Blood Splattered Vlog: Digging Up The Marrow

The Horror Guru checked out Adam Green’s Psuedo-Docu-Horror film Digging Up The Marrow and here are his SPOILER FREE thoughts.

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  1. film wasn’t bad. if you’re a big Adam Green fan like stated in the review, this is a must see. especially if you wanna see him do something kind of different from his usual work.

    having said that, not much happens. the big “climax” is a big letdown. like most found footage films, when something does eventually pop up on screen it’s either too shaky, too quick and/or too dark to really see anything. which is a shame because the monsters look amazing. I think. maybe. what I could actually see, they look great. a lot should have been done here, I’m guessing they had budget restraints. which is a shame.

    also, no gore, a completely bloodless film, unless you count maybe real crime scene photos, hell, no one even dies. but it does deliver on some laughs. worth a rent.

    now, a film really worth checking out is Joe Lynch’s Everly. that is a film you run jump and skip to.

  2. Moviemantweeter1999

    Well as of right now count jackulas vlog isin’t out so I’ll guess I’ll have to wait till Friday to see it. Good review,though one time I’d like you to review a movie that’s negative since your reviews so far have been all positive.

  3. he reviews what he likes, can’t fault him for that.

  4. holyshit. Clown. go see it now! what are you all waiting for! go! watch Clown! do it now!

    • I’ve been looking forward to that big time. Only thing I’m waiting for is a North American release. =)

      • I just watched Clown too, its certainly an Eli Roth movie… I can see how alot of people will love it but I can also see how alot will hate it. Personally I really liked it. I can’t believe i’m saying this but I think it would have worked better as a found footage movie.(GOD I FEEL DIRTY AFTER SAYING THAT)

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