Blood Splattered Cinema: Black Christmas

This week it’s the fourth BLOOD SPLATTERED CHRISTMAS SPECIAL as The Horror Guru tackles Bob Clark’s sorority slaying slashterpiece BLACK CHRISTMAS.

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In Blood Splattered Cinema the Horror Guru reviews the bloodiest, wildest and weirdest horror cinema has to offer.


  1. lol, you and Jackula and funny racists XD.

  2. Roper can’t catch a break, can he?

  3. “you kinda Asaian fuck!” LOL Count Jackula FTW!!

  4. I knew I liked this video about 60 seconds in.

  5. lol! Jackula was awesome.

  6. Okay, I just started the review 1 minute in, and I just laughed my ass off already, especially with Jackula’s “yellowface” in contrast to Guru’s “blackface.” I’ll get back to the review after finishing this comment. XD

  7. 11:49 Bear witness everyone. If my sources are to be believed that was no random reference. That was a sign of things to come.
    Can’t wait; I consider Maniac Cop to be one of the best genre mesh films ever and a lot of fun to watch. 2 is pretty good too but 3 is complete garbage.
    Again I can’t wait, how long can we expect to wait HorrorGuru?

  8. Reviewing 101; Never put your best joke in the first two minutes of the review. Still, the rest of the video is interesting enough to hold one’s interest.

    • Depends. Putting your best foot forward is sometimes the best way to put the audience in the right mindset for the rest of the video. Basically if you get them laughing right away, they’ll be more likely to enjoy your lesser jokes down the timeline. =P

      • Haha, you guys are awesome. XD And I agree, the review wasn’t diminished or made less interesting by having a joke like that right off the bat. Rather than letting the air out of the balloon, it helped set the tone of the review. Horror Guru also kept his pacing, so that when we weren’t being bombarded by outrageous racial stereotypes, we got to meet the crazy drunk grandparents we spend the rest of the year trying to avoid.

        Very well played sir, this site needs like a million more of your reviews. XD

  9. To echo everyone else, the Jackula cameos were great, but what really makes these videos enjoyable to me is your enthusiasm for and knowledge of the genre. Always a treat.

  10. Hi! HorrorGuru! you probabl won’t read this because yoou’ve moved on to other videos but I’ve been watching your older episodes on Blip and I would just like to say the opening to your Grizzly review is GOLD!
    HorrorGuru: Greetings Gorehounds and welcome back to…when ANIMALS ATTACK!!!
    (excerpt from Disturbed’s The Animal) RAAALLL!
    I don’t think you use nearly enough Disturbed in your videos, or Sabaton for that matter.

  11. Pleeeeeaaaaase post your ‘Grizzly’ review! It’s one of your best!

  12. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    seeing as you said nbc can’t play black christmas how about a horror channel like chiller play it since there involved with horror and all.also can you post your gingerbread man review to the site(the first one,not the second one seeing as you allready posted it).Have a great life mr.langland and don’t get too much blood on your hands XD.

    • Sure I can. It’ll have to be when I have another free week, though I did promise one commentor above that I’d post Grizzly first.

      I’m honestly not too fond of my first Gingerdead Man review but if you want it, you’ll get it. 😉

      You have a great life too, man. Enjoy those Midnight Screenings. =P

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