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Angry Joe helps the Nostalgia Critic take a look at the crossover everybody wanted but nobody returned to see again.

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  1. I still feel like you two are being too kind.

  2. Do a review on the Jigger, please!

  3. Thumbs up to Rob for making me lol.

  4. How the hell is it possible in the first place that Superman can’t just snap batman’s neck like a toothpick ? Batman has no special powers.

    And super man is killed. Well thanks for that spoiler

  5. This is, without a doubt, the best clipless review you’ve ever made. You hit all the points you needed to make, you recreated the scenes well, while also making them hilarious, and it had a lot of very clear, very well thought out criticisms that weren’t buried by the format.

    Basically this review got right all the things that the dumbass Hocus Pocus review got wrong, so congrats–you got the best balance, and I’m glad you’ve managed to improve the format. Please make them more along these lines in the future?

    As for BvS… man what a complete load of bull. In my opinion, its very, VERY few good scenes are massively outweighed by the awful, moronic, stupid parts right from its very conception. I hated Man of Steel for a lot of reasons, but this was worse on basically every level.

  6. I don’t know what Jesse Eisenberg played (it was not Luthor), but it entertained me.

  7. Yeah, the big problem with this is that Batman was mostly disliked for branding a couple of guys who got killed in prison for being branded child molesters and sex traffickers.
    Superman killed many thousands, maybe even millions with his battle and seems to have no caring for humanity.
    Yeah, Batman was a bit of a douche, but he only hurts the criminally guilty.

  8. That’s actually a pretty accurate match to my opinion of this movie: it’s flawed, it has some really stupid moves, but at the same time there are too many genuinely good scenes to consider it an actually terrible movie. Thanks for being fair about it^^

    Also, Doomsday as Zod and Luthor fused was hilarious^^

  9. I hope this is good. Follow up comment to come when I’ve seen the video.

  10. not defending the movie but antman and deadpool had about a 60% drop in their second weekend. so do a lot of good movies. I just dont think that argumment should be used since it seems quite universal.

    • The usual drop of a movie with a huge opening weekend is between 50 and 60%, which is exactly the area in which Deadpool dropped and after that the numbers usually stabilize. Not only did BvS drop again in each of the following weeks with more than 50%, it did so despite there being nothing remarkable else opening until the Jungle book hit the last weekend. Sure, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2 dropped nearly as much as BvS after the first weekend but for one, it run into Captain America directly after release, and two after this first drop the movie stayed stable.

      BvS was poised to break box office records left and right. It could have made Avengers numbers, perhaps even more than that. Now it will most likely not even reach a billion. It will make less than Deadpool domestically (and the only reason it makes more internationally is the fact that Deadpool was banned in China), which having a way higher budget.

      Other Superhero movies which had such a high drop are btw movies like Batman and Robin, X-men origins Wolverine and Green Latern. That should tell you something.

      • then they should have given an explanation like the one you just gave me ( but shorter of course) because if you only mention the first week then it comes of as nitpicking to those who dont know. do you see what i mean?

        something like: it dropped 68% in its first week and then continued to drop were other movies like deadpool stabilize after that.

  11. Batman V Superman is definitely the film I have one of the most complex opinions of.

    I like it, but that’s not necessarily to say I think it’s a good movie. I find it to be a popcorn movie, but not one I’d rewatch too frequently. I really let the environment of the first time I saw it sink in. The atmosphere of the theater, the fact that I was seeing Batman and Superman on the big screen together for the first time, the reactions of the audience, that all added up to a memorable experience to me. If I were to watch it when it comes out on home video, I’d watch it on a TV, not a computer or a mobile device, with the lights turned off in the room, some microwave popcorn, and… I don’t know. This just feels like the type of movie I’d only enjoy at the right place at the right time!

    I absolutely loved the visuals, the fights, and Ben Affleck’s performance. I can’t wait to see the Batman film he himself wrote and is directing!

    I actually liked the more comical version of Lex Luthor! Granted, I’m not that big a fan of Superman, so I don’t really have any expectations of him or his supporting characters. Also, I don’t see anything wrong with Lex Luthor’s hatred of Superman purely being his distrust of him as an alien. I’ve always seen that as one of his biggest motivations, and in the acclaimed graphic novel, Lex Luthor by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, much like in BVS, that’s his only motivation for his hatred of Superman!

    But the one thing I hated about the film was Superman’s death. Not so much in the fact that it happened, but for how long the movie spent trying to convince people it was permanent. Everybody knew that couldn’t be the death of Superman, because we’d only had that version of him for two movies. On top of that, those like me who are aware of the future DC cinematic universe movies know he’s going to be a big part of the upcoming Justice League movies. I wouldn’t have minded the “death” of Superman so much if they’d cut out most of the “Boo hoo! Superman’s dead. For real!” bullshit and just cut over to the implication that he was in fact still alive.

    • Also, I feel like should the DC cinematic universe prove to be a hit, BVS will be seen as more of a prologue to the DCCU that introduced the major characters rather than a movie in it’s own right. In fact, I feel one of the big problems with BVS even now is that it doesn’t stand on its own, it relies on the viewer having prior knowledge of Batman and Superman. That sort of film could be excused for tie-ins such as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, but this isn’t supposed to be a tie-in to another media franchise, just based off of one.

  12. This review was not bad. I don’t think that Zack Synder is really to blame though. He wasn’t one of the writers was he? He didn’t do the casting did he? The visuals were awesome! Oh, well. I guess that this review needed some sort of obvious punching bag. -_- I do like the Lex Joker joke though. That was comedy gold. Also, yum, Joe looks good with those glasses. ;D One last thing: Thanks for not showing the Jigger footage. I don’t think I could take it.

    • Supposedly Jesse Eisenberg was originally supposed to play Jimmy Olson so that everyone would be even more shocked when the character gets killed off (Snyder wanted to pull a Hitchcock there without understanding why the trick in Psycho worked), but Snyder somehow got it in his head “hey, this performance is what I want for Lex Luther!”. This is thankfully the only casting decision he made….

      And you can bet that I blame the guy who apparently thinks that having the names Batman and Superman in the title is enough to please the audience…and who still misses the point about the destruction. Well, the movie about “blank man” was way more profitable than his. And is critically more acclaimed.

  13. Batman flat out murdered 24 people in this movie I counted a ton of cars exploding in that batmobile chase no one could have survived that. Also batman has a gun that is the one rule you never ever break.

    • I guess you are forgetting the 20 people Batman killed in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy? And the 18 killed in Tim Burton’s Batman films? That is a flimsy argument that really doesn’t hold any weight. It’s also more of a guideline than an actual rule. Hell, in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman shoots a guy with a machine gun without hesitation and makes a joke about it after the fact

      • That machinegun was packing rubber bullets, because The Dark Knight Returns was written when Frank Miller didn’t suck. In the comics, it has been a hard rule for over 50 years. Hell, even the Nolan movies had Batman not being a killer as a plot point where he was losing fear because of it. There is, however, one work where a killer Batman is the norm. All-Star Batman and Robin, one of the, if not the worst Batman comic ever written. Also written by Frank Miller. In that, Batman creates bleach molotovs to set criminals on fire, kills cops in multiple ways, attacks Alfred, forces Dick Grayson to eat rats in the cave, calls him “retarded”, everyone says “goddamn” a lot and he has sex with Black Canary in the rain while still in their costumes. By the way that was right after he set a bunch of muggers on fire. So yeah.

  14. You summed up a lot of my feelings about this disappointing film.

    I’ll defend Eisenberg a little, halfway through the film it seemed he was intentionally annoying people as an act to test them, but his almost total breakdown at the party and his completely unstable state later in the film ruined what ever nuance he could have had.

    Lois Lane is a complete insult in this film, not only is she a damsel in distress, she affected nothing… no technically she hindered the movie by keeping Clark out of her investigation.

    Everyone kept defending the use of Clark saying “Martha” ass a desperate means of snapping Bruce out of his rage but I always ask
    “who does that?”
    Who says their mother name when they’re about to die? Who would after being beaten think to reference their opponents mother, why would anyone care that someone you where about to kill calls your mothers name? (Hell, that made him more angry). And the biggest one.
    “Why didn’t the worlds greatest Detective bother to do his research and figure out Superman secret Identity?” like mentioned. Batman has in the film indirectly or negligently (manslaughter) killed people but he he was going out to commit pre-meditative MURDER and the morality of his own body count has never been competently assessed. Batman as I can tell only branded the worst of the worst (sex-slave trafficers) and Superman needlessly rammed a terrorist through a wall even though the audience knows he didn’t need to (and let other Terrorists get away even though we know how good he can track people later in the flippin film).

    batman and superman ended up being the same side of the coin. That’s wrong.

    Oh and did anyone else find it stupid how after a rocket exploded Superman just happened to be there to save it?

  15. No matter where you go, who reviews it, all will say Ben Affleck is Batman. The haters have been silenced.

  16. How would he beat up angry Joe?

  17. Yeah, this movie was heavily flawed but it’s not the movie I hoped for. It could have been better but the plot holes are absolutely big enough to find, and Lex Luthor is not the Lex we’re looking for.

  18. I’m very crushed that the movie got the reception it did. I was so hyped for it upon release, but when the negative reviews came in, I didn’t want to go see it anymore. 🙁

  19. This was the first time I’ve enjoyed one of your clipless reviews, and I very much hope you follow this format in the future. It provided clarity and amusement where your others felt confusing if you hadn’t seen the film and didn’t really stand on their own the way this one does. I hope to see more like this in the future! It’s reinvigorated my interest in the site after it began to lessen, despite being a fan since your first year. I look forward to more!

  20. well there a lot of things wrong with the movie and i feel it may actually be a good movie with a recut. There was a lot of useless plot holes in this films that could had been scrap away. reduce it to 130minutes and maybe reshoot here and there and you get a better film.

  21. I wish they would stop these “Recreate the Movie” reviews. If you’re gonna go clipless, then do it Hocus Pocus style.

  22. I’m surprised they barely said anything about AFLAC!!!

  23. RestlessVagabond

    Did NOBODY get that Jesse Eisenberg’s performance as Lex Luthor was supposed to be frenetic and eccentric like that because he was being driven insane by whatever visions he was having of Darkseid? There’s a reason he becomes more and more unhinged throughout the movie and ends with the insane babbling about someone in space coming.

  24. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.

    The thing with this movie… yeah, it wasn’t all bad. It had some fun moments, and if you want to be charitable you can say it’s “okay.” It can get a passing grade if you’re feeling generous.

    But this is BATMAN VERSUS SUPERMAN. We have been waiting for this movie for damn DECADES. It is, for many of us, the most anticipated superhero movie of ALL TIME. And in this day and age…? When superhero movies are experiencing a renaissance, and even obscure comic characters are getting great movies…? Oh, man. There is just no excuse.

    A passing grade is way, way beneath what we wanted. What we NEEDED. What the source material DESERVED. It’s like giving a C+ to the smartest kid in class. Yeah, they squeak by, but seriously, what the Hell is this?? Batman V Superman should not be “okay.” It should be GOOD. It should be GREAT. And after all this time, and with all the other great comic movies going ’round, we had every right to expect more.

    This movie was meant to be momentous. Instead, it’s mediocre.

    We have a right to be angry at that.

  25. Snyder and Goyer should be fired. Neither one of them understand these characters. Neither one of them respect these characters. Goyer is a hack, and Snyder is great at visuals, but sucks at storytelling. This movie is absolutely not worth seeing in the theater. Wait for it to come out on DVD, or at least wait till it’s in the cheap theaters. But as long as we keep buying their shit, they’ll keep giving us BS.

  26. The fact that both of you are just taking turns shitting on the movie doesn’t make this review any fun to sit through. There is no debate, it is all one-sided bashing. Especially for something this polarizing, I expected better from you guys

  27. Okay I know I’m opening a can of worms, but I can’t take it anymore. STOP HATING ON THIS MOVIE. I may be crazy and the only person who likes it (I’m not I have friends who like it too), but it is NOT that bad! First of all, I know everyone hates Jesse Eisenberg as Lex, but I actually really like him. I think this a good origin story and a decent motivation. If you pay attention he hates Supes because Supes has power, and having been abused by his dad, Lex knows the feeling of not having it. It is not a fun feeling and combined with an unstable mind, it could yield some really scary consequences. Lex was not always charming and suave. He had to be young and still learning at some point and this portrayal fits, especially when you consider the idea that he could learn from his mistake here and come out of it a lot more collected and cool like we are used to seeing. Second, do you have any clue how hard this story was to actually pull off? For starters, I think we can all agree that under normal circumstances, there is no contest between these two. I had no idea how in the hell they could come close to making this a fair fight, but they did in a way that actually made sense to me. There is a very real feeling that Supes could lose at a few points. which is saying something. Also, while Batman is a character rife with angst and deep emotion and opportunity for weakness, Superman, in my opinion, is unbelievably hard to make realistic. We have this alien man with the powers of a God, a girlfriend who is only out-damseled by Mary Jane Watson, and whose nemesis is a bored rich guy who needs a hobby. Tell me where I am supposed to connect? I love Henry Cavill’s portrayal because he makes Superman feel authentic. I actually give a crap and don’t feel like I’m looking at a soft-focus sunshine and rainbows fantasy where nothing rings true. The writing makes me care, and I can see how Superman is not actually invincible, which is a good thing because while invincible is exciting for a bit, it gets boring real fast. And God bless Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She is freaking useful outside of being a prize, as well as smart and determined. She is independent and has a character of her own. And of course she has to be saved a couple of times, but we are talking about weapons and superpowers, tell me you could do better with an African warlord. Also props to them for dropping that BS “will-they-won’t-they, I can’t recognize you with glasses, mind erasing kiss magic” storyline. Enough is enough. Speaking of which, can you sit there and honestly say that the Christopher Reeve Superman films were better? Come on. Given our history of Superman offerings, this is good stuff. On the other side of the coin, I am among those who actually like, nay, LOVE Ben Affleck as Batman. I totally buy him as an older Bruce Wayne and I was stoked to find out he is reprising the role in “Suicide Squad”. I had my doubts but he more than proved me wrong. I want to see more of him as this character. Finally, (insert sight of relief here) I feel a lot of critics of this film are trying to put the characters into boxes defined by a limited range of storylines and universes. There are so many versions out there, from Bruce’s father being Batman instead, to Superman being switched for Superwoman. Just because this film didn’t follow YOUR favorite versions of the characters does not make it wrong. People like different things. If we were talking about the film from a visual and story perspective, that would be different. We agree “Batman and Robin” is bad because the sets are eyesores, the acting is atrocious, and it is cheesier than a French bistro. But the arguments being leveled at “Batman V Superman” have more to do with the characters, the chosen storylines, and our own preconceptions. We expect it to be one thing and when it isn’t, we get mad. We either go in expecting perfection, or determined to hate it regardless of what we see. Is it perfect? No. There are holes and scenes that maybe aren’t necessary. But is it really an abomination? Not even close. It’s obvious those involved did try, and they did want to make something to please the fans. That is not an easy task. But the fact that they made me believe in a premise I thought ridiculous, as well as genuinely like a character I never really enjoyed before says something for what the movie has to offer. It’s not Oscar material, but it wasn’t meant to be. It was bringing these iconic characters to the screen in a way that was meant to be new and fresh, and in that regard I do think the film succeeded.
    Plus there was no Bat Credit Card.

  28. “I’m standing in the bathtub.” LMAO!

  29. I gotta say, best clipless review so far, guys! And kudos for being far more entertaining than the actual movie.

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