Brad Tries Taco Bell Nacho Fries

While they’re been available in other countries, fries make it ot Taco Bells here in the states.

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  1. I like nachos, and poutine. But this looks thoroughly unappetizing.

    • Eh, they’re French fries dusted with taco seasoning. I’ve had them. I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar for them, but they’re OK. Checkers makes better fries, honestly.

  2. Brad should realy try poutine instead

  3. I do not like that yellow nacho cheese. Which is strange since I like most other cheese, even Velveeta.

    Brad, you should try a Skyline 3-way and cheese conies.

  4. The next time you’re at a Taco Bell and you want a side dish, order the Cinnabon Bites. They’re much tastier.

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