Blood Splattered Cinema: Top 10 Horror MILFs

This week the Horror Guru lists The Top 10 Hottest Moms in Horror, from least to most sexy.

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In Blood Splattered Cinema the Horror Guru reviews the bloodiest, wildest and weirdest horror cinema has to offer.


  1. Whoever doesn’t love the Alien Queen clearly has no taste in women.

    Alien Queen. <3

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    My top 10 milfs are
    1. Scarlett Johansson as black widow in avengers age of Ultron and captain America the winter soldier
    2. Robin Thickes girls in his music video for blurred lines
    3. Jillian Zurawski from team snob
    4. Gizmo from gremlins in his cute form
    5..yo mamma
    6. A beehive
    7. A cactus
    8. Miley Cyrus
    9.anna Hutchinson and Kristen Connelly from the cabin in the woods
    10. Karen Gillian from oculus
    That was mine now on to talk about the video all I have to say is guru you are one messed up mamas boy!!!!!

  3. In all fairness, when you include context, Audry II’s use of “mother” (aka, “I’m a mean, green, mutha’…”) would more likely be just a shortened version of “motherfucker”… which, of course, they wouldn’t have been able to get away with in the film.

  4. Guru, where the hell you been man? You and Jack are my favorite producers here, it’s great to see new stuff from you guys!

    Also, I’ll just take Ellen Ripley off your hands. >______>

    • I been working on videos like this and doing vlogs with Count Jackula in the mean time. What you been up to? =)

      • Oh jeez, late reply.

        Well dude, I’ve pretty much caught myself up on yours and Jack’s film catalogue, including Friday Night Fright Flicks. I can understand how pushing along with your projects can take so much time and energy, since I’m actually studying programming on the side to make a game. I hope you guys go a much longer way with your videos, because ya’ll still got a whole sea of this stuff to trudge and cleave through.

  5. First thing that popped into my head when I saw the title of this video was Margaret White.


  6. Oy, no thanks on this video. No thanks.

  7. Shame the mother from the Mother’s Day remake didn’t get to be on there but it’s your list.

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