Blood Splattered Vlog: Turbo Kid

This week Count Jackula joins The Horror Guru in a very special Blood Splattered Vlog on the Post-Apocalyptic 80’s Nostalgia-fest TURBO KID!

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  1. I managed to catch it in a theater a few weeks back. Gotta agree so many good things about this film.
    My one complaint would be I felt it coulda been maybe 10-15 minutes longer.
    Didn’t even realize it was done by the same guy who did Hobo With a Shotgun though, that is pretty awesome.

  2. how can i see this movie? I just watched the trailer.

  3. I saw this movie at SXSW, around midnight, at one of the Alamo theaters.
    I don’t know how that experience would’ve been more perfect.
    btw, this should really have at least a limited theatrical release. Even if it is actually more authentic to watch it on a TV (preferably on a VHS print 😀 ), a whole theater full of cheering, screaming fanatics really add to the experience.

  4. I dig both of you guys but how did you not mention the Soylent Green reference? It really shot out to me when I was drunk and I figured you guys would at least acknowledge it. On an aside, my take on this movie is this…. Transformers movie + Scott Pilgrim + Tokyo Gore Police = Turbo Kid. This is the best movie I’ve seen in at least 5 years.

  5. Favorite Customer

    The music during SPOILER screen, where is it from?

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