Brad Jones: True Detective – Season 2

Brad talks about the polarizing Season 2 of True Detective.

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  1. I feel a bit guilty because I had no problem following the story… But hearing people talk about how the story was so confusing I’m thinking this season took the definition ‘8-hour movie’ a bit too literally.

    • I followed it just fine.It still sucked.The whole sex thing was stupid.All the hookers are adults and are there willingly,so who gives a fuck?There are no child prostitutes,there is no human trafficking,there are no weird fetishes,there is no torture.Its just a bunch of people fucking.But I guess that offends americans because “oh no,extra marital sex,oh my god!”.Dumb and pointless.

      Then there is the fact that one of the main characters of a story called TRUE DETECTIVE is a GANGSTER.That does not compute.Even worse,its the best written character with probably the most screen time.

  2. I’ve never seen True Detective but I”m bored so I thought I’d see this video. LOL. Although, that example that you used about a college class that you don’t care about made me smile because I just went through that with my Biological Anthropology class this summer. Although, that hard on example though… I just can’t. 😀 LOL. The heck?! I know what you meant but I just can’t.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow this sounds like a kids movie sequel (just hold back and here me out) were they make it bigger and cram more characters into it but its dissapointed to people who like the first season. Sure some people might enjoy it but its a mixed bag and doesnt live up to the first which was great(but ultimately i think people probably aren’t agreeing with you and when i get the chance when i become older I’ll probably watch season one).

    Sorry you were dissapointed and i must say (SPOILER)that it sucks that both of colin farrell and matthew mcconaughys characters are dead cause that means that we don’t have the people that were in the original season but at least vince vaughuan character is still alive for season 3 (lets hope that stab didn’t kill him entierly).

  4. wow. You captured my thoughts excatly!
    I have been trouble folowing this season. I think I am at middle point but I have had no hurry to finnish this. I was wondering what was wrong and you excatly captured it! I don’t care.
    I was hoping this would also have some kind of lovecraftian theme like cult as bad guys. but I don’t see it atleast yet. Might be that I just skip right to season 3 if it is in no direct continuation to this!:)

  5. I thought Vince Vaughn’s character and his annoying 1 dimensional wife were the worst of the bunch. Though I agree if McAdams and Kitsch were cut out maybe they could have been more solid. But really, that could be said for any of them. I think it should have been Farrell and McAdams as the leads, but take out his wife’s rape thing, take out HER rape thing, and just have them as troubled people. Not everyone has to be traumatized by RAPE. Drug addiction is good. Sexually promiscuity is fine and having a father that was never around. Because the case itself I thought was interesting enough (until the ham-fisted orphans crap came out of nowhere.) Corrupt politicians aren’t interesting enough, we need a 20 year revenge story? Which would have, could have, been interesting too if they weren’t shoved into the plot like an overcrowded subway train.

    I think Piccaletto (or whatever the writer’s name is) had full control, and this is what happened. Not sure he did for the first season, which is probably why it turned out so great (though I didn’t care too much for the ending, but I’d rather have a mediocre ending than a whole shitfilled season.) There was just really nothing redeeming or memorable to the season. I mean, People’s Sexist Man Collin Farrel and drop dead gorgeous Abigail Spencer genetically make a fat, red headed Chris Farley?? Are they trying to make it a joke??

    At least there’s something to look forward to for season 3, if there’s gonna be one… James Franco is casted…. well La-di freakin’ da.

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