Batman v Superman Review Trailer

It’s Angry Joe v the Nostalgia Critic and Batman v Superman.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014


    • Vessel is as good as Youtube-if it were 2007

      • Except for the fact they hide everything behind 10 paywalls….You sign up for the first week or month free, but now they add everything as “early access” which you have to pay for…So you have to pay to sign up, then you have to pay to access anything early access….At least when the site first started they offered the first year for free and didn’t have you pay for a sub to pay for another sub

  2. At least, this may be one of the better clipless reviews.

  3. The popularity of Angry Joe as an internet personality has convinced me that the human race is irredeemably idiotic and must be purged.

    • And because Doug has been a jerk so much more often in these reviews, and the comments section is no longer moderated, this is the hateful stuff we see here.


    • I attempted to watch Angry Joe’s Batman v Superman review because he was pro-Man of Steel in the last crossover with Doug, (my thinking being he was also pro-BvS) and it started off with him screaming obnoxiously at the camera, then in his friend’s ears and then back at the camera. What kind of douchey intro to a review is that? I turned it off immediately because I don’t have time for that. I’m guessing his shtick is ranting and raving but if you can’t even get a second into the review without that kind of bratty, loud behavior, you won’t be counting me among your viewers. I never found out if he liked the film or not and that’s unfortunate for a “critic”.

      • Your guess would be wrong. I watched Angry Joe’s review. He’s a passionate person and he lets his emotions out first, but then–especially “with other Joe” who balances him, he is quite capable of interesting conveyance of his thoughts about something which he feels strongly about.

        I liked listening to him because he thinks and feels quite differently from me; I can wait a moment for him to get the initial rush out of his system. It’s normal.

        • I have neither the time or interest in listening to someone literally scream for a minute at the beginning of their review. Obviously you do and that’s fine but since this was my first introduction to him outside of the Man of Steel review, again, it’s unfortunate he chose to start off the video like some pouty retard. It doesn’t matter what you say, it’s how you say it and Angry Joe did himself no favors.

      • Yeah! What kind of critic screams and yells, rants, and raves a lot? I can’t stand that, which is why I watch the NC!

        • If only NC was still yelling again. I loved his angers and rants about movies. That’s what got me into watching it in the first place.

          Joe is.. well, fanboy. Gets hype really fast and does’nt take a step back. Or else, he would have seen this shitty movie coming. But the only complain he had when the movie was in project was Ben Affleck. And we all saw Ben was’nt the problem about this story.

        • Believe me, it took several attempts to get through a NC video just for that reason but I can’t recall one official NC review where he starts off the video by screaming uncontrollably like a psycho. And in Doug’s personal reviews, I’ve never seen him start it off by screaming like a belligerent idiot. Angry Joe can’t say the same.

  4. Can someone explain the symbol.

  5. A trailer for a dumb review… is this really needed?

  6. [Way back in the Digimon Movie Review] “I demand a Joe Signal Critic!”

    [Now] YAY! The Critic finally came through!

  7. If the Pluto Nash review, which yes I did watch, is anything to go by, this trailer probably wasn’t a hint

  8. Batman V Superman was an entertaining but, ultimately, disappointing mess of a movie.

    It was like X-Men III: The Last Stand all over again. It was a crappy X-Men movie but, as an action movie that happened to star the X-Men? It was AWESOME.

    Batman V Superman…. Whether it was trying to be Man of Steel 2, Batman Vs Superman, Justice League Origins, Doomsday/Death of Superman, or all four crammed into one? It FAILED on all counts. Embarrassing Hollywood shlock.

    BUT—- As an action movie starring two guys that “Resembled” Batman and Superman? It was pretty awesome!

    • Personally, I find it most like Amazing Spider-Man 2
      Both movies haven brief moments of brilliance sprinkled within them, but for being as long as they are they still cannot manage to pull all these skitsophrenic moments together for a cohesive story.
      1. It is true that both ASM2 and BVS probably have the best looking Spider and Bat suits ever seen on film to date. Not only that the opening semi-chase and the rescue Martha scene are arguably the coolest Spider-man/Batman action scenes ever put on screen. But at the end of the day they are just cool scenes. They don’t redeem the entire movie.

      2. Both movies had multiple writers, and it is very clear who they need to get the hell away from (cough-orci and kirkman/goyer-cough)

      3. Both mentor characters, Sally Fields Aunt May and Jeremy Irons Alfred, are great. I actually feel bad for both of them, their performances belong in much better films.

      4. Both Dehan’s Harry Osborn and Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor come off as obnoxious brats with very unclear/shallow motivations for why they hate Spider-man/Superman.

      5. This is only the second installment of each respective franchise, but it is so obvious how desperate Sony/Warner Bros. are to jump onto the Marvel bandwagon and rush out their own extended universes. Both movies show off their future spinoff films in extemely blunt and forced ways, as supposed to Marvel, who finds a way to seemlessly hint at future stories within their own narrative, or a save it as a post credit scene.

      6. [Not so] SPOILER ALERT!!! There is a death at the end of both films, and both should be more tragic than they really are. Their deaths weren’t built up properly, and it definitely wasn’t a good idea to give away their deaths IN THE FUCKING TRAILERS!

      Just to name a few.

  9. The symbol should be inverted in the sky.
    Shadows, how do they work?

  10. Wait… they both said they disliked it. So they already agree.

  11. Yeah ! Fuck these movies ! Lets not watch them ever again.
    Soo… see you guys for Justice League ?

    Btw, that was a funny video. I missed them.

  12. Let me guess, the twist is, unlike man of steel they both hated BvS.

  13. Now the waiting game.

  14. Ohhh this is going to get good

    ” eats popcorn and plays night wish”

  15. So Angry Joe likes this movie? I don’t watch his videos, okay? Will this be even longer than “Man Of Steel”? I doubt it. It’s hard to make long clipless reviews. Will this be ithe actual review?

  16. This video made me laugh so hard!

    I love how you guys played with the audience expectation that you would beat up Zac Snyder for making such an awful movie, but instead you just showed up to his office, calmly but angrily explained what you thought didn’t work about the movie, then in the end say with big grings, “We want to write the next movie!” then leave the office with black eyes and say all disapproving, “What a violent guy!”

    And as always, Critic, I LOVE it when you review movies that haven’t come out of theatres yet, and have actors dress up as the characters and reenact scenes from the movie (like in Jurassic World). Made me laugh so hard. XD

    Keep it up!

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