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It’s the overlooked classic that made comic book movies cool again, but does it hold up as well as it did back then?

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Better 100 percent vampire movie and badass character then Twilight 😉 1st

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Genius teen titans go home and a great opening sketch as well. They better not though be making a blade TV series with a different actor cause that would be dumb!!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      And that dorky move by blade and the sound made will be played over the channel awesome logo!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Teen titans go reference dang misspellings 🙁

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Line that plays over the channel awesome logo:everyday some motherfuckers are trying to ice-skate uphill

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Another good review and glad this wasn’t a clipless one like the last one. I’m glad this film has held up but I just knew….just knew that Malcolm would play blade and he did not disappoint bit would’ve like to seen more but maybe in the blade 2 and Trinity reviews(BTW totally rip blade Trinity to shreads that’s the worst one and I could definitely see that as an awesome review)!!!!

    • FOLLOW-UP COMMENT: I’ve actually never seen Blade. Also, that beginning made so much sense for the most part but it didn’t have anything to do with Blade. I was SO relieved that this was a clip review. Thank you, thank you, thank you. *cries tears of joy* Why were the vampires bathing in the blood? That’s like bathing in chocolate milk. Just why? This review also made me miss the 90s.

  2. Great review! They should have used the charts guys for this. Also, ERBs start today! Go watch it!

  3. There are two types of vampire movie fans out there. Blade fans and Underworld fans. The one that you are is usually the one you see first. I’m a proud Blade fan.

    • Underworld Vampires and Blade Vampires are so similar (in the movies) it’s hardly worth making a distinction. Better contrast would be Buffy, Nosferatu and From Dusk til Dawn.

    • Wait.. both are almost identical Hollywood vampires movie.. so what the hell you’re talking about?

    • I think you mean Dracula and twilight. Wheres as all cool vampires burn in the sunlight and drink human blood with dashing powers of seduction, Twilight is you know… not cool in every way. So I guess the two types are cool and not cool.

  4. “So, what are plans in terms of comics?”
    “Who gives a sh*t?”

  5. Wait wait wait… I’m confused.

    So… they’re supposed to be… vampires? Are you sure?

  6. 10 years before the horror that became The Twilight Saga, we had the film based on Marvel’s half-vampire superhero known as Blade. I first knew of Blade when he was a guest star in a few episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which we made a couple of years before the movie was released.

    • That’s a harsh opening sketch about Marvel and DC. At least Both of them nowadays have good shows, like Agents of SHIELD and Supergirl, and box office hit movies, like Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War; I don’t mind The Killing Joke being a hard R rated animated feature, but fuck Teen Titans Go. Also, WE GET THE POINT, DOUG! YOU HATE BVS! JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT AND MOVE ON, PLEASE!

      I think Blade pulls of the “weird baby meme” pretty damn well.

      I don’t think anyone would mind seeing a leather clad badass with a sword beating up a cop, because …well …it’s a Marvel character.

      I think The Expendables 3 also waited that long for Wesley Snipes to make a tax evasion joke.

      I don’t mind vampires wearing sunblock in the daylight, as long as their skin doesn’t “sparkle, sparkle, sparkle.”

      “…I LOVE OREOS!” should be a meme.

      I don’t care how drawn out the last act of this movie is, because there’s an awesome climax with the line “Some motherfuckers always try to ice skate uphill,” which I STILL find awesome, because in real life, there ARE some motherfuckers like that; Donald Trump for example.

      I am happy that I have this film in my movie collection, along with the sequels (I have no major hate towards Blade: Trinity). I should watch these movies again after I’m done with my Marvel Cinematic Universe marathon and seeing Captain America: Civil war in theaters.

      • Flash is good and I’ve heard good things about Arrow, but screw Supergirl. I gave that show a few chances and it just isn’t well written enough to justify the lack of action. I mean, there’s one episode where Martian Manhunter gets captured and instead of focusing on a potentially interesting setup they just have Supergirl go through this weird motorcycle chase to save him that is completely pointless because Martian Manhunter just frees himself anyways with 0 effort and the rest of the focus is just on some random girl trying to fire someone by sending negative emails from her account or something. Screw that show.

        And while I’m at it, double screw Teen Titans Go as well! The Teen Titans deserve to be the badass other Justice League group they grew into in the comics, not some stupid sitcom that lives off of pointless references and random humor!

  7. Admit it: the only reason you made that David S. Goyer sketch, is because you needed to get Malcom in a Blade costume somehow.

  8. Aah… That “Atari rave” song actually has some history behind it.
    The original is New Order’s Confusion.
    For this movie it got remixed by “The Pump Panel”
    And then again, it got remixed or sampled by Public Domain, turning it into a dancefloor smash hit known as “Operation Blade”.
    Or how remixes of remixes can rake in tons of cash.

  9. dterribletwins

    Still Waiting for Nostalgia Critic to talk about Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Movie that were episodes unnecessary edited together as a feature legth film that farted in the theaters!

  10. “Some motherlovers are always trying to jerk off to Cougar Town.”

  11. Is anyone else having issues with the player? Audio keeps moving out of sync with the video for me.

  12. Actually, that fat Vampire IS a woman, dude!

  13. MountCDOSgamer

    You know, I’m sure after you’ve shown why Blade is so awesome, nobody will go out and buy the movie on DVD or Blu Ray and New Line Cinema will lose so much money. 😛

    • Ironically, this review reminded me that I don’t own Blade and that I should probably pick it up when I start building up my movie collection again this summer. You’re welcome New Line Cinema!

  14. Angel is still a better vampire.

  15. To be fair to the vampires watching Mortal Kombat, movies that actually have lots of blood just make them hungry.

  16. By the way did you hear that The Artist Formerly Know as Prince is dead?

  17. I love how he just looks at his mentor dying and he’s just like “Damn… well, that sucks….” But I guess once you’ve vaporized hundreds of vampires by hacking them apart with a fucking sword, there’s not much that’s exactly going to phase you.

  18. The opening sketch was so painfully obvious, we didn’t need to have it hammered in. It seems he’s just gone from clever mocking to stupid mocking other studios.

  19. I still remember this movie and it’s still kickass. Oh how the now great Wesley Snipes has fallen after tax evasion.

    He’s a TERRIBLE writer who coasts off the success of others and is incompetent on his own, surviving thanks to dumb luck and inexplicable good will. Even in his “good” movies like this one, he throws in completely useless, stupid plot points and terrible dialogue that makes the thing more convoluted or moronic than it needed to be.

    Most of what he contributed to the Dark Knight trilogy was just pure idiocy, like Joker’s ludicrous escape plan and such. Let’s not forget the films he had the most creative control over lately were Man of Steel and Batman v Superman (the latter had additions made to it by a second writer, and the scenes everyone goes on about being good aside from the fights? Done by that second writer), and both of those films are notorious for having horrendous screen plays!

    I wish he’d just be fired from superhero movies in general and leave it to people who KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING.

  21. Just so you wonder, I loved Blade 1-3. I even loved the TV series.

  22. Just to be pedantic, “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” was not actually that lighthearted. And sadly, Green Lantern is the only decent DC one of recent years.

    People say that about Deadpool?! DAMMIT, DO SOME RESEARCH.

    Yeah,the CGI hasn’t aged that well, but the fight choreography is so awesome I somehow don’t care.

    Maybe it’s my general attitude towards current-day cops, but I love the part where the sneering twerpy cop gets instantly knocked around by Blade.

    I do kinda like the sunblock/helmet idea, even though both would have to be super-thick for vampres to survive.

    And the player just seized up, so I’ll have to finish later!

  23. You forgot Wanted in the R-rated comic movies. . . Much disappointment.

  24. Ok, just paused on the back of the “David S. Goyer” pills. That might be the greatest gag in Nostalgia Critic history.

    It also made me realize how bad Goyer is. I feel like I should love him because he’s attached to so many great things, but damn does he screw things up when he’s alone. It just feels wrong saying he’s bad because people yell “Dark Knight” nd you sound like an idiot. But really, he is empirically bad.

  25. Why did he rip off film brain?

  26. I hope you’re prepared for what’s coming your way after that “sexual identities” gad, Doug. XD
    It ain’t gonna be fun.

    • This. He’s gonna get in a loooot of trouble for that joke.

      • Oh no, overly-sensitive people are going to bitch at something on the internet.

        • Oh no, homophobes are going to defend lowkey humour. Kill yourself.

          • This has nothing to do with gays, but with very naive young people who want to stand out by giving themselves convoluted labels. Even the asexual condition has been wrecked by these special snowflakes who always add that they are not completely unavailable as long as someone special enough comes their way.
            Oh no, to these tumblrs being gay or bi would not be seen as special enough.

    • The results can already be observed in the tons of egdy comments supporting said joke.

  27. Devil's Advocate

    about that comparison to DC vs Marvel? I thought I read that the new cartoon version of Rocket Raccoon had a sad and interesting backstory. how is that lacking in depth?

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