fact that everyone was familiar with the source content helps this as a clipless review though. We understand the characters going in what you’ve shown us has more of an impact than if this were a clipless review of say Zootopia.

  23. In my opinion, this wasn’t necessarily a good movie, but it was still a fun movie. One of those shut-off-your-brain-and-enjoy-the-slugfest-type movies.

  24. good review overall doug! 🙂

  25. THERE IS A REASON WHY LEX HATES SUPERMAN! He just kinda hates God in general. Superman is someone that Luthor sees as a god.

    • Wow, this review captured my feelings on this movie very well.
      It’s a horrible mess in terms of story, but there are some moments that make it sure I’m happy I’ve seen the movie as well.
      It’s just that… well, it could’ve been a much better movie.
      Overall, I must say I enjoyed this review more than I enjoyed the actual movie. 😀

    • Exactly, and as it was said in the comics, before Superman’s first appearance, the biggest name in Metropolis was Lex Luthor. And after Supes became part of the public eye, Luthor became jealous, and wants to do everything in his power and money to destroy him.

    • I did hear that, to which I say that I don’t think Luthor needed a case of “Hollywood Atheistic Rage Against Heaven” to translate into hating Superman.

  26. I really wish Snyder could stop pretending he cna beat Nolam. He can’t pick a hero like superman and make him depressive and whiney, he can’t pick a simple plot of two dumbasses fighting and make it into some kind of Interstellar, and he definitely can’ty make everything bleached out of light and every main character have some kind of deep, pretentious dialogue. If he wants to keep making DC movies, he has to actualy study Marvel. People say they are comedic and silly, but no, they are not. They are comedic when the setting is comedic, they are silly when the setting is silly, and they are fucking dead-serious when the setting is dead-serious. Want to see a serious, dark and gritty Marvel movie (regardless the studio doing it, DC is all owned by WB. for fuck’s sake)? The X-men franchise, Thor II, etc. Those were very dark and with bharely any time for comedy, just simple moments to give us a laugh, and thats all. Snyder thinks that now every DC movie has to take the Nolam road and be a “piece of art”, something philosophic and deep that ends up pretentious and messy. Thats not how you represent Superman, thats not how you will represent the Justice League. And considering you gave Cyborg a hinted origin based on news 52, and next villain is hinted as darkside, it implies the next movie will just be a poor remake of “Justice League War” that will PALE to the already made, already suscesful, Justice League war movie, from DC’s animated movies that never failed so far. (even though JLW isn’t the best one, Flashpoint Paradox and Justice league: Gods and Monsters are way better IMO).

    DC and WB though SNyder would do well just because he did well with Watchmen and 300, but the difference is that both movies were ADAPTATIONS, Snyder didn’t write any shit, he just picked what was already done and managed to reproduce it in the big screen perfectly. Let Snyder do that, limit him to the comic material, don’t let him write a movie top to botton, he won’t resist the temptation of Nolam-fying everything into something dumb and pretentious!

  27. I still love this movie, and I don’t give a crap what the critics are saying. I also enjoyed the hell out of Batman and Alfred in this movie. I also enjoyed seeing Wonder Woman in her first theatrical film, outside of The Lego Movie, where she was voiced by Robin from How I Met Your Mother. I also got a kick out of the action scenes, especially the titled fight. BTW, this isn’t the only movie where Lex Luthor acted a bit cookie; Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacy, anyone? I’m sure that the plot would be explained more in the ultimate edition Blu-ray coming out this fall. And the movie DOES explain why Bats and Supes hate each other; Superman is too powerfull, and Batman is too brutal. And I don’t mine that much on the inclusion of Doomsday, and he was a bit faithful to his first appearance in the comics; whenever he’s on the attack, his bones grow more out of his body.

    Also, you better write that script to the next film pretty quick, because they already started filming Justice League Part One last week, and Commissioner Gordon is being played by J.K. Simons, AKA J. Jonah Jameson from the Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy.

    • And about next week’s editorial, “When Are Critics Wrong?”, I’ll tell you when: whenever movies like MoS, BvS, TMNT (2014), the Transformers films, and other films loved by most audiences are released.

      • Zartan The Destroyer

        Except it’s not loved by most audiences.

        But don’t let facts get in the way of a good freak out about subjective opionions you can’t handle.

    • Seriously?! Wonder Woman is 100% WRONG!!!!! Nothing about her in that movie was right! For one thing what the HELL was she wearing as Diana Prince?! That damn dress made her look like a hooker!!!! DIANA PROICE IS A MILITARY SECRETARY!!! SHE WOULD NEVER WEAR ANYTHING THAT SLINKY! Also, why the HELL was she carrying a sword and shield?! She’s got the strength of 200 men!! WHY DOES SHE NEED A SWORD AND SHIELD?! She’s got the Boomerang Bracelets and the Lasso Of Truth! Did she eve USE The Lasso Of Truth?!?! And what the HELL happened to her outfit?! She’s supposed to wear red,. white, and blue!!

      This is NOT my childhood hero!!! Give me Lynda Carter any day of the WEEK! She knew how to do it right!

      • 1) Because hookers clearly wear expensive formal gowns…*eye roll*
        don’t open your argument with slut shaming. just don’t

        2) She has a sword and shield in the comics and in the Injustice game.

        3) She tied up Doomsday with the lasso in the film and used the bracelets to shield Batman from Doomsday [Doomsday blasts a energy beam from his mouth, causing a huge explosion, but when the dust clears Wonder Woman is there, shielding Batman behind her…hell, that’s how she first appears for the final battle.

        4) She wears white in the New 52, but her iconic look is red GOLD and blue and that’s what she wears in the film [it’s just muted because of the cinematography]

        …did you even WATCH the film or are you just talking out of your ass?

        • Thanks for sticking up for me, MrXemnas1992. I was also thinking of Wonder Woman using a sword and shield in The New 52 and Injustice. Also, the BvS Wonder Woman action figures clearly have her wearing red, gold, and blue Amazon armor; I happen to own one of those action figures in my collection, because I’m that kind of a nerd.
          It’s things like this that make me so sick of the critical arguments of this movie. I loved it, many other people loved it, and it has so far grossed $829.3 million from its $250 million budget.

          • Most people didn’t love it. I have no issue if you did, all the better for you, you didn’t feel like you wasted your money, but don’t act like it is an audience favorite. It had a HUGE drop off in ticket sales after the first weekend, and the third weekend got beat by a crappy Melissa McCarthy movie. Yes, it is at about $830 million now, but that is after making $466 million on its opening weekend before word of mouth got out. And they are just now, MAYBE making some money back on their investment. Three of the greatest icons in modern western civilization are in a movie together, and it is just BARELY making some money back.
            Also, Wonder Woman may well have been wearing red, gold, and blue armor, but it just looked as brown as everything else to me.

  28. This was simply another great idea for a movie which is why the movie itself was underwhelming. They thought the idea was enough so they made no attempt to do anything with it and they threw in tons of other characters and plot points to try to cover it up.

  29. Zack Snyder looks a lot more…browner in person

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