Blade: Trinity – Nostalgia Critic

After two hit movies, the Blade movies end on a sadly sour note. What went wrong to make this film suck more than it’s vampires? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Blade: Trinity.

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  1. First! I’m still on that forever chain streak.
    Kurtis that last upload is a reupload so it doesn’t count so im still blameless in the first comments till I say otherwise.

    • It has a Nostalia Critic suffix on it so it definitely counts…

      • No it doesn’t. Compilation reuploads don’t count so im still in the game. Nice try dude. Stop trying to justify the outcome. Like i said till “I” say otherwise.

        • It filled in this week’s spot, definitely does count. Maybe ya should take your own advice n stop trying ot justify the outcome?

          • You need to know that it’s pointless to justify the outcome of a reuploaded video you think counts when it has already be uploaded before so it doesn’t count, it’s not new. hmm….maybe you should learn to take your own advice and not try to level. ^_^

  2. Nice try but im still in the game.

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