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It’s the overlooked classic that made comic book movies cool again, but does it hold up as well as it did back then?

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  1. That toy bat they seemed to randomly cut to actually was an accessory for the “Vampire Wars” Spider-man action figure toy line. I can’t recall which character he comes with but the 1990s Spider-Man animated series is where Whistler made his first appearance but there he was modeled after Peter Cushing’s Van Helsing and had a soft spoken English accent to represent “old school” vampire hunters. I don’t know why they turned him into a grizzly prospector for the movie.

  2. Good review…i hope Blade 2 and Blade Trinity are gonna be next ! Some joke with Guillermo del Toro movies for one and all the Ryan Reynolds possible jokes for the other…It’s a dream !! Can’t believe he didn’t use the clip for Mortal Kombat Annilation when the 2 dude just keep missing their kick !! lol

  3. Best part of this episode is how the opening addresses everything convoluted and messed up with both Marvel and DC. As a fan of both comic industries, I must say good sir, this had to be done and you done it well.

  4. Vesper Angel 89

    Even as a fan of the Blade movies I still think the first one is a little but cheesy. For me it’s the second movie that’s the greatest in the whole series because it has more emphasis on the action and the dark story of the vampires.

    And the best thing about the thrid movie is defenitly Domenic Purcell as Dracula

  5. Funny how you made a joke about choppy video when the new video player runs like fucking shit.
    Great video tho

  6. The Vessel player doesn’t work properly. Fortunately you use YouTube as well…

  7. FinalplayerRyu

    How is this movie overlooked? Most people know the first Blade Movie and like it.

  8. There some Marvel exceptions in the cartoons part too
    Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Spectacular Spider-man and Wolverine and the X-men are all cartoons from the last 10 years that have been a little less ‘kiddy’

  9. Now that was a really good old-school review.

  10. Dromedary Meat Cactus

    You give the writing of “Crow: City of Angels” as a reason to doubt Goyer. I’m not a big Goyer fan myself, but that movie suffered from intense studio interference which led to drastic rewrites and edits rendering the movie nonsensical in comparison to the script, from descriptions I’ve read of what was done to it. That was a shame, because the guy who directed the movie, Tim Pope, directed many classic ’80s music videos for The Cure, The Cars, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Men Without Hats, Soft Cell, Hall and Oates, etc., etc., etc. This movie was his big shot at being able to direct a movie and it was sabotaged by studio interference. (Not saying the movie would have been good without that interference, but it rarely helps.)

  11. Agusti Guerola Garcia

    That Marvel/DC intro was spot on haha, and that Kaneda moment was unexpected, yet well timed…
    Also, is it me, or are you never going to review Creed T_T ?

  12. I would so love to see them introduce Blade into the Netflix Universe, but still have him played by Wesley Snipes, except now he is an older Blade who has been out of the game for awhile.

    I wonder what his thoughts would be on this ‘new’ crop of super-humans popping up now, with all of their bright colors? ^_^

  13. Blade 1 and 2 are among my fav comic book movies, the third one…not so much.

  14. To be fair about MARVEL’s animated output, I thought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was great.

  15. Jesus, the video service for Vessel sucks. I’m sorry, is ANYONE ELSE having the video lag and pause so many times while the audio plays crystal clear?

  16. Fuck yeah! That’s a pretty good review
    But there’s surprisingly not too many sketches. What’s going now?

  17. Victoria Heckman

    Since the first thing you mentioned was David S. Goyer wrote this, when the grotesquely obese creature showed up my first thought was, “Oh, look! It’s what David S. Goyer thinks Martian Manhunter fans look like!”

    By the way, what the hell was with that “making up sexual identities” statement? Where did that come from? Was that your attempt at shock humor to get people riled up for the hell of it?
    I’m all for poking fun at Tumblr culture, but that was just low.

  18. Uh…anyone else notice that when listing Rated R comic book movies that came out before Deadpool he left off both Punisher movies, V for Vendetta, and Tank Girl? Not a huge problem I know, but kind of funny.

  19. Yeah, I think that is a woman. It’s rated R, they can show bare breasts! I love the “Teen Titans Go!” joke. What are your thoughts on the original good “Teen Titans”? I personally thought this movie was just okay. Anyway (rhymes!), you went over twenty minutes without a “Twilight” joke.

  20. ilovethings andstuff

    a ok film but i cant stand Wesley Snipes… he’s so arrogant and full of himself

  21. Great video, as always. Followed u for at least 3 years now. Love this channel. Just watched some old videos just now, long time ago you did a musical review. Would love to see a Rocky horror pitcher show, Tim curry FFS! And a cult nostalgic classic

  22. I loved Blade, still do, even though they got a lot wrong. Blade was actually born in Soho, London, in 1929. He’s older than Whistler. Though Deacon Frost did bite Blade’s mother – but he was the doctor brought in to help her to deliver Blade. But I know they mess with these things for movies. Still, I’d like to see one properly done with more comic cannon.

    I always figured the skeletons with wings are the souls of the purebloods. And that the one who’s killed is the reason Frost was so easy to defeat. Because the spell was not entirely complete.

  23. I admit. So many of those opening jokes flew over my head thanks to me skipping a lot of comic book movies and all of the TV series.

  24. Probably the reason they forget when people start talking about Deadpool being the first Rated R comic movie is because Blade was preceded by The Crow, Tank Girl, the original Judge Dredd, and Spawn…plus probably a few others. Ironically Blade II is mentioned in Deadpool despite Ryan Reynolds himself being Blade Trinity.

  25. LOL old school critic:
    ….”symbol…ism” hahaha nice

  26. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great review as always. I need to check this movie out.

  27. Anyone else getting the sense Doug keeps wanting to shoehorn his political stance into his jokes? I can tolerate it on occasion but it really seems to be getting out of hand.

  28. I tried to watch Blade but as with many other 90s films of that genre I struggled to feel engaged in the story. It did look very corny to me.

  29. That review was nitpicky to the extreme. But it was also EXTREMELY hilarious. If you’re going to nitpick, THIS is how you nitpick. I swear man, the Ninja Gaiden boss setup near the end had me in fucking stitches. This is the best episode of NC I’ve seen in a long time. Great work Doug & co. Top notch shit here man. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  30. -Blade is such an awesome movie
    -Kids are more resilient then people think
    -The Pure bloods are underestimating him and overestimating them self
    -The other Blade movies are good
    -He is a Ghoul a slave to Vampires when they are made by having there blood completely token away and turned without the blood they will not be remain normal witch is why they are not turned to a -Vampire but a Ghoul
    -This is one of the few movies that have no love interest in it and that is so good

    -Orios are tasty

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