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Tamara is joined by a special guest to review Beauty and the Beast (2017) on a new Tamara Just Saw. Does the remake hold a candle to the 1991 disney animated movie?

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  1. Hold up. So the “gay” moment is a person who dresses femininely and Loufoo having a “well hello” moment on the dance floor? I’m having a hard time seeing how that’s even “gay” considering a person’s gender expression and identity are in no way linked to their sexual identity–they are two different things.

    The only way it could be considered gay is if the person dressed more femininely states categorically they are a man. Otherwise you can freely assume they identify as a woman–making the scene with Loufoo heterosexual not homosexual.

    Given Doug and other critics state Loufoo has no moments of attraction toward other men during the film and only shows affection for the character at the end–he’s not gay. He’s still, by all accounts, a straight male having a moment with a woman. Being a male attracted to a woman, trans or not, does not make you gay.

    Also: Tamara. It’s bad form to highlight a woman’s physical appearance as the first thing when describing them. “one of the most beautiful…amazing eyebrows…can’t sing.” Love how Ms. Watson’s ability to act didn’t even show up on the list. By citing a woman’s physical beauty above all else it perpetuates the idea beautiful is and should be the most important thing for a woman. It’s a poor habit which needs to be broken–it’s like an indirect catcall.

    • There is something of an on-going suggestion of Loufoo having sort an adolescent crush on Gaston (he calls him my ‘companion’ at one point). No is ever presented as expectedly gay, bi, or trans. My feeling is that if word of God (read directer) that he’s supposed to be gay, than he is in universe. He may have been dancing with a women because he couldn’t find a man would dance with him at first. It’s not like only straight people will ever dance with someone of the opposite sex.

      BTW while I share the frustration of women being judged by looks before talent, I don’t believe that one women paying another woman a compliment on her looks should be considered “bad form” on par with an “indirect catcall.” That’s just drawing attention to sometimes figure so you can gawk at them. Even if Tamara didn’t mention Emma Watson’s talent or intelligence, that doesn’t mean she was placing her looks about everything else.

      • I have to disagree about Loufoo. He actually mentioned being rejected by women for being “too clingy”, implying that he has tried playing the field. Loufoo is not actually gay, he just acts effeminate and is maybe a little too fond of his best friend Gaston.

        As for the rest of the movie, I think it’s alright. I certainly don’t hold a distinctly negative opinion like Doug and Rob, but then I got out of it what I was expecting, which was a throwback to a Disney classic that I vaguely remember but not that well, a nonsensical musical in a fairytale setting, and what Doug describes as “dress porn”.

        Hey, even as a guy the poofy dresses in ballroom settings in films like the animated Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella really appealed to me growing up as they presented an idealised type of lady who left me in awe with her beauty and elegance, and who I grew up to learn doesn’t actually exist in real life, or at least not in the current time. Oh well, that’s why fantasy is better than reality. Also, maybe one day my gf and I will go to Disneyland and we can fulfill her wish of being made up like Belle, dress and all, and that might be kind of hot.

        • That is some evidence to support this. Though even if he has made advances to women in his past he could still be in denial of his true feelings or maybe bisexual. I suppose you could interpret it any one of three ways and wouldn’t make matter to his character arc. At the very least he’s has an arc, something that wasn’t in the animated version.

  2. Beauty and the Beast isn’t one of my favorite Disney movies. Despite the fact that I’ve seen almost all of the live action movies and I liked most of them, I’m skipping this one. However, Maleficent can go screw itself. Although, I’ve never heard anyone talk a lot about Emma Watson’s beauty. That’s actually not something I associate with her. Lastly, I don’t think the whole beast thing is odd for the sole fact that the curse is broken and he’s human by the end.

    • “Lastly, I don’t think the whole beast thing is odd for the sole fact that the curse is broken and he’s human by the end.”

      Well that and the fact that in fairy tales, sex tends to only exist implicitly (if it even exist at all) with the appearance of children.

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