Brad Tries Lay’s Do Us a Flavor 2017

Brad tries out this year’s Do Us a Flavor entries, including Everything Bagel, Crispy Taco, and Fried Green Tomato.

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  1. I think I would like the Everything Bagel chips.

  2. I had the Fried Green Tomatoes flavored. Ehh, they didn’t taste like tomatoes, but they had an interesting spice to them

  3. The Mysterious M

    I tried to crispy taco ones. I thought they tasted like those cheap little Taco Bell tacos. I liked them.

  4. I watched this just to find out how he liked the Fried Green Tomato flavor. I’m gonna go buy some now.

  5. Taco flavored: they’ve been making taco flavored corn chips for ages. Now instead of on a corn chip, they’re just putting it on a potato chip instead. Not sure how to feel about that.

    I’ve tried the Bacon Jalapeno Popper one, and it’s pretty good. Not too spicy, but a good flavor.

  6. The Real Silverstar

    The Crispy Taco flavor tastes exactly like a Taco Bell hard taco. Exactly.

    I’ve never eaten fried green tomatoes, so I can’t say how accurate the FGT flavor is, but it has a nice, crisp taste to it.

    I haven’t tried the Bagel flavor and am not likely to, as I’m not a fan of bagels.

  7. I’ve tried the Everything Bagel flavor. It’s not bad, actually, though I didn’t find it to taste *that* much like an Everything Bagel. It was good, though.

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