Blood Splattered Cinema: Grizzly

This week the Guru digs into the Blood Splattered Vaults to present Channel Awesome his old review of William Girdler’s Grizzly. From back in the day when he stood too close to the camera and yelled a lot, for some reason. Enjoy!

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  1. First!
    HorrorGuru have you…have you actually done what so few have attempted and yet so few have managed…did you do an actually FUNNY rape joke?
    Bravo sir! BRAVO!!!

  2. Bear rape is the leading cause of trauma in young men over 30.

    And holy shit, that horse got his shit fucked up!

  3. Look up “Sankebetsu brown bear incident” Real life Grizzly (movie).

  4. When the female ranger who took a naked dip in the river… at that point, are you sure it’s not “Barevision”? 😉

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    great job,horror guru.I think that you should have released this one on throwback thursday but todays fine.I also give major props for you only using one bear (the bear vision joke). without that joke,this video would have been un-BEAR-able to watch(ha,ha,i lv me some bad puns).Can’t wait for your next top 10 and that gingerbread video you promised me.

  6. This bear must’ve worked for the Corleone family

  7. This review needs more Christopher Walken saying, “Bears?” Also, those guys from SNL, the Super Fans.

    9:00 – Pedo Bear! Did he at least give them a pick-a-nick basket?

    That music, all I can think about is Bill Bixby hitch-hiking.

  8. …I know my previous comment summed up my thoughts, but….

    Holy, shit. I want to see this movie.

  9. No Guru, no. This is a werebear.

    That’s negative stereotyping against the Gurahl community!

  10. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    I nearly peed my pants laughing at 8:04. Best use of Godzilla soundbite ever.

  11. Heh, nice Reefer Madness the Musical reference (unless that sentence was uttered in the original movie and I forgot.) 🙂

  12. Finally catching up on your videos HorrorGuru. The pimp song playing over the bear eating those female campers was funny. Now I am thinking that “Bear Pimp” should be a thing. XD lol

  13. I get why so few reviewers actually enjoy what they review, but you make a convincing case that it can be done well and still be funny as hell.

  14. Uncle Smokey, the Martian bear, complete with passing flying saucers, still makes me laugh loudly. Great imagery. Great review as well.

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