Brad Tries – The Halloween Whopper

Yes, the Halloween Whopper turns your poo green. Like, cartoonishly green. Like axis chemicals are about to turn your toilet into the Joker green.

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  1. This sounds like a failed plot of a Batman Animated Series episode.

    JOKER POOP! Even you ass can laugh!

  2. In Australia we don’t celebrate Halloween.. so this burger doesn’t exist.. but we do have Hungry Jacks which is the overseas name for Burger King. Same exact menu

    • The Cartoon Physicist

      I’m Australian and I think Australia kinda celebrate it. Like only more open-minded people celebrate Halloween by going to parties, clubs, and screenings. It’s just the rest of the population are very anti-Halloween because everyone’s worried we’ll suddenly become America. Basically Australia is just missing trick-or-treating, a lot of parents don’t want to get their kids involved.

  3. In rus it’s called tank burger, ’cause it’s black and tanks usualy not.

    Didn’t know ’bout green shit stuff, now I must experience this.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    God a cartoonish color well now i wanna get it even more but hearing that it has a1 stack sauce upsets because I hate a1 the taste of it is so bland.

    Also what’s this sexy big Mac from McDonald’s your referring too cause I cant find images of it online.

  5. Actually, something ELSE turns MY poo cartoonishly green!

    Froot Loops!

  6. We only got the black burger over here in Mexico until this month, and yes it also does the green trick here, people on twitter had a ball over that XD
    I think I don’t care much about the whopper, is a little flavorless to me.

  7. Bright green was the colour, just like after drinking a lot of San Miguel beer, in the Philippines.

  8. The Japanese one is definitely with black cheese and squid sauce. I was never brave to try it but I saw a few people on another table try it.

  9. I never got a chance to try this one. It’s been sold out in my area for weeks. Apparently people like green poo…

  10. I wish they would bring back the black Icees that would turn your tongue black.

  11. All those dyes to make the burger black, only to make your poop radioactive green. Meanwhile in the U.K., those very dyes had been banned so it’s made up of something else. All the while Japan uses squid ink, but at least it’s natural (unless the source of the squids are radioactive)… I actually would rather try the U.K. and Japan versions.

    I guess it took a while for the NA chains to adapt it is to get the dye coloring combination right.

  12. I have no interest in trying this but interesting video nonetheless.

  13. Steak And Shake <3

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