Blue Monkey – Brandon Tenold

The Canuxsploitation-A-Thon begins with “Blue Monkey” (1987), a monster movie with one seriously misleading title!

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  1. Wait, the receptionist is Edie McClurg!

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    This is one dark movie. Seriously, I can’t see a thing.

  3. From the title, I would have thought it was a film about Hank McCoy.

    Seriously, why would anyone name their monster movie with a title that has absolutely nothing to do with what the movie’s about? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch Cloverfield.

  4. How did they go from saying the insect is a hermaphrodite to having separate male and female of them?

    For that matter there should only be one. If the thing the first guy vomited up was a larva then it should have matured into a single insect. It only grew to that size because of the growth hormone. Then any eggs it layed would have been normal size because it’s not genetically predisposed to grow to that size nor does it produce the growth hormone itself.

    The disease control people said there were other cases like this. So what happened in those cases where they didn’t cut open the larva and introduce a growth hormone?

    It seems like they completely neglected how the first guy got infested to begin with. Unless the film makers meant that it was caused by a plant thorn.

    • If we nitpick the things, only thing what prohibit insects from growing up to absurd sizes are inefficiency of book gills what prohibit they growth more then specific size (in Jura when atmosphere have more oxygen some spiders have size of largest crabs).

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