Black Cauldron – Nostalgia Critic

It’s called the film that almost killed Disney, but how much of this animated black sheep is good and how much is not? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at 1985’s Black Cauldron.

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  1. Really? i thought this movie was good.

  2. The most memorable thing about The Black Cauldron was the sierra adventure game adaptation.

  3. I’ve actually seen Return to Oz AND the Neverending Story at this point. When I first started watching Nostalgia Critic, I had never seen either of those movies. I’ve never seen the Dark Crystal, the Secret of NIHM, or the Black Caldron though so… it all evens out. All of the name based jokes were hilarious.

  4. There is cut that make Jar Jar work. Look up the original intentions behind him in Ep2.

    P.S. Darth Jar Jar.

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