Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas – Disneycember

It’s a Beauty and the Beast Christmas, and it’s as awkward as you’d think.

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  1. The weird thing about this movie is that I grew up watching it but not the original, I didn’t even see the original until earlier this year, and for years I thought this was the original Beauty and the Beast.
    And I’m Jewish, so it’s even weirder that I watched the Christmas special as a kid but not the original.

  2. God it was awkward but man it certainly was…something. In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS DOUG AND CHANNEL AWESOME!! I look forward to another great year of awesomeness!! <3

  3. haha, I love lindsay’s (the nostalgia chick’s) reveiw of this movie, and for her this movie was NOT harmless. I remember getting this for Christmas from an aunt, remember not thinking much of it, and I can’t remember anything that happened in the film.

  4. Oh, you’re in straight-to-home-video territory now. Good…because I’d like to know if “The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride” was actually a good straight-to-home-video sequel or not like all the folks say it was.

    Although I will say at 4:45….DAT FACE. 😛

  5. I only saw this once when I was a kid. Looking at it again…does anyone else think the face of Tim Curry’s character was inspired by the Magic Mirror?

    • Personally, I thought his human form was pretty unsettling. Just that wig and that pail, white face, it almost looked like he was wearing a mask until he opening his mouth and exposed those viper-like teeth.

      Yeah, I know it’s a totally ridiculous villain design, but it’s SO… Tim Curry.

  6. I never saw this but I know of it’s reputation.

  7. Ah man, this really is nostalgic. I used to watch this movie all the time as a kid, though the only two things that I ever really remembered about the movie were Tim Curry and the backstory of how the beast and co became what they were today. In fact, the transformation scene scared me so much as a child that I would go and hide in my bathroom and listen for the scene to end before coming back to watch the movie (the house I grew up in is a small rancher so everything is on one floor with a very linear layout. So, the TV room and the bathroom are super close to each other.) Now I really want to go back and watch this movie. Crap or not, it was still a part of my childhood and it still had some entertaining bits.

  8. I remember watching this a kid. I haven’t looked at it in years though. You should definitely look over the other direct to video sequels too. I have not seen every single one of them, but only a few hold up.

  9. I really was wondering if you’d ever do the direct-to-video sequels. It’s mostly a pure waste of time. No mention of the Nostalgia Chick’s review? You never do mention her, do you? The best part of this video was the opening. Merry Christmas 2015!

  10. Speaking of Tim Curry, please, please, please, PLEASE review Muppet Treasure Island.

  11. If you’re doing Straight-to-video sequels, Tell us what you think of Pooh’s Grand Adventure…I’d love to hear your thoughts on it…
    Furthermore, Please do Muppet Treasure Island

  12. I think most of the money making this movie went to getting Bernadette Peters and Tim Curry to star in this, as well as getting the CGI (It was expensive now, it was both expensive and risky still back then.)

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