Blood Splattered Cinema: My Bloody Valentine

This week The Horror Guru tackles the 1981 Canadian slasher My Bloody Valentine, a film with as much heart as entrails.

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  1. A second Brad Jones – and we NEVER asked for it.

  2. My Bloody Valentine 3D wasn’t a remake, it was a sequel the story points that out and the film makers also stated that it was a sequel to the original.

    • I dig the hell out of the remake, but the leads straight up share the same names as their original counter parts and it’s version of the Warden back story takes place 16 years after the first movie. Which is some wonky ass continuity if it was supposed to be a sequel. =P

      • When the remake was in theaters, the Supernatural episode when Dean tortured Alistar aired. Me personally couldn’t help but think that what Jensen learned about Slashers from the film translated to tv.

        • Ever since My Bloody Valentine 3D and the Friday the 13th Remake came out, I’ve had this pet theory that they’re more enjoyable if you imagine them as lost Supernatural episodes where the brothers have amnesia and don’t remember who they are. =P

          • If Crowley had the same time and/or universe jumping abilities as the angels do.

            Got my own theories myself, but the only one accepted is for the Kindred the Embraced tv series.

  3. Reminds me of the Cannibal Corpse song, The Pick-Axe Murders. The lyrics would have fit this movie perfectly if it weren’t for the plot twist at the end–well, except for the line, “sex with a severed head.” Guru, you have a time machine…

  4. That table bit had me laughing so hard. It is the little things that make my day.

  5. The MPAA; ruining Horror film and Action films since it’s inception. Hope they don’t ruin Deadpool.

  6. ‘A Goofy Movie’? You referenced ‘A Goofy Movie’?
    That was…random.

  7. Say Horror Guru, Do you think they’ll ever be a version of ‘Scream’ with the gore put back in?

    • I doubt it. I have heard there are some foreign Blu-Rays out there that have the unrated cut, though. If that’s true you might be able to track one of them down.

      • I heard that something similar happened with Kill Bill; Even though the cut we’re all familiar with is gloriously gruesome and gory the Japanese got the black & white scene in colour and Uma Thurman still plucking out that one dude’s eye but then popping it into the mouth of a another dude who had come running up behind her.
        (folds arms sulkily) the Japanese get everything.

  8. Are you planning on reviewing ‘The Prowler’ or ‘The Burning’ any time soon Horror Guru?

  9. This is a truly awesome review.

    My Bloody Valentine is a movie I used to always see in the video store, but never got (same goes for April Fools).

    This video makes me want to see it now.

  10. Great review!

    This film could have fixed it’s most glaring error with a quick script fix — the introduction of the history during the reveal is a bit unfair. This information could have been revealed during the scene where the bartender tries to talk them out going to the mine; Harry is mentioned, mention that the dad was a victim. It could go by without spoiling the identity of the killer and properly setup the ending.

  11. Awesome review, as you got me laughing all the way through. And as a fellow slasher flick lover as well, may I ask if you would do Alone in the Dark? And I mean the 1981 version, not that Uwe Bollshit movie. The one I’m talking about, is much better.

  12. I thoroughly enjoy watching your reviews. Great taste in horror. You should totally review Night of the Creeps. Totally.

  13. MBV is one of the better slasher flicks from the 80’s…it was formulaic enough to be accessible to horror fans, but different enough to stand apart from the others. It seems like the best of the genre came out in the early 80’s, before it caught sequel-itis and died from over saturation. I think MBV, Ghost Story, The Prowler and Dead & Buried are my top horror picks for 1981. Not all my picks are slashers per se, but great horror & suspense flicks.

    Really fun video Guru…had a blast watching this one.

  14. TooMuchFreeTime

    Actually it sounds more like Chief Uwbie (not sure on the spelling but you get it no d). I bought my first car from a car dealer with the last name Dubie (again, not sure on the spelling). He told me about the time his first son was born, and how he wanted to name him Rolland, and give him the middle name Andrews after his grandfather. His wife was quick to point out that would make him Rollan(d) A Dubie. As the years go by this story is starting to sound fake to me, but it was pretty damn funny at the time.

  15. Vladimir von Ludvig

    The puns… I like it.

  16. Looking at the Calender, its funny because just this year we had both Friday The 13th and Valentine’s day back to back as well. Makes me wonder how Jason Vorhees spends his Valentine’s Day XD

  17. Moviemantweeter1999

    Good one guru now i dont wanna eat hot dogs today and i was craving 8ne just when you did tha5 hot dog eating contest (serio6sly though i’ll still have a hot dog probably later). But beside that good review and i don’t believe you blew it with this one and i would like to see you come out with another one. I think ive also seen that mpaa ratings thing at my work (because you know they have it there). But i can’t believe you made a limp biskit chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water reference you must have watched rocked reviews regretting the past video on that video otherwise you wouldnt have put that reference in here.

    • Hahaha, actually the Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water reference was in the script before I saw Rocked’s video on it. That album, and Limp Bizkit in general, is something I’m very familiar with. I was the right age for it to be inescapable upon it’s release. =P

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      That was my old account this is the one I use now cause I lost that one so just so everybody knows 😉

  18. Great video, I remember i used to rent this all the time and I told the video store I lost the tape so I could own it.

    Have you seen the It Follows yet?

  19. Hey Guru, I know this is totally for a different movie you boys have done, but….

    Friday Night Fright Flicks. Your review on Sinister. You mentioned something along the lines that The Woman in Black was among the scariest movies you’d seen that year. I remember watching that movie at home, the living room turned dim from some substantial and uncharacteristic cloud cover outside, and…..

    It did nothing to me. o.o Like, all I could think through the whole movie was how lost and out of his element Daniel Radcliff was, playing a role that had nothing to do with Harry Potter. The dude was a BORE. And as for the movie proper, it had some elements that were chilling, but nothing downright haunting. The movie overall felt very half baked, like it may have based on a fabulous idea but its execution was shit. However, you seem to have gotten a completely different take on the film than I got, and I’d like to think there’s more to it than a difference in tastes, so feel free to share on that account, either with a post on here or simply counter it with your review. I dunno, maybe I’m just missing something, but I’m more than willing to hear things from your perspective.

    • Honestly it probably does come down to mere taste differences. =P

      The Woman in Black reminded me a lot of the Gothic ghost stories I watched on late night T.V. growing up. It’s got shades of stuff like “The Innocents” and “Kill, Baby, Kill,” both of which scared the poop out of me growing up. XD

  20. This actually makes me want to watch the movie. (Don’t worry, I’m weird in that spoilers don’t ruin things for me.) Excuse me while I add it to my NetFlix list. Though it might be awhile as I’m trying to work my way through all the original Dark Shadows in order. I’m on the Victoria’s about to be hung as a witch part of the first time there was time traveling. (I did, however, decide to break things up a bit by bumping What We Do In The Shadows to the top.)

    Sorry I’m in a typing and over explaining mood.


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