Brad Tries: Lay’s Do Us a Flavor 2015

With such flavors as Biscuits & Gravy, Truffle Fries, Greektown Gyro, and New York Reuben.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Lays-tastic brad tries video(see what i did there,eh!)*crickets*

    Well that was a bad joke but i definitely think that the biscuits and gravy will win (if not then i hope the new york rueben does and I’ve tried all the flavors and i hated the truffle fries but the greektown gyro was o.k. but I’m probably gonna have some gyros since there the only chips in the house that I’m in now that will satisfy my taste buds).

    • Truffle fries is the only flavor out of the 4 a lot of people are even willing to sample, and I’m betting on it as the winner. Not that I care much. What even won last time they had this? All I ever see in stores is the cheesy garlic bread from the original run.

  2. I tried the Greek Town Gyro one day. Saw the bag, and, like Brad, started craving one. The chip reminded me of sour cream and onion, but with a tiny bit of cucumber and oregano flavor. I really didn’t taste meat, though.

  3. I have a friend who loves the Reuben lol keep buying all the bags up cause we hear it’s no where near winning sounds like the gravy one is going to win from what I hear from the guy who stocks it.

  4. Tried all 4, and there’s no flavor as good good as Chicken & Waffles, Bacon Mac & Cheese, Wasabi Ginger, or Cheesy Garlic Bread.

    Gyro: Tastes mostly of yogurt and dill, so it’s more like Tzatziki flavor, not gyro.

    Reuben: Tastes like overly salty Thousand Island dressing.

    Truffle fries: Never tried actual truffles or truffle fries, so I’m not sure if got the flavor right, but it tastes like sour cream & onion with an “off” aftertaste.

    Biscuits & gravy: the best of the 4, but that’s not saying much. I can barely taste any biscuit or gravy flavor, just some hints of black pepper.

    I’d say that this was the worst set since Lay’s started this contest. Hope next year’s set is better than this.

  5. I heart that Seinfeld reference. I just saw that episode last week. Oh, Brad. My taste buds live through your Brad Tries videos.

  6. A truffle’s basically a super mushroom. Like, you take the flavor of a mushroom and multiply it by five. Very rare, very expensive. I think like only 10% of americans have ever tried one. From the sounds of it, I’m pulling for biscuits and gravy.

    • Truffle oil in commercial use has nothing to do with truffles, it’s artificial and taste horrible.

      • From what I’ve heard, natural truffle oil is delicious, but artificial truffle oil is an abomination that shouldn’t be in any kitchen, to quote Gordon Ramsay.

        • yes, real truffle oil is fantastic, but the fake stuff *shudders*.

          We do truffle fries where I work(black truffle oil, 100% natural with a good sized chunk of black truffle in each bottle) and it is amazing to see how a french fry can become a freaking luxury food.

  7. I’m actually from the town where the Greektown Gyro was made at and man do we have so much of it at the store I work at, surprises me you had trouble finding it. When I was working I saw the ‘Biscuits and Gravy’ flavor and had a hard time believing anyone would actually wanna try a chip tasting like that.

  8. Brad, I also LOVE the biscuits and gravy chip. My gosh, they’re good! In fact, I need to get another bag of them.

  9. I’ve heard that the gyro one is doing poorly even with people who like gyros, so maybe the stores have been trying to bury them by putting them where they’ll be hard to find. Like the food equivalent of Fox moving a show to Friday night.

  10. Haven’t found Biscuits & Gravy yet but in true stereotypical fashion, it is the winning flavor here in Kentucky.

    The gyro was okay. Mostly tzatziki sauce.

    Truffle fries…Well, I’ve never had the real thing but these had a big Parmesan-mushroom thing going on. Tasty.

    Reuben won me immediately. I *love* reubens and this chip nailed it. Rye flavor – check. Thousand Island – check. Sauerkraut – check. Corned beef – check. Buttery bread, even – check! Much like Doritos ‘cheeseburger’ flavor, it sounded weird and impossible – even gross – yet amazingly managed to perfectly deliver every flavor expected of the title.

  11. my opinions

    I liked the Reuben, tied for 2nd best.

    Truffle Fries i liked about 3rd…….but then it grew on me and it’s tied for 2nd.

    Gyros………is the worst, and i LOVE actual Gyros.

    as for Biscuits and Gravy, right there with you, it’s easily the best. Actually went and voted for it to win.

  12. Season 2 of True Detective was such a let down…

  13. Truffle fries to me just tasted like…generic seasoned chips. Not anything special.

    And I would say Biscuits and Gravy would be great…but I fucking hate gravy about as much as Brad hates Pickles, so there’s that problem. Might be a texture thing, but just gray sort of chunky slop that tastes like you’re trying to kill whatever flavor something has on DELICIOUS BISCUITS is horrid to me.

    I’m going to guess Rueben or Gyro wins because those are the ones I always hear people going “IT TASTES JUST LIKE THE THING” so eh.

  14. SailorRustyBacon

    Damn, I’d love to try any of those flavors, heck any of last year’s flavors! All we got in my city was the winning flavor from the year before last!

  15. In Canada, we ended up getting Montreal Smoked Meat, Scalloped Potatoes, Butter Chicken, and Cowboy Baked Beans. I have yet to try the Montreal Smoked Meat. The Scalloped Potatoes tasted like … well.. Scalloped Potatoes so they had a cheesy potato taste to them. The Baked Beans had a molasses taste to them so I guess they tasted the part but whether you’d want that in chip form is beyond me. The Butter Chicken however were really good.

  16. Fuck you Brad Reubens are amazing.

  17. Soooo, I work for a very big video company that happens to be involved with space stuff and wars. Lay’s sent us these chips…. I was walking by a certain studio when being called over. They were like… “hey Dash! You gotta try chip day” …. of course being the new person I was like…’what?’ So they are like “check out these chips and sh*t” and I was like…”Ok …why not?” so I have all the flaves but the Gyros one. So yeah, the winner was the potato one of course…and I thought the Ruben. But then came the blu-cheeze nightmare that was the gyro one. That is an evil sad sack of no. It is so bad I only had one chip and went through a pack of GUM to get rid of the taste man! (Says like Jack Nicholson) nope. Nope nope nope nope. This girl is a sad panda, and so was the rest of the studio…. just saying yo

  18. now the new Raspberry ones….they are good.

  19. Oh, and at this place I work at, Biscuit and Gravy all the way for the votes

  20. The Canadian Flavors are Scalloped potatoes, Montreal Smoked Meat, Butter Chicken and BBQ baked Beans. Be interesting to see you try those

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