Beauty and the Beast (2017) – Nostalgia Critic

Audiences either loved it or hated it, but the NC has some harsh words about this beastly live action remake.

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  1. I could watch the original over and over and over and over again, the remake I saw only once and never saw it again, I’m sorry emma I loved you in harry potter but your not very good in this

  2. Let’s be honest people, the only reason this movie sucked is because it didn’t have THE GREATEST BEAUTY & THE BEAST CHARACTER: Old Man!

  3. I think the final shot of this movie clearly shows what a mess of a film this is. What is the final shot, you may ask? Two c-list characters singing in a very overly dramatic and ridiculous fashion. Not the protagonists. Not even the b-list characters, but two c-list characters. The final shot of a movie is one of the most important shots and the fact that the final shot of this movie isn’t completely pointless and irrelevant to the story shows how little care went into making this story work.

    Another big issue with this movie is its use of editing and cutting. When Belle meets her father, there are around 10 cuts that make absolutely no sense. An action as simple as, “Hey Belle, can you hand that to me.” takes five or more cuts. This felt more like how a made for TV-movie is edited. Very fast and awkward transitions and a lot of close-ups of faces.

    Continuing, Be Our Guest doesn’t work in this movie. In the original (as Nostalgia Critic mentions) it was used to put Belle’s mind at ease, but in this movie there is time built up to it and it is told from Lumiere and Cogsworth’s perspective. Originally the audience was seeing it from Belle’s perspective, but now it is seen as more of a… talent show? We see all of the dishes and such preparing for the big event before it happens which immediately kills the magic of it.

    Lastly, the designs of the servants isn’t bad, but it can’t come close to the originals. With Be Our Guest, Lumiere’s face it so small that you can’t really get an emotional connection with him. In the original, you could clearly see his facial expressions and subtle nuances (the same goes with Cogsworth). Unfortunately in this remake you have no idea what faces they are making or how they feel aside from what they are saying.

  4. Wait there’s a Woody Woodpecker movie? seriously?

  5. Fells like hyper fangirl shoud have been in this.

  6. Christian Salgado

    I love this bwtter than the original

  7. Tamara makes a pretty cute Belle <3
    Opening song in the review should have been auto-tuned to match the actual opening of this movie 😛
    I did absolutely love the stuff involving Belle's parents' past.

    Agree that the emotional scenes are really rushed. I understand animation can over-exaggerate things, but the human element should have bridged that.

    Re: Pleasant weather, then snow @ 12 minutes in – I think that helps set the stage for "This is the border between your old world and the trials ahead." I think it's pretty impressive.

    Re: Wardrobe & Piano @ 15:30 – It's implied when you connect that most of the servants became objects related to their duties – and the wardrobe sings opera. Bring that back to the Beast's (human) introduction at the party, and it adds up.

  8. This movie is pointless and the Beast looks like a many girls dram fuck
    Wasn’t the prince somewhere in the 10 years old?
    Its not sexist. She is not a singer
    They made it visual and scene not personality
    Rumpelstiltskin did a good job killing Fairy godmother

  9. Emma Watson did not autotune her performance. You made that error again. Of course, this movie is crap compared to “The Jungle Book”. You’re not much of a people pleaser, are you? I loved Gaston’s song. Pity you didn’t reference it.

  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they give The Beast a actual name canonically at some point?

    I think it was Prince Adam or something…….

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