Brad Tries The McWhopper

Burger King proposed to join forces with McDonald’s to make a McWhopper. So how did that turn out?

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  1. Oh God, should I speed up my chances of getting a heart attack?

  2. RedMilleniumRanger

    Welp, it’s official. We finally have the long awaited “Heart Attack On A Bun”. I’ll take two.

    • I guess you don’t have a Jack In the Box near you. The Heart Attack on a Bun is the Original Bacon Ultimate Cheese Burger…unless your going off the TRUE secret menu at In and Out. First the Bacon Ultimate 2 1/4 patties, 3 full strips of bacon(3 half strips on bottom, 3 half strips on top), 2 Pieces of American and 1 Piece of Swiss cheese(American, Patty, American & Swiss, Patty), and dressed with Mayo-Onion Sauce…nothing else.

      Though at In and Out one of the Secret Items is the X by Y burger, that is # of 1/4 patties by # of pieces of cheese…so 4×4 = 1 lb of meat and 4 slices of cheese.

      BTW, if you want a really McWhopper go to the nearest Carl’s Jr or Hardee’s see if they have the Big Carl…especailly if the Hardee’s has a Flame broiler in the store. That is a Big Mac with 1/4 meat and no middle bun…and Brad would like this part…NO PICKLE.

  3. I think that Burger King is better than McDonalds in almost every way. I’m on a diet so I’ll take the McWhopper Jr. please. Haha.

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow your totally like me I love McDonald’s and prefer it way over bk(though I do like burger king#2). But I’m so mad that McDonald’s said no to the mcwhopper since we wouldn’t have the mcwhopper jr.

  5. I was going to propose you do this, but I forgot after McDs said no. (I was hoping you could get there.)

    I always thought I’d buy a Whopper and a cheeseburger with Mac sauce. Or Even a Whopper Jr. Only one waste bun.

  6. I like the sesame seed bun w/ BK burgers, so I’m digging the idea of the McWhopper Jr.

    They should have just promoted the McWhopper Jr. in both restaurants. The idea of the Whopper Jr. is that it has all the condiments on a regular burger, so go ahead and put all the BK condiments on it. The BK patty wouldn’t steal the show as I imagined it might before you mentioned it.

  7. Oh god…I don’t how much I can trust Brad now. Preferring McDonald’s over Burger King? Burger actually kinda tastes like real food, real burgers. McDonald’s tastes like what I assume Soylent Green would taste like.

  8. I prefer Burger King’s food over McDonalds, but that’s mainly because I worked at a McD’s for six years. They’re food isn’t bad or anything, but after that long you just get kinda tired of eating the same shit over and over again, so going to BK ended up being a refreshing change of pace.

  9. 7:56 – Oh! Brad is already teasing in us with “The Day of the Locust”.

  10. I’d like to try this with a Whopper Jr, since its size is in close proximity to the BigMac. Too bad I’m putting myself on a detox diet for a while; but at least both burgers will always be there, once I’m finished redoing the damage that I’m currently undoing ;D

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