Blood Splattered Vlog: The Green Inferno

This week Count Jackula joins The Horror Guru in special Blood Splattered Vlog on Eli Roth’s Italian Cannibal tribute THE GREEN INFERNO!

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In Blood Splattered Cinema the Horror Guru reviews the bloodiest, wildest and weirdest horror cinema has to offer.


  1. Noone should feel dumb for donating to Kony2012. There was no way to know that there would have been any misappropriation of funds before the fact, so no, one shouldn’t feel bad about that. There was also no way of knowing that the organizer was kinda nuts.

  2. When 5 minutes of online research can disprove the reason for the cause you donated money to, you should ABSOLUTELY feel dumb about that.

  3. Is there any real violence against animals in this movie?

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool. Sounds like a lot of fun now you guys got me interested(even though I saw brad jones review last night but who cares but still loved that one too). That guy getting eaten by ants must be halirious gotta check this film out but next I’m checking out the visit(heck yeah)!!!

  5. i liked this movie too

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