Brad Tries Taco Bell Breakfast Part 2

They F*CK you at the drive thru!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. …and later that day he watched “Demolition Man”.

  2. “I DISTINCTLY did not ask you to stick your fist in my ass.”

    – Brad Jones, 2015

  3. Tried to watch Part 1, but the video didn’t even show up. Was it one of those videos that was lost in the Blipaggedon?

  4. someone needs to send this over to Taco Bell’s twitter

  5. He has an arcade machine in his mom’s garage? I am so jealous.

  6. That sucks they fucked up your order Brad, but I am glad to know I’m not the only person who talks in the most sarcastic/aggressive tone about the workers on the rare occasion when fast food fuck up my orders. I was hoping you’d review the Cap’N Crunch bites, so I can’t wait to see you do that, I think they’re really good, it’s 90% sugar like the cereal but pretty good.

  7. Anyone else entranced by all the sirens in the background? O_o

  8. That Biscuit Taco sucked to me it was bland and too dry…then again living in North Carolina I am lucky enough to have nearly every fast food joint (including McDonald’s) uses “Scratch Made” biscuits, meaning instead of pre-backed frozen biscuits coming on the truck, they actually make the biscuits in the store making them much fluffier, moister, and better tasting then what you get elsewhere.

  9. The Breakfast Taco was the item that I knew I didn’t even want to try. Actually, I don’t want to try any Taco Bell Breakfast because most of it involves eggs. Ew. Also, I think I may have missed Brad Tries: Taco Bell Breakfast Part 1… Oh, and Brad, your word pictures are just ew. LOL.

  10. Good to see the cat at your mum’s is also into showbiz like Lloyd and Chloe (I was hoping it was really going to go to town batting the billard ball around the table!)

  11. I heard not only crickets but a police car, an ambulance, something else really trill, and finally, a train. Holy crap! I expected the shed to fall down!

    And then there was an unfamiliar kitty.

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